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2014/3/5 19:38:38
Edit Muvizu AVI files in Sony Vegas WozToons wrote:
Agreed, it's horses for courses. I got so fed up with codecs that in the end I opted for still images. It also enables you to mess around with them in a graphics program prior to editing. Saves having to do screenshots as well. So basically I'm saying I'm bone idle. Big Grin

Yup, with you on that one In the end, with the size of the 1080 stuff, you sort of have to migrate to it just to get rid of the shot length limits. Having to create a new directory for each shot isn't fun, but I'll take that over a 20 second (!!) avi limit at 1080. But for 720 stuff, it is probably overkill, like Urban says. Can't hurt though Big Grin
2014/3/2 20:22:53
WHAT? Targas a default option (instead of making a video, at the the Make Video stage).

The background noise of the traffic is actually slightly too loud, but it works okay because it adds to the joke (another reason she can't hear!). Sometimes it's worth making 2 or 3 versions of a scene with different sound level settings to see which works best. Further to your vid, I would try adding some cars passing by in the background of the garage (especially when the attendant is in shot). Try using the Depth of Field settings to make them defocussed, it'll add more depth and movement (and no one will be able to see that the wheels don't rotate )
2014/3/2 20:13:11
wink? The not breathing bit doesn't work. The characters will stop breathing in preview mode, when you're using the Timeline, but as soon as you make the movie they go back to huffing again. Any matte shots aren't really feasible until this gets fixed.
2014/2/28 12:50:24
Asset Creation as well.
2014/2/26 23:42:02
Asset Creation Yeah, I'm not suggesting Urban become the default place for models or anything, just suggesting her kind of site be an approved download source rather than an upload destination. Leave the poor gal in peace, she's under a lot of snow as it is
2014/2/26 22:19:33
Asset Creation Sets and Costumes are applicable only to Muvizu, so have to be hosted here really.

3D models, on the other hand, (potentially) apply to every 3D package out there (and there's quite a few). How many of those 3D objects do we need to import into our films? All of them (again, potentially). Is it reasonable (or even practical) to expect Muvizu to host all our films AND every 3D object that can be converted into an ASE or FBX file (and then posted on the Asset Gallery)? Nope. You've got sites like ShareCG and Renderosity to do that. I would suggest we have links to user sites like Urban's, who host Muvizu friendly models, as our alternative to 3D assets (all sites only appearing after being checked out by Muvizu HQ, of course). Having said that, Fazz makes a good point Big Grin - be a shame not to have his kind of (mad genius) work so easily and directly accessible (and it is an important part of the Muvizu experience after all)...but we can't just expect everyone who wants to post a model to have to start their own hosting site. Tricky. I dunno, that's all I got
2014/2/26 20:38:13
Fatal Error! Try re-encoding the audio files in different mp3 codecs (they're not all the same). I use the Lame encoder which has never given me any issues, so worth starting there. Also, what frequency/bitrate are you using? Not sure what the limits are within Muvizu, but worth trying other variations. Gotta just keep plugging away at it until it works, I'm afraid
2014/2/26 20:25:06
How Do I... Upgrade your version of Play to Play+, which allows hand held objects.
2014/2/26 20:22:36
Anna and the Robot, a Short Film Aw, that was quite sweet. Very good first attempt - nice one!
2014/2/26 20:14:23
Zombie Philosophy. I like it - he makes some very good points
2014/2/23 0:07:23
WHAT? Matching the volume of your actors to equal the music is essential (yours are quieter). Re-recording the lines multiple times is also recommended, because you can then edit and mix the best takes to get the best result. Ambient noise is also important (so that you don't just drop to silence between lines) - freesound.org is a great place to get background sound for urban settings. Turning down the ambient light and using directional lights would add shadows and depth to your set too. Hope this helps
2014/2/22 23:58:40
Fatal Error! Assuming you've added audio files to your sets, it's most likely some sort of codec issue with the Sony music player software. If you're using mp3 audio files, try using wav files instead to see if it makes a difference. All else fails, uninstall the Sony stuff and see if it works after that. Good luck
2014/2/20 19:31:33
Codec for rendering Unless you can live with a 20 second limit on the shots you can make (due to the 2gb limit of AVI files) then TGA sequences are the best way, I would reckon. Works for me at least
2014/2/20 19:29:15
classic kirk fights. number 1 Bloody bleedin' brilliant Fazz - the modelling was just spot on, and the textures on the Gorn were perfect. 1080 resolution really does make a huge difference - it does kinda make everything look more 'solid', like Toonarama said. More!! Big Grin
2014/2/18 19:57:53
