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2016/12/14 9:29:34
New release update: Static lighting and OBJ import Can you send me your obj files (and the texture files that go with it). I'll have a look at what is going on.
2015/12/23 14:18:37
layers and movements Very nice post MrDrWho. If you have a chance would you mind putting it on the wiki?
2015/11/23 15:21:14
object could not load drewi wrote:
yes i have the same with 11-17 slow head movements with a set composed in a previous version.
but seems to behave normally with a new composition.
edited by drewi on 21/11/2015

Could you send me one of these set files Drewi?
2015/11/17 16:18:18
Market place A few months ago, we reached out to a select few on the Muvizu site to ask how they would feel about the "Get Asset" section of the site being converted into a "Market Place".

At the time the feedback was positive, but we had very few details to give out so, over all, the feedback was more a way of giving us a feeling of how appreciated such a feature would be. This showed us that it would be greatly appreciated.

Since them we've been working away, on the site, by converting Get Assets into a Store (which gives us the first stage of a market place) and also on the behind the scene on how we process payments and handle everything in the backend.

We're now at the point where its all working quite successfully. We've released several content packs on the store and had a enough purchases go through our systems to feel confident that we can ramp things up to the next level: A Market Place.

So now we'd like to start a conversation with you guys. So here's some questions to get the ball rolling:

How many people would consider using a Market Place? We've added a little poll here to get a sense of that.

Would you create new assets or repurpose your existing assets?

Would you prefer to build 'content packs' or submit items one by one?

What would you submit? A purpose built scene or an individual asset?

What would you expect from it? What's your ideas?
2015/11/13 13:45:03
Issue with Direct Camera Cuts Hi XPhiler,

We're working on a fix for this, watch out for an update early next week.
2015/11/12 15:26:54
Key frames update 10th November Can someone send me .SET files with the lip sync broken?

All the sets I've been sent so far have talk and shush on the timeline, so they don't appear to be broken.
2015/11/12 15:18:46
space bar will not stop recording imediately There is always a delay to stop recording character movement. We need to let the character stop walking properly otherwise they fall over.

What to try is, as a test:

If you press space bar just once, does it eventually stop the recording? In extreme examples it might take 30 seconds to a minute or so but in normal situations it should stop after a few seconds.
2015/11/12 15:15:44
Key frames update 10th November Danimal wrote:
Count me among the masses - no character actions. Lip sync track is there, but it's all "Talk," even the blocks that were previously "Shush." Sorry I never tested this one since none of my sets would ever open :/

By the way, the program installed but still wouldn't start without disabling the Anit-Virus. I'm pretty sure that's on my end though.

I'll get a look into the talk and shush stuff, we'll get that fixed as well.

The actions part is fixed but not yet released, it will be soon though.

I've no idea why your Anti-virus would take offence to Muvizu so suddenly
2015/11/12 15:14:29
Key frames update 10th November ziggy72 wrote:
No idea what it's going on about here

Another issue we'll need to look into. I don't think any of the morphs have actually changed so unlike the small fire error message this might actually be a bug.
2015/11/12 15:12:54
Key frames update 10th November ziggy72 wrote:
Dialogue Talk/Shush info also missing from imported sets (but works okay when recorded in a new set).

Thanks, I'll get a look into this.
2015/11/12 15:12:30
Key frames update 10th November MrDrWho13 wrote:
I'm still getting this error on my old sets:

I suspect this is because we added a scale option to the small fire effect a few releases ago. So this is probably correct...
2015/11/12 15:11:55
Key frames update 10th November ziggy72 wrote:
Still clips mp3s to about 8 seconds.

We're still trying to figure this one out.
2015/11/12 15:11:31
Key frames update 10th November Zita wrote:
Thanks for a quick update, It now loads my sets, unfortunetaly it don't import my character action's I've tried on all my sets and it's the same, missing character actions.

If it's just me maybe my sets have got corrupted some how.

We'll make another update soon, probably early next week, to fix the character actions issue.
2015/11/11 15:57:35
Key frames update 10th November drewi wrote:
64bit full upload.
Character actions from previous sets not present.
Mandy is back though.

Can you send me the set file?
2015/11/11 10:35:02
Key frames update 10th November Hi Folks,

We've released an update today that fixes the the Unlicensed feature message when opening any set without a Key Frames expansion licence. It will also fix the issue of movement and animation being stripped from .SET files.

It's worth updating now.

2015/11/9 17:29:55
aaaaaaaaargh! help! Danimal wrote:
Hi Jamie,

I previously sent a file, that one is as good as any as it's happening on every single one and sure you don't want me to send you hundreds of them, haha.

haha, no. One or two is enough!
2015/11/9 17:29:11
aaaaaaaaargh! help! Thanks for the sets everyone who sent them in, we're looking into fixing this now.
2015/11/9 17:28:43
Error: Feature not licenced We've got a few set files now and we're looking into a fix for this.
2015/11/9 16:53:42
Key framing expansion pack available now! Danimal wrote:
I tried again and the only way it would install or open is if I turned off my Anti-Virus software. That's a new one...

Does you Anti-virus give a reason why?
2015/11/9 16:52:53
07-11-2015 release Feedback drewi wrote:
i bought the key frame extension immediately but
i cant see any licence for it ...is the main licence just updated to contain additional numbers/symbols etc
or should i expect a separate code for the update?
whatever when i try to activate i have a w2 error in recently downloaded version and previous version now.
sent a support request in
four pounds 99p mind!!

All you need to do is File > Licence Manager and click the activate button.

The feature is then available under either Prepare Object Properties, Character Properties, Object Movement or Camera Movement. Once you've set a track to keyframe then just go to the direct mode.
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