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2011/10/3 17:14:24
Feet disappear Thank you Zigggy,
I did that and slso looked at dreeko's work with the ground plane and the boy band - BRILLIANT.
I'm having fun with Muvizu, but realise how much there is to learn.
Thanks again Sir
2011/10/2 16:15:11
Feet disappear Hello All,
I just created my first £D image using Sketchup. Intended to be the main backdrop for a project in the pipeline. I have uploaded an image to:¤t=0n_stage.jpg
I cannot figure out how to get the performers feet to stand on the floor, as far as I can see "floats in air" is not an option for charactors in MZ. If I select the "stage" and allow "can be stood on" she stands on the roof. Question - should I have created the model without a floor?
2011/1/29 15:07:59
launcher error Additional,
The TECH HELP FORUM will be a good place to go. I found this:
2011/1/29 14:57:15
launcher error Hi MYK62
I am relatively new to Muvizu, but I know when the program launches, it checks for updates. I usually get a message "do you want to allow this program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer>" So it mabe that your security settings are very tight.
Have you been running the program for long, or is it a new download? To isolate the problem, I would disable my security temporily and try launching again. If you have recently downloaded, have you considered deleting the program and downloading again, a fresh clean copy?
I hope others, more experienced than I will reply to this. One last suggestion is to browse the forum for similar posts, if I find anything I will get back to you.Cool
2011/1/18 11:13:07
Logging in There has been a login problem (from the program login button), for some time - since the uupgrade I think. I always login from my browser.
2011/1/18 11:02:41
PICTURES! Thanks for helping Guys. You know I still use my old copy of Ulead Photoimpact for editing images, Ulead morphed into Corel 3 or 4 years ago - Ah times they are a-changing.
2011/1/18 5:14:03
PICTURES! Hi Wizplace, I have got a still image of charactors from Muvizu, taken from a project I am working on, on a website here:
You will need to create your charactor and take a screenshot of the image, then edit it in your favourite program. Save it and upload it to your project - onto a backdrop. Take a look at the tut on backdrops. I hope others will assist you, as I am not expert, but come back if you have trouble.
2011/1/17 20:14:26
PICTURES! Hi! 'not quite sure what you mean. Do you want to display a picture as part of your scene - display it on a backdrop for example?
2010/12/26 16:35:00
fix poor quality audio Hope you are all having a good holiday time. Just playing with some audio for a new project in Muvizu, but can't get rid of background noise,(narator too close to mike, I think. I used NCH Mix Pad and have tried to edit in NCH Wave Pad, but can't get rid of the breathing noise. What do others use for cleaning audio?
2010/11/1 16:07:12
New project Claireq and barrys Two more grewat suggestions! As I am still working on the script with my voice-over lady, I have time, and certainly will see the new Muvizu, before I go for it.
What a great bunch of people live here.
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2010/11/1 15:37:07
New project Hi Emily, No shortage of software, I'm a sucker for it, so I will probably upload the AVI as you suggest. I may have to make the project in two halves and join them, as I will need to change the text half way through. I don't think it's possible to switch backdrops mid-stream.
You are really very helpful.
2010/11/1 15:19:24
New project Emily wrote:
Hi Tony,

Yes, this is something you should be able to do.
If you have any basic picture editing package - even Paint - you can make a .jpg of your text then import this onto a backdrop. If you want the text to be transparent, save it as a .png.

All the best with your English language videos.


Hi Emily, Thanks for getting back, I got that and had created a png and uploaded the image of all the text onto a backdrop in Muvizu and of course I can make it scroll. I really had the idea that the text would scroll in a string, rather than the whole paragraph. Am I thinking that I will need to create a movie file of scrolling text and import that onto the backdrop? If I opt to create a movie of the text, do you know off-hand, what format is the best to use please? But hey, thanks for your advice.
2010/11/1 13:16:41
New project Good morning all, from the UK. I am planning a new Muvizu project, as the second in a series about the English language. I have played around with scrolling backdrops and wonder if it is possible to scroll text in that way? I want to illustrate "bad spelling" and grammar. The dialogue will demonstrate the grammar, with the voice-over, but it might be easier to acutally show the spelling. Obviously, most backdrop scrolling is based on a loop, but I wonder if I could produce some text and scroll that?
Ideas please, with my thanks.
2010/9/20 13:37:14
MAKE VIDEO Absolutely Neil!
At the prompting of a couple of posts I downloaded AVS Video converter. I bunged in my 2.5 GB AVI made in Muvizu and ran the program to save as DIVX, xVID. The file now weighs in at 21.4 MB and is uploaded through Muvizu to You Tube (put qestony in the search field). I am still unable to get any codecs into Muvizu, but provided I just run "make video" and let it create a giant AVI I can now get away with it.
By the way, the AVS deal cost me £42.00 Sterling, but you can download all their software and updates.
I hope this helps anyone else struggling with the codec thing.
2010/9/19 17:00:56
MAKE VIDEO Wee, I tried re-installing no change, I get no codc options in MAKE VIDEO. I now have an AVI file, which doesn't want to play in anything. I re-installed using the original download and then had to go through the massive list of updates from August 2010. The only otther thing I can think of is to run a complete new download direct from Muvizu. But there you go! Whaaaaa?

Butting in here again, I have cracked it with the help of AVS software and want to thank all for their advice and putting me right. My video should be on You Tube any time now
Thanks again
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2010/9/19 16:18:57
MAKE VIDEO Thank you Sir, I wanted to show off and upload it to Muvizu, but the size in AVI will be BIG! I will watch this apsce. In the meantime, is it worh re-downloading Muvizu?
2010/9/19 16:10:38
MAKE VIDEO Yes Neil as you described, I checked options within MAKE VIDEO ans it still get "none" I also downloaded DVIX, which everyone seemes to prefer, but nothing.
WHAT HAVE I STARTED HERE? Oh yes, I did re-boot
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2010/9/19 15:33:51
MAKE VIDEO Well thanks Neil, I downloaded DivX which includes the codex pack, but nothing came up in the preferences in "make video" tab in Muvuzu. Sorry to be a pain.
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2010/9/19 14:29:57
MAKE VIDEO Ah! That's cool! My track turned green and all is well.
Make video now enabled. I just neede to know about "codec" I clicked the scroll box, "None" is all that is available and I got a message warning me that the file will be ver big. Any ideas?
Thanks Neil, or any/everyone
2010/9/19 13:45:23
I just checked, and my end marker is at 3:26 (start 0:00) No cue points in between. Of course it may be a cue point at the end and not and end mark, How can I check that or at least insert a proper end mark? Nice to meet you by the way, I am enjoying muvizu
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