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2014/12/5 11:05:34
Play + on Multiple Computers stvster wrote:
Hi,I'm using my Play+ license on my 32 bit PC but would like to try it on my 64bit laptop.
Can I install Muvizu and use the same license on my laptop as well?

Hi Steve, yes you can
2014/11/20 11:42:29
Network error Noel6 - You may have a slow connection. Try again with a download manager: https://www.muvizu.com/Wiki/wiki/64/download-managers
2014/11/11 9:34:29
Features 2014 MrDrWho13 wrote:
I noticed my RSS feed is now filled with working posts - thanks

I fixed that yesterday. Thanks for the heads up!
2014/11/7 9:43:03
Features 2014 MrDrWho13 wrote:
Some issues with the site that I've been meaning to point out for a while:
  • When quoting on the forum, the "forum latest" has the quote starting it, rather than the actual post by that user. (Hope that makes sense)
  • The links for the chat RSS feed take you to an error page instead of the chat page.

Thanks for the feedback although the chat link is fine for me MrDwho13 http://www.muvizu.com/Chat/RSS.ashx
And you're right about the quote - a change was made recently that must have broken that. It is fixed again now
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2014/5/27 10:57:22
muvizu is not downloading The installers are hosted on a CDN which should ensure fast downloading from anywhere in the world. This makes it likely it's a problem at your end. Best bet, then, is to try a download manager:

2014/4/25 13:55:46
New experimental video That's it appeared in the gallery now bigwally
2014/4/25 10:34:39
New experimental video bigwally wrote:

Bigwally, this video isn't appearing in our system because we're getting a response back saying "Syndication of this video was restricted". You can change this setting for the video in YouTube.
2014/4/23 16:35:43
My Muvizu video! SonOfKong wrote:
Now when I go to the Muvizu forum I get a tab at the bottom saying 'Only secure content is dispalayed'. I have to click on 'show all content' then my video appears.

Hi SonOfKong,
You should see your video in the forum from either of your browsers now.
At the risk of boring / confusing you, what was happening was that on one of your browsers you were using a secure connection (https) but the YouTube link in the post was not secure (plain old http) so Chrome wasn't allowing you to view that on an https page. Anyway, you don't need to worry about that any more because I've made a fix so the videos will show either way.

2014/3/7 10:21:45
I do not understand, You can still upload sets, texture and videos. 3D models in a set are fine too.
2014/2/12 10:00:49
Function Keys not working F11 is working for me and the screenshot is being dropped in:
C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\MuvizuGame\Screenshots\PC\
2013/12/23 10:53:57
Cannot upload Xmas Competition video Glad it worked!
It should appear in our system later today when it will then be moderated.
2013/12/23 10:15:42
Cannot upload Xmas Competition video Hi foff47

If it's getting to a 1/3 of the way uploaded and then failing then it sounds like your connection is timing out. This can happen if your video is too big or you have a slow connection. What codec are you using? Can you try rendering your video out again using the xvid codec? That should make it smaller. See http://www.muvizu.com/Wiki/wiki/78/codecs
2013/11/27 9:22:01
Can not upload videos via Muvizu If that doesn't work, try going to 'My account' in your muvizu profile and re-link your youtube account.
2013/11/20 12:04:40
Youtube Content ID policy Hi

Our software automatically pulls in any videos to the gallery that have been uploaded through this website. If YouTube have blocked the video for whatever reason - such as the content ID thing - then we're unable to show it. It happens automatically, actually, we can't embed any blocked videos.

2013/11/18 13:09:26
Mail problems It only affected some people joining the site for the first time
2013/11/18 11:10:50
Mail problems We had a brief email sending problem on Sunday 17th that may have affected a small number of users from receiving their activation emails. Get in touch with us if you've been affected by this and we'll sort it out for you.
2013/10/18 10:04:10
how to move cameras for stereoscopic film? Here's some general info that might be of some use to you:
2013/10/1 10:41:48
My Latest. A Star Trek Spoof. Not in The Gallery ? Urbanlamb has it spot-on chuckles. Unfortunately I can only suggest that you re-dub it with non-copyrighted audio and then upload it again.
2013/9/27 9:54:59
My Latest. A Star Trek Spoof. Not in The Gallery ? Hi chuckles. Your video comes back in our system as "Syndication of this video was restricted." which stops us from showing it. You should be able to adjust this setting in YouTube unless it's due to copyrighted audio.
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2013/8/6 15:30:54
KOBRA AND THE LOTUS (animated film clip) Nice video! Kept me watching right till the end!
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