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2015/7/10 23:11:16
Sketchup Export 10th July 2015 Hi guys, so I've created a simple laptop model on Sketchup (Sketchup8 as the tutorial video says to add the .rb file into plugins and that's been removed in the newer versions). So I followed the steps about Collision and managed to get it saved in the .ase format. However initially I used the generic textures to colour it, so upon import an error appeared regarding a textures folder and a toto.bmp file. So I removed all the intricate colours and created a .bmp file in that subfolder textures to use for the texture in the model. Now when I import the model it causes a fatal error and closes.
What am I missing? Is it still possible to import models? Is there even a laptop hidden somewhere in the library that I haven't found that would let me get away for now?
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