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2012/11/30 19:40:06
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar WozToons wrote:
Sounds like great fun.

Will the videos be available for a day or two after posting? I will have no internet access on the 2nd.

They'll be up all through December. Good luck!
2012/11/16 12:32:11
Caption Me! Mike_Num_5 wrote:

I'll be back...alley

I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.... oh yeah and a glass eye if you've got one spare mate
2012/11/15 11:33:49
YouTube annotations Dreeko, I can see the hotspot on the duck both in the forum above and in the gallery. There's a speech-bubble type button at the bottom of the player to turn it on and off. It's maybe turned off by default though here, I'd need to check
2012/10/22 10:43:27
website woes suggestion This is a good suggestion guys and something that we're looking at and will hopefully introduce soon.
When we originally integrated comments in to the site some time ago, YouTube didn't have a concept of replies the way it does now (they used to just prefix a word "@Username" before the message) but now they're properly linked so it makes sense for us to follow suit. Watch this space!
2012/10/16 16:43:04
Call me Walter "what a big ship I've got" Raleigh Wow Dylly, living the dream! You'll need to come and sail it up the Clyde one day

P.S. Can't be too many ex-SBS out there trained in midwifery!
2012/9/25 10:16:07
Christmas Assets Yikes that's freaking me right out
2012/9/17 10:57:03
Problem with uploading Scaryder wrote:
I just wanted to know if videos can be ".wmw" or not.

Yes .wmv is fine. The videos go to YouTube so it's anything that they support. More info here: http://support.google.com/youtube/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=55744
2012/9/17 10:14:49
Problem with uploading Scaryder & urbanlamb - that's your videos arrived in our system now and available on the site. It usually takes less than a day to show up here but a bit longer at the weekends.

2012/7/25 10:00:23
Teleportation, or somesuch Phil7Newbie,

If you get round to doing a demo for this, you could upload it to the site - select 'Upload a video' and then set the type to 'How to video' and it will show up in our How to section of the site!

2012/6/25 10:24:28
YouTube are OK why isnt Muvizu-2 days Ed

I had a look at your account there and it seems you didn't upload your video through this website. That's something you'd need to do if you want to see it here.

2012/6/5 13:33:14
Mail problems We're having some connection issues with our mail server just now which will affect notifications and registering on the website. Will hopefully have it back up and running asap!
2012/6/1 20:25:14
Festa della Repubblica tripfreak wrote:
Nice idea !
But shouldn't that be tomorrow ? hmm

Lol actually yes, but we thought we'd leave it on over the weekend!
2012/3/20 9:59:57
Problems uploading / commenting on videos Valero, unfortunately you'd need to re-upload it through the Muvizu site. This is how we're able to access and, subsequently, moderate the video for this site.
2012/3/16 9:26:27
Possibe to Upload video without making it public? Yeah you can... kind of... just upload it through the Muvizu site then go to the youtube.com and set the video to private in there before we're able to pick it up here (it usually takes anywhere from a few hours to as much as 2 days sometime). Then when you want it public again, just set it public on the youtube site and we should pick it up here shortly afterwards. Send me a msg if it's not showing up after that for any reason and I'll give the server a boot!
2012/2/29 9:31:53
Problems uploading / commenting on videos That's it here on the site now Jonbez - it just took a bit longer than normal to come back from the YouTube feed.
2012/2/28 16:43:09
Problems uploading / commenting on videos toonarama, jonbez,

I think this is fixed in IE9 now hopefully. Let me know next time you upload if you experience the same issue.

2012/2/27 14:29:54
Problems uploading / commenting on videos Thanks for the feedback guys, we're looking in to it.

Toonarama and Jonbez - can you both let me know which browser and version you're running, and also what version of flash if possible? You can find your Flash version here: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/

2012/2/27 12:37:57
Problems uploading / commenting on videos Ah ok it's making sense now. I couldn't figure out how your initial video was private but if you'd set it to that then it makes sense. Your newer video hasn't appeared in our system yet but I see it was uploaded just recently so it'll no doubt show up very soon.

There shouldn't be 2 upload options there though. Basically our video uploader uses Flash except when your browser doesn't have flash then we revert back to the standard HTML uploader. The fact that yours showed both the Flash uploader and the HTML one at the same time is something we've never seen before. I'm doing some more tests but I'm hoping it's just a one-off glitch
edited by IanS on 27/02/2012
2012/2/27 11:53:46
Problems uploading / commenting on videos Hi Jonbez

The upload procedure hasn't changed recently so it shouldn't be asking you to upload twice. We'll have a look at why this is happening for you. Seems like a strange glitch!

2012/2/1 16:49:30
Censorship by Muvizu ? If he'd said "vast majority" instead of "vast minority" you'd be correct ziggy
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