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2018/11/4 0:37:11
New Website Great idea.
Slight typo on the banner. Should be "featured".
2018/5/10 7:24:02
Laurel & Hardy - Gangnam Style [Animation] [4K 60F Glad to see it back.
2016/12/12 19:52:34
The Lodger I think the use of audio from an old radio show to create this was fantastic. The plot and framework are all set for you but I still can't fathom the amount of work you put into it. It would take me weeks just to create the low-poly turkey, let alone one scene from your masterpiece.
I can't wait till you start animating the Perry Mason series. Kidding.
Thanks for making me aware of the audio / video resources on archive.org which I thought were just website captures.
2016/12/12 18:26:00
More Star Wars? clayster2012 wrote:
Farscaper wrote:
I'm still mentally stuck on the horrendous teeth photo that started this topic. Thanks for the nightmares.

I have no idea how that was posted and I'm trying to figure that out, didn't notice it until you mentioned it, I'm going to do a ticket and see if it can be removed, and see how this could happen!

Oh great. In the hope that it was gone, you made me look again. Another sleepless afternoon.
2016/12/11 21:45:16
More Star Wars? I'm still mentally stuck on the horrendous teeth photo that started this topic. Thanks for the nightmares.
2016/11/27 22:49:08
How I make a toon style Army Tank clayster2012 wrote:
No it's still supported, I had sent an email to the creator months ago asking if he was dropping milkshape due to rumors,He replied a week later after I had emailed that no he hasn't quit milkshape, it's just that he is so busy with college and work he hasn't time to do anymore updates, but he also told that he is planning to work more on milkshape when he gets the time, but then that was months ago,I'll email him again to see what's going On!
edited by clayster2012 on 27/11/2016

He must have been a child genius then, or else he's been in college for a decade. I want to buy the program but the site has been so devoid of life for at least five years that I think I'll hold off and perhaps just try learning the dozen other modeling programs I have yet to open. Ha.
2016/11/27 19:41:07
How I make a toon style Army Tank Based on his site, it looks like Milkshape is ancient abandonware. It just goes to show that good ideas last even when they are no longer financially viable to maintain or upgrade. Finding the right tool in my unopened toolbox is what vexes or voxelises me.
2016/11/26 17:23:43
PC suggestions please My self-assembled computer has lasted several years and I suspect will last many more. Luckily a lot of the parts can be carried forward on future rebuilds as it has in the past. For example, when the last motherboard died I could still use the case, power supply, drives, BD burner, the old speakers and such.

I added an SSD drive for C: Bought two 2 TB storage drives so I could run RAID and relegated the old drive to a third spot but only because I like to spend money. Also updated the video card even though I likely never taxed the old one but read recommendations on forums. Ha.

Even though you can't buy much from two years ago I don't feel that tech has advanced that far. Super video cards are for gamers and render farms. Middle of the road and budget should suffice for most.

My best savings was getting a cheap 720p 32" TV for my monitor. Best thing I ever did for my aging eyes. I'm sure the 1080's are cheap by now, as well, since that was two years ago.
2016/11/25 21:51:57
sale on Silo 2.3.1 PatMarrNC wrote:

WOW!! I have never seen it priced that low! It must be a Black Friday sale! All I can say is...

1) I love it!.. it's simple to use, yet powerful enough to do just about anything

2) I'll start making tutorials for it if people here want to use it with Muvizu

3) At $29 it's a no brainer in my opinion

4) buy it NOW NOW NOW before they change their mind!

Seeing as I'm a part of convincing people to spend money on good sales, I also picked up Aartform Curvy 3d and MindTex on Steam. I'm still mulling over Voxelise because I'm just not into blocky stuff even though I want to support Digimedia.
2016/11/25 19:45:19
sale on Silo 2.3.1 ikes wrote:
Hi Pat,

I might explore Silo. I see it's now $109,- Do you have to purchase updates, or are the updates free after you buy the software? If you say they work on a next release, maybe wait for that.

It's apparently on sale at Steam for around $25.
2016/10/18 0:39:37
3D Coat Tutorial for noobs (for Muvizu) But imagine the indignity of being insulted or otherwise attacked by some avatar wearing the very outfit you yourself created. It would almost be self-flagellation if we weren't certain that the tailor could surely have the skills to needle the wearer.

And how fair would it be if I somehow created a Zoidberg avatar and tried to interact in some way with ziggy72? I'd feel like an idiot or 二死了。
2016/10/17 22:20:03
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers MrDrWho13 wrote:
Phwoar that meta tag must be ancient.

I try to learn something new each day but I'm not sure how Phwoar applies here. Sure, both me and my ideas are fit and hot but did you mean the slang was just as old as the tag?

