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2010/10/8 17:00:20
Transparent Pics, Hey, does anyone know how to (and if you can) put transparent parts of a picture. SO like theres a window etc.
2010/9/6 16:56:04
Help! Importing google warehouse Yeah, I have set it as that but I am making a stadium and even with it set as that it still doesnt work. I'll post a picture to show what happens if you want.
2010/9/5 13:05:52
Help! Importing google warehouse Hi,
I haev a big thing with sports and trying to upload stadiums etc. and a stadium has loads of colours. Is there anyway of not having to do the colours and if not can you put a scrollbar as I can't change the settings.
2010/8/16 14:48:27
Stadiums Thanks for the help :-)
2010/8/15 13:41:16
Sporty stuff Neil wrote:
Hi glen,

There are a handful of football related objects that should be in the next release. Is there something specific that you'd like to see?

I'd like to see a changing room set, football shirts or the decals and when is the update out?
2010/8/15 13:30:41
Stadiums Oh, and also does anyone know anylinks to get the best shirt decals like a England shirt? Or how can I get an england shirt on a character?
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2010/8/15 13:25:42
Stadiums Thank you, yeah the Posh Vs USA gave me the idea of the stadium! :-)
2010/8/14 15:35:50
Stadiums Hey,
Is there anyways to make a stadium?
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