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2010/9/14 15:49:17
can't upload to YT Looks like its all working now. Interesting video btw!
2010/9/12 13:44:12
can't upload to YT Mach -

I've been watching my emails this weekend (I get a notification when videos are in need of moderation) and so far I have not seen one for your video. I can't say for sure until I get back into the office on monday but it does not look like setting your video to public has helped. This may be down to the bad request error you originally received.

Could you post (embed) a link to it in this thread?
2010/9/10 14:47:51
can't upload to YT Hi Mach,

We have some results for you. It looks like your video has its status as "Unlisted" this means that, although it can be viewed by anyone, it does not automatically come back to Muvizu.com for listing here, nor will it show up in search results or your youtube channel.

The bigger question is what has gone wrong and why the video has ended up being set to "Unlisted" after uploading it through Muvizu.com and why you had a "Bad Request" message - this is what we're now looking into.

The easiest solution for you would be to edit the video and make sure it is set to "Public" on youtube. It should then come back to Muvizu.com for us to moderate. If this fails try uploading again, but remember unless you update the privacy before around 5pm (well lets say 4.30pm its friday after all!!) we'll all be away for the weekend and won't be able to moderate your video until Monday morning.

Have a great weekend,
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2010/9/10 13:37:57
can't upload to YT Hi Mach,

We're looking into what is happening. Can you tell us your youtube username?

2010/9/3 12:08:17
Problems with Import Hi Machine - can you give us some more details on what you were doing to import? For example did you just download and try an ASE file from a stock gallery site? Did you create it yourself? Did you do something like use the Google 3D Warehouse to import an object into Sketchup and try exporting it that way?

2010/9/3 10:31:23
What codec do you use and why? What I find is that to do any post-processing effects with XVID videos outputted from Muvizu you need to first re-encode the video again. Just open it in something like Virtual Dub, select XVID as the codec and save it as a new file, it'll then work fine.
2010/9/3 10:02:22
XVID Useful Links

Background infomation, history and some technical details:-

Codec download:-
http://www.xvid.org/Downloads.15.0.html or http://www.koepi.info/xvid.html
2010/9/3 10:01:57
XVID 1. How do I install and use XVID?
There are a few ways that you can install XVID. The first is to install XVID only, which can be downloaded from http://www.koepi.info/xvid.html or you can do a google search for a codec pack, K-Lite Codec pack is probably one of the best but we'd recommend you use the "Full" version as this will give you the best compatibility with a wide range of codecs (including XVID). Once you have installed XVID and made sure it is configured properly (the default should work fine, but double checking does not hurt - see question #4 for configuration help with this) then all you need to do is open Muvizu (or open a previously save set file) and after you have recorded some events to the timeline (to test it out create a second camera and just record 2 or 3 cuts between camera one and two) you can then go to "Video -> Make Movie". At this point you will need to click on the "Options" button and then select "XVID MPEG-4 Codec" from the drop down list. Thats it. All you then need to do is click on "Make Movie" enter a file name and let Muvizu render out the final video.

2. How to access XVID encoding config?
This is easy. Just go to Start -> Programs -> XVID -> XVID encoder. This will open up a configuration window.

3. How do I hide the "Encoding status" window?
This window can be pretty annoying, especially if you are rendering out serveral clips in a row. To turn this off just follow the steps in question #2 and then click on the "other options" button. This will open a dialog box with a check box that is labelled "Display encoding status". Uncheck this box and the status window will not be shown again. If you want to see this then just do the opposit and make sure it is checked.

4. XVID crashes Muvizu or won't render out an AVI file
This is usually caused by the configuration of the codec being set to the wrong values. The standard configuration works the best. If you do have any problems (crashes, AVIs won't render or playback) you just need to follow the steps listed in question 1 to open the config window and the click on "Load Defaults" if you have any problems with this here are the defaults (as they appear on my system).

Profile @ Level : Unrestricted
Encoding Type: Single Pass
Target Quantizer : 4.0
Target bitrate: 700kbps
Frame #: 0
Weight Quant: W 1.00
Quality preset: General Purpose

