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2013/5/28 13:18:48
Cyclist Hi Jon,

There is this video, its not really a bicycle, rather a motorbike. You could probably modify the idea though

2013/5/28 13:11:41
how Hi Gary, to animate objects first create the object you want to animate and then you have 2 ways to animate it.

1. Object movement

Go to Prepare -> Object movement with the object you want to move selected. Here you can set the movement speed, rotation speed, etc and then go to Direct -> Object movement where you can record the object moving. You can use the mouse to move the object in a similiar way as you would when you are not recording or you can use the keyboard (WASD, Arrow Keys, Pg Up, Pg Down, , Q and E).

2. Object properties

If you go to Prepare -> Object properties you can select from the available object properties, such as the colour of the object in order to animate them. You can then go to Direct -> Object properties and record a colour change.
2013/5/28 11:51:35
Windows 8 Import problem Hi Katzeyez - did you have any luck with this? Depending on what exporter you are using in Sketchup you may need to select the object you want to export before doing the export, other exporters either don't like groups or components so you might need to explode everything for it to be picked up.
2013/5/24 17:43:25
error while downloading muvizu Hi aravindsuresh

This type of error means the file you've downloaded has broken during the download process, the best thing to do is delete it and download it again. Sometimes using a download manager can ensure integrity of downloads.
2013/5/20 12:04:51
"An error has occurred": after installation Hi gorky117,

The best thing to do in this situation is to completely uninstall everything (including going to the "C:\program files\" and/or "C:\program files (x86)\" folders and deleting any and all "Muvizu" or "Muvizu Play" folders there).

Next restart your computer (it never hurts to do this )

Re-install Muvizu and ensure that you tick the 3 boxes for C++ redistributables, .Net framework and for Direct X - even if they are already installed.

If this doesn't fix the problem, let us know
2013/5/20 11:44:29
Dreeko Strips! Nice work Dreeko.
2013/5/13 12:40:46
Timeline and light colour improvements WozToons wrote:
ukBerty wrote:
And thirdly - I've tried, but I think you have made the lighting worse in Muvizu Play. You pretty much can no longer use "contribute to ambient shadow" as most spotlights stop doing anything - you generally have to use "cast own shadows" to get the light to show at all. You can still get the effects you want, but it's a shame to have gone backward on this one.
edited by ukBerty on 09/05/2013

Good point well made, some objects don't cast shadows when animated as well, see video below.......

If Cast Own Shadow is not ticked then it is contributing to the ambient shadow, from what I can tell this is working as expected except in a few situations like the 'Sign' object highlighted by woztoons, which does seem to be adverse to having a shadow. I've logged this point as well and we'll get a look into it
2013/5/13 12:39:09
Timeline and light colour improvements ukBerty wrote:
A couple more improvements that I would like to see...

On the new timeline there seems to be an issue with adjusting long events when zoomed in. Insert a 3 minute audio and move it to the 1 minute mark. Then set your time so that your recording markers are at 2 minutes until 2 minutes 5 seconds - a reasonable length shot. Then zoom right the way in to your recording section. If you try to adjust the position of the audio then the timeline moves around all over the place and you lose control. This makes subtle adjustments of long events impossible.

When you are adjusting the colour of a light please could you stop it dimming the camera window - this is the only window I want to see as it shows what effect the colour of my lights have on my set.

Thanks for this ukBerty, we've noted these points down and will take a look at it
2013/5/7 11:33:50
Error Hi Anthoxx,

I'm using windows 7 64bit and don't have windows 8 to test on - so that might be part of the problem.

I wasn't able to get a crash with singing actions and I tried all characters and a random selection of animations, both preparing and directing them.

Is there a specific character this happens with?
Is there a specific singing action this happens with?
Are you using Direct X 11?
Are you opening a old set file or starting with a new scene?
Can you give me any other information about the crash?
2013/5/6 14:33:34
Error Hi Anthoxx,

Could you tell us what you were doing just before the crash? Directing movement? Actions? Building a set?

Also, has it happened since?
2013/5/6 14:31:43
Crash! Rendering thread exception Hi simon, could you send the set file you were using and steps to try and copy what you were doing to bugs@muvizu.com ?
2013/5/6 14:27:30
There is anyway to download food contents? I have lots of SPAM you are welcome to, if that helps
2013/5/6 14:20:18
I cannot get my character to raise hand Hi Dennisl2 -

What is the name of the animation you are trying to use? What character is it for?
2013/5/6 14:18:52
What happened to the 960 X 720 size? This seems to have gone missing. Gremlins? We'll look into getting it back
2013/5/6 14:14:30
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion MrDrWho13 wrote:
I found this online, does anyone remember the timeline being so simple?

edited by MrDrWho13 on 30/04/2013

Where on earth did you find that?
Takes me back...
2013/5/6 14:12:15
My Last 3 have still not appeared on Gallery ! We had some problems Chuckles, but I think all your videos are now on the online in the Gallery - let us know if we've missed any!
2013/5/6 14:11:36
How to get the Muvizu textures in PNG format? If you are using the images in Muvizu then could you position the texture within Muvizu centre screen, take a screen shot and edit it in something like GIMP or photoshop and then re-import it?
2013/5/6 14:09:50
Manual en Español Hello,

We are working on a Spanish version. Hopefully we'll have it out sometime soon.

(Google translated, sorry...)


Estamos trabajando en una versión en español. Esperemos que lo tendremos en algún momento pronto.

(Traducido Google, lo siento ...)
2013/5/6 14:05:34
watermark question soccer3102 wrote:
Hello Muvizu Team. My name is Osvaldo live in Los Angeles California, wanted to consult with you regarding your program use on a project by filmmaker festival, I wonder if I can use your program to present my project using this Muvizu program. the project is called (The star-Fighters of Murphy Street). Robert West is the author of these books and with me are trying to transform these books on animation to present these projects in hollywood .. We wanted to know if we can use the program to create the story and present it at the festival filmmaker Ventura. we appreciate if you respond to know that we do. regards osvaldo.

Hi Osvaldo,

You can use Muvizu for free so long as you are not engaged in commercial activity with the output. If you need a commercial license you can buy one in the Muvizu:Play application now. You can also write to commercial@muvizu.com if you have further commercial requirements.

2013/5/6 13:57:35
Copying Animation Nice suggestion hugmyster, it's something we've considered several times and it is something we'd like to get into Muvizu!
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