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2012/2/1 10:36:21
Censorship by Muvizu ? That's it in the gallery now chuckles - our system just hadn't picked it up yet.
Unless you had initially made the video private, in which case we wouldn't know about it, then it seems the feed we get back from YouTube is running much slower than usual.

I'll keep an eye on it, but anyway it certainly wasn't censored
2012/2/1 10:06:57
Censorship by Muvizu ? Hi Chuckles, what was the video called and I'll look in to it?
2011/12/10 13:43:40
Unable to log into youtube account via muvizu Hi wizplace,

I think there's been a problem relating to the time when you first associated your Muvizu and YouTube accounts. Anyway, I've just reset this in Muvizu, so if you try again now, hopefully it will work fine for you. Your existing videos may disapear from the Muvizu gallery in the meantime.

So if you can log-in to Muvizu and then go to Profile -> then My account -> then log-in to YouTube there and then try and upload a video afterwards on the site it should hopefully work.

Let us know how you get on.
2011/11/4 9:55:52
video fails to show in youtube search Hi toonarama,

We have a lot of trouble with YouTube's search, particularly through the API. One minute a video comes back in the API results and next, it doesn't. Or, very occasionally, not at all!

Generally your video will show up eventually, usually within 8 hours of any changes: http://www.google.com/support/youtube/bin/answer.py?answer=58097

Bit of a long shot, but you could try making your video private, changing the title & description very slightly and turning it back to public which may force them to re-index it again. Also, make sure syndication is set to yes.

We're getting your video back through an API search so I'd expect it'll turn up in the search very soon at YouTube.com also.

2011/11/2 9:34:24
Video Title Hi Toonarama, it will automatically refresh itself eventually.
Actually, I just checked and it's happened already
2011/10/31 14:38:51
My Muvizu account is associated with wrong Youtube That's them all arrived now in your account bigwally
2011/10/31 10:20:40
My Muvizu account is associated with wrong Youtube bigwally wrote:

Thanks! I got it straightened now. But my uploaded videos (from before) are not showing on Muvizu. Do I need to re-upload them?

Nope, you don't need to do anything, they should filter back in to the site within the hour
2011/10/31 10:09:47
My Muvizu account is associated with wrong Youtube Hi bigwally,

If your videos were originally uploaded through Muvizu to your other YouTube account then it's easy to get them back on this website. Click on then and then beside where it says 'YouTube account' you can remove your current YouTube account and then associate with the one that you want.

Hope this is what you're asking bigwally. Let me know if not.

2011/10/5 14:42:46
Error trying to UNZIP Character Texture Maps. Oops I didn't know they'd changed lol hit
2011/10/5 14:23:25
Error trying to UNZIP Character Texture Maps. I've tracked down that rar file and replaced with a zip file so should work fine now for anyone that tries it again in the future
2011/10/5 12:52:52
Error trying to UNZIP Character Texture Maps. xombiekiller, I believe that file has been incorrectly named as a zip file by the person that uploaded it. It's actually a rar file. If you rename it to .rar, you should be able to open it with WinRAR
2011/9/7 11:04:03
Problems uploading / commenting on videos A few of our users have a reported having problems uploading videos or commenting on them. This is due to a change YouTube made on August 31 2011.

It specifically affects users that have a YouTube account that is not linked to a Google account, or even if they are linked, but were not at the point when you granted Muvizu access to your YouTube account. YouTube have required all new users for some time to have a Google account so it’ll mainly affect long time YouTube users.

The solution is to go through the process of linking your Muvizu and YouTube accounts again, but you only need to do this if you’re having problems commenting or uploading videos. You can do this by clicking on then on this site, and then click beside your YouTube account name. Then click to associate them again. All your existing Muvizu videos will appear back on the site shortly afterwards.

On Thursday at 8am BST (GMT+1), we’ll be updating the site to detect when this happens and provide clearer information. The site will be offline for a couple of minutes so any video uploads in progress during that time will be lost.

Let us know if you have any questions

Ian (Muvizu web team)
2011/9/7 9:34:09
Having problem with my account Yeah all your videos came straight back to the site. Glad it's working for you both and we got to the bottom of this
2011/9/6 15:14:28
Having problem with my account That's great jonbez, glad it worked

Danimal, if you could try the same and see if it fixes your video commenting issue, I'd appreciate that.

I'll get the site updated to detect when this happens and display some info...

2011/9/6 14:58:07
Having problem with my account OK I think we've found out what the problem is - YouTube made a change on 31st August (which I won't bore you with unless you're interested!)

Anyway, can you try removing the association between your Muvizu and YouTube accounts and then re-linking them again please? All your existing videos should re-appear back on our site within a few hours, and hopefully you'll be able to comment etc. again.

You can do this by clicking on then on this site, and then click beside your YouTube account name. Then click to associate them again.

Fingers crossed this will work! Half the problem is that we can't recreate it with any Muvizu staff accounts.
2011/9/6 12:37:07
Having problem with my account Hi Jonbez

Sorry about this, I've been looking in to this since yesterday but still getting to the bottom of it all.

Can I just check first, is your YouTube account linked to a Google account? If you created your YouTube account before May 2009 it may not be, but they insist on having a Google account now.

2011/8/22 10:46:26
Website feedback Quoling wrote:
...in fact to be honest the site needs a overall - there are buttons that don't link to the correct page and it's not easy to find things (at least I don't think so)...

Quoling, if you have details of any bugs and any suggestions for improving the site then we'd love to hear them. We're actually planning a bit of an overhaul just now.
edited by IanS on 22/08/2011
2011/8/9 10:03:36
Nick Danger episodes removed from Muvizu Guys

I’ve had a look in to why these videos aren’t available on the site now and it’s because YouTube has removed them from their API feed and marked them as ‘restricted access’. What usually happens is that YouTube has detected that there is some copyrighted audio in your video and thus limited it’s availability to certain countries. When you go to view the video on youtube.com they will look-up your IP address and make sure you’re not in a country that has a copyright claim on that audio.

Now, in Muvizu, we connect to YouTube using their public API feed, and because our servers could be anywhere in the world, and so not in the same location as the viewer of this website, if a video is restricted in any country, then it is entirely restricted from letting us access it via the API. So, basically, YouTube remove these videos from their public feed so we have no way of knowing about them and showing them on the website. So, we haven’t removed your videos from the site, they’ve just been removed by YouTube from their feed and that has filtered through to this site. Basically, they must have automatically detected that these videos contained copyrighted audio, or someone made a copyright claim on them, or there’s some country-specific ad deal with the audio I suspect.

Hope that makes sense, and apologies for any confusion. The solution, of course, is to use copyright-free audio.

edited by IanS on 09/08/2011
2011/8/3 10:57:57
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... ziggy72 wrote:

So you dont put in a hyperlink? What do you do, then? (I'm asking for future reference, in case I put in a link to something else).


If you want to link to another site then just click the hyperlink button and put in the URL. However, for videos, if you just type or paste in a YouTube URL then the forum will pick it up and make it in to a video. You can use either the URL of the page on YouTube that the video is on or the URL that comes up when you click 'share' under the video.

2011/8/2 9:45:36
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... ziggy72, I edited your post there to fix the video so it would play here. You'd put it in as a hyperlink I think
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