5. The final AVI rendered by Muvizu has glitches and artifacts when I skip forwards or backwords during playback.
This problem is not directly caused by Muvizu but rather by the Video For Windows library that Muvizu uses to create AVI files. The technical reasons behind this are not really that important as the work around is pretty easy. All you need to do is re-encode the final output AVI from Muvizu, using the same codec. The easiest way to do this is to use a free piece of kit called "Virtual Dub" see http://www.virtualdub.org Once you have installed this free and open source video editor all you need to do is drag and drop the AVI outputted from Muvizu (or use File -> Open if your prefer) and then go to the "Video" menu clicking on the "Compression" option. This is similiar to clicking on the "Options" button on the "Make Video" dialog of Muvizu and will let you pick from a list of codecs install on your system. On this "Compression" dialog in Virtual Dub you will want to select XVID from the list and say OK. All you then need to do is to go to the "File" menu and select "Save AVI as.." and enter a new file name (the way virtual dub works it will not allow you to overwrite the file it is currently reading from) and then let it do its rendering thing. Once this has completed you can skip forwards and backwords in a Media player with no glitches or artifacts at all.
2010/9/3 10:01:38
XVID XVID is probably going to be the easiest and most accessible codec to use with Muvizu - in fact its the one that we use in house as it does produce good quality, reliable results with a small file size. However the main reason that XVID is recommended is that it is a completly free codec and since it is open source it is available for all the major platforms (Windows, MacOS, Unix, Linux).

I won't bog you down with the technical details of XVID that dosn't really matter to much, and there is a lot of good information already available else where online (see links below). Instead I would like to cover some basic usage tips, tricks and confirgurations to help you use XVID and then, if people are interested and ask questions, deal with the technical details.
2010/9/3 10:00:15
What codec do you use and why? There are alot of different options available for codecs; from uncompressed to XVid. What one do you use, why and what results do you get from it?

Enter a poll and share your results here. I created the list just by going to "Make Video" in Muvizu and typing out what I have available on my computer, so if you use a different codec to whats listed here, just say and I'll update the poll with your codec choice.
2010/8/17 12:04:37
New Geraldo coming soon It was very good, well done Barry!

When is the next one? :P
2010/8/6 15:05:13
Trouble uploading vid Hi Jonbez,

I had a look into this and it would appear to be a problem at the youtube end. We've had a few videos that havn't show up recently, the reason is that when youtube flags a video as using a copyrighted music track they automatically turn off the Syndication option. Check your youtube account there should be a notice saying that your using copyrighted material and chances are if you go to edit the Agent Snuff video the synication option will be set to "No" - seems youtube will reset this to No every 24 hours, the same happened for one of my videos

and one of Muvizu Monkeys (possibly, but I may be wrong there)

If this isn't the case, let us know and we'll look into whats happening further,

edited by Jamie on 8/6/2010
2010/8/3 11:53:00
open door? There are also 2 other ways that it has been done:-

1. Create the backdrops texture to have a transparent section and place the open door just behind the transparent area, this has the benifit of creating a seamless texture on both sides and above the door.

2. Use some fancy post processing effects similiar to what the User Matt did in his video "Thanks, Muvizu.com"

Hope this helps,
2010/8/3 11:17:35
Filming eunji wrote:
I've been trying to load my completed animated video to youtube but youtube is failing to convert it into video file. Do you know how i can fix this problem?

Thank you!

Hi eunji - what codec are you using to make your video? Have you had any luck getting youtube to accept it?
2010/8/3 11:16:00
need help! 123eyema wrote:
how do i get to the houses?what do we do on this game?

Muvizu isn't really a game, its more a tool to create animations and videos.
2010/8/3 11:12:22
Can't make movie Hi barambo,

I use the following settings with the XVID encoder and have no problems making movies.

Profile @ Level : Unrestricted
Encoding Type: Single Pass
Target Quantizer : 4.0
Target bitrate: 700kbps
Frame #: 0
Weight Quant: W 1.00
Quality preset: General Purpose

I think the main problem can be if you are trying to do a Twopass (either 1st or 2nd) for encode type.

Hope this helps!
2010/8/2 14:13:59
Could app control be exposed for automation? Hello,

I've had a little play about with voice controls and I had some luck - that being that the voice control worked in so far as something happened when key words were said. It is pretty unreliable though but that may be down to training the microsoft speech recognition system more to my voice and writting a better script. The other limitation is that I've only looked into using existing hot keys in Muvizu (ctrl+space to start recording, space to stop recording or beging playback if your not recording).

What I did was to install the Speech recognition engine in microsoft office and then use glovepie to emulate keyboard input based on keywords. You can get glovepie at http://glovepie.org/ - you'd probably have to spend a serious amount of time writting a script that would work with the various conditions.

If anyone is interested I can post my initial draft script (seriously i spent about 15 mins on it so its not really up to much...).

Hope this helps,
2010/7/9 10:44:16
Tips and Tricks - Any requests?! There are a few more speed building videos on youtube.

Ally Scene:

Video using it:

Camp Fire scene:

Snowy Scene:

2010/6/28 15:42:47
Tips and Tricks - Any requests?! I've done a video to show off scene building, it's speeded up so it's a quick watch. Hopefully it's of some help!

Here is the video that was made with the Jungle scene:

edited by Jamie on 7/9/2010
2010/6/28 15:42:14
Resources AVI Synth is a great, free resource that lets you do lots of post process effects in your videos.

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