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2015/8/4 16:43:29
Today's Download mcmillan-ra wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
SAY WHAAAAAT?!! We've only been waiting for more than 4 cameras since... forever. Muvizu HQ, this is bigger news than the render layers - please start issuing change logs!!
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You say that now, but...

Given your sets are quite err... heavy (as an understatement) you should be able to get a bit of a speed boost from this. Generally, put all your background stuff into layers - and then hide them when working with foreground characters. Should remove lag and such like. You don't just have to use them for rendering out...

Also, from a development point of view upping the number of cameras was a simple change - the render layers - quite a bit harder to do.

I know what you mean Big Grin I need 30 or 40 consistent characters available, but not all for each shot, so... turn them off until needed. And the extra cars, props, etc. I guess my Lakeside set kinda forced this (sorry), but it's a neat solution - you can still fill up the skydome with hundreds of imported objects, but only have them activated when in shot. Still think having more than 4 cameras is the real game changer though - anyone remember that vid Dreeko made with the dark, rainy street? Looked awesome because he used the cameras to project moving stuff on backdrops, but almost straight away he hit the camera limit...

And what's the deal with the TGA depth pass? I'm sure it's a nice feature, but without any kind of change log <cough> it's kinda hard to work out why it does what it does, or what we'd use it for. It is kinda freaky though

Also, now that we can have lots of cameras, would it be possible to either make them a bit transparent by default, or be able to toggle their visibility on the set the same way we do for characters? They get in the way, y'see, but I don't want to always have all of them hidden.
2015/8/4 14:45:49
Today's Download SAY WHAAAAAT?!! We've only been waiting for more than 4 cameras since... forever. Muvizu HQ, this is bigger news than the render layers - please start issuing change logs!!
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2015/8/4 14:00:51
4/8/15 Release Bugs Yeah, I think you might be being impatient MDW13 I selected all the stuff in the layers window on a big set, and everything did pause for a bit but then resumed - it's a performance thing, I think. Good to have the waveforms back in the timeline! Back to testing then...
2015/8/4 13:58:17
Today's Download Have you downloaded the 32 bit version or 64 bit? Also, always download the Full version not the Lite one (avoids problems down the line).
2015/8/4 12:57:20
Assistance That's funny, and really well done - the wink at the end is a nice touch. And yes, now that you mention it, I would like some storage units please

Rebel, you could send the files via WeTransfer.com since they let you send (up to) 2gb files for free (and no registrations or anything). You may have to leave it uploading overnight, mind you...
2015/8/3 19:09:15
Copying and pasting character movements The skates work well theotherguy, glad to see you got them sorted

@MickeyAardvark When the Asset store opens, you probably will be able to buy (or maybe request) specific outfits and attachments. We shall see...
2015/8/3 19:04:33
Fix this problem? Bits of the characters not going invisible when you tell them is actually a bug in the new version - you can fix it yourself by turning off the visibility of each bit that's still showing (nose, tail, etc) in the character properties. Should be fixed in the next update.
2015/8/2 19:32:04
Copying and pasting character movements Been asked for many many times. No harm in asking again though
2015/8/2 1:41:02
Ant music for sex people Antmusic was good though - it was the whole 'Prince Charming' bit that killed them, ah rekkin...
2015/7/31 21:26:39
Random feature requests What He Said

Also, there is a rather harsh limitation when it comes to animating custom textures. I've come up with a way of animating eyebrows, but I have to use a custom texture slot for each frame, and there's only 9 to use - fair enough for one character, but the Character Properties palette is for ALL characters to share, rather than for each one, which is very limiting (I now find).

And while I'm here, is there any chance we could have the ability to turn on/off the lighting while in the Make Video window, like we used to be able to? I liked being able to turn the lights on at the very last second before I hit Make Video, whereas now I have to wade though unresponsive mouse movements and laggy buttons to get to that point because the lights are on (I know, it's my own fault for using the custom lighting and 100% shadow sharpness, but it looks nice...). Even worse, after you've finished rendering off the movie, you have to wade back through the lag to get to the Close button, which doesn't even activate half the time unless you waggle the window about to get it to refresh. Assuming of course that window hasn't dropped behind the main Muvizu window, which it seems to do all the time for me, forcing me to CTRL ESC to get the focus back.
2015/7/30 17:21:11
Mandy and Beefy aren't talking Same here ukBerty - Mandy won't talk and I get the same error as you. What is it with the sound in Muvizu this year? Dialogue and sound import was one of the few areas that always seemed to work when everything else didn't, and now... Still, at least it's repeatable and therefore fixable. We hope Big Grin
2015/7/30 17:12:16
Coming Soon... Looking good Clayster. If you need to get the cape flapping in classic flying pose (rather than having Soop wearing it like a scarf!) then I'd advise you check this post : http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic2215-superhero-adventures-episode-2.aspx
2015/7/27 14:42:55
LOADING A VIDEO GALLERY OF MUVIZU THROUGH YOUTUBE Youtube have changed things which has caused Muvizu HQ problems which is why no one has been able to upload any vids through the site for a while now. They said it would be fixed last week, but... dunno
2015/7/26 11:44:28
imported object floats in the air That usually only happens after you've recorded some movement to an object. Assuming you haven't, do it do this with other imported objects, or just this one?
2015/7/24 21:40:07
Great video which shows what Muvizu could do Wow. Just...wow.
2015/7/22 20:14:02
6/7/15 release bugs Good idea, I will do likewise from now on then - ta mate! Big Grin
2015/7/22 16:12:24
6/7/15 release bugs Having no waveform on the audio also happened with the previous (1.3) version, but you could correct it by reloading the set - not any more, I see. I've installed this patched version alongside v1.3 which, apart from it's issues with new dialogue, is still working well (and loads monster sets much faster after a total reinstall, for some reason. Not complainin' ).

With the patched version you can Cut and Paste the 'submerged' characters back to the surface, and the invisibility can be manually fixed, so it's still pretty usable until it gets fixed proper. Also, like MDW13 says, it is good to hear from HQ more frequently.
2015/7/21 19:17:32
How do I copy my license key to the clipboard? Lisasc, I just had to reinstall Muvizu and activate it. It all went as normal, but only because I used the old version (v1.3) and when it asked if I wanted to upgrade to the new version I said no (and I will continue to say no until it gets fixed). The new version is, as you've already found, kinda broke. It offers no tangible advantages over 1.3, so use that instead and you should be fine. Having said that, I don't know where you'd download it from now. I know there's a link someone posted recently to that version but I don't remember where it is - anybody?

Also, since no one actually answered your very first question, I'd add that you just select the code from the email you got, right click and Copy (that puts it into Windows clipboard). When you go into the licence manager bit the code should automatically be pasted into the box for you. You may already know all this, but I'm just trying to be thorough
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2015/7/21 19:10:38
Underground Characters bug You Cut and Paste them to get them back to normal.
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2015/7/21 18:54:24
FBX import errors (of course errors) Hang on, this is getting complicated

All I did was create a little box in sketchup in the dead centre, export it as an ASE, made it UCX, then slapped it onto the end of whatever ASE I want collision reduced on. If I could do that to FBX files I'd use them instead, no question (FBX is a superior format, no one's saying ASE is, y'know, a good thing!) but I don't how FBX files work, and they never centre right in Muvizu (the axis point is always somewhere else it seems) so I don't use them. Sketchup 2015 (which I have now installed alongside 8) does claim to support FBX though, so I'll have a go at that and see if anything helps.

Nope, my mistake, sketchup 2015 doesn't support FBX at all.
edited by ziggy72 on 21/07/2015
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