And don't worry about the Chinese site taking over this one just yet.
2016/10/17 20:25:38
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers Please note that some of my comments were very general in nature and related to other operations I've seen or worked with. I hope no one picks one randomly and rushes to the defense of Muvizu in haste.

Then again, their meta tags are shite. I'd help for free if they asked.

<title> Muvizu | Muvizu</title>
<meta id="metaDesc" name="description" content="Muvizu is a free software application that lets you make 3D animated movies on your home computer" >

It's funny, but I'm actually learning Chinese right now in anticipation of a trip next Fall. I should probably start viewing the Chinese version of this site and report back on things. I highly recommend dominoedu.com since his sense of humour is along the same bent as what I like about what's been created in Muvizu. In other words, you guys are twisted and funny in a way that is somewhat unique to the UK.

As for the VR stuff, I just came across this offering which may/may not be of interest to some curious folks.

It may well just be another huge success or dismal failure.
2016/10/17 19:43:02
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers I'm more of a marketing and SEO guy than an animator but I have lots of programs (far too many) geared to making me a great 2D/3D animator/modeler/film maker one day. Provided I find the fountain of youth before too long, that is.

I suspect many of you have lots of such programs as well, some of which could have/should have been mainstream popular but were ultimately abandoned due to the regular list of reasons. No funding, sole owner, poor management, too smart for general populous with entire project on GitHub, desire to be open source that abhors any prospect of profit, lack of self-confidence, day job and/or family limits on time, death of dev, failure to market better mousetrap, disconnect between suits and geeks, no respect for or barrier between users opinions, etc.

Some get lucky and rich, but even VC's lose money on poorly operated unicorns. Well, the investors do anyway.

But sometimes it's the simplest solutions that get things rolling in the right direction. Having proper meta tags so that Google doesn't assign you page 546 in results. Having a website that doesn't look like an archive.org page from 1994. Devoting the time to create proper tutorials (paying to have them done right if a fan won't do it for recognition). Listening to and accepting help from your fans, some of whom might just work for free if given access, recognition and respect.

Successes like Blender are rare because they somehow managed to get it right. The web design program Pinegrow somehow pulled it off as well, despite no big funders or being open source, but I've seen and worked with many that can't get airborne due to one or more of the roadblocks.

So it's not the entire fault, if any, of the Muvizu devs. The people writing their cheques have control in this situation.

I understand their desire to tap the educational market since they clearly have expertise in this area. Many could not make the slightest inroad so you need to build on your strengths. If only Mu vi zu didn't mean Death to Children in Mandarin. Kidding, but you never know.

As a marketing copywriter I also appreciate their desire to embellish their product with the latest market fad. Hell, I'd certainly do it if I planned an IPO or selling out. Imagine the BS you could spew in a prospectus or presentation to prospective investors.

Now that would be a funny short film made in Muvizu if we had a VR headset prop so we can have all these people walking around bumping into each other with arms raised trying to hand out money to invest.

Nothing frustrates me more than trying to help those that don't see the need for help or don't follow up on excellent free advice that they'd willingly spend tens of thousands to acquire crap from some expert "firm".

Muvizu should definitely make use of the devoted user base they have and implement cost effective suggestions for improvement. Simple Simon.
2016/10/17 18:22:10
3D Coat Tutorial for noobs (for Muvizu) Ha. If we were good we wouldn't be looking at tutorials. As long as you are one step ahead of me I've got something to learn. As it is, you are miles ahead. Good job and thanks for taking the time to do it for us.
2015/11/27 22:26:52
Donald Trump Parody in front of audience I can't quite remember who had the Ted Bundy type beach scene but if you need advice on crowds and complexity, he's your guy.
2015/11/27 21:51:20
To the Makers of Muvizu Hilarious. I've just spent a grand on other animation and film-making software and someone is complaining about $29. I've never had such a deal at even their full price. Stop complaining about winning the second to top tier of the lottery. Buying Muvizu is a winning bet!
2015/11/20 0:44:40
Market place The company wouldn't care about exchange rates at this level of sales. They get to use the cash till they have to pay it out so they save on the cost of loans to run their business. But even then, it's such small potatoes that you don't even consider it. After all, we're dealing with virtual products that they don't need to warehouse.

As long as everyone makes something, however insignificant, after costs, they win. As an author I can assure you that I speak from experience.
2015/11/20 0:16:26
Market place And asking this company to become a Forex operation would be the death knell to the marketplace. You win some years and lose on others when it comes to currency fluctuations. Buy low, sell high.

Buy at any price but never use the product and you lose every time. But man, do I have bragging rights for my stupendous software collection.

As noted earlier, sell the dream.
2015/11/19 20:38:48
Market place Reallusion uses this payment system to sell credits as yet another item but I suspect that many of them will be able to handle points as just another currency option. The trick is keeping track of who owns how much of the virtual cash.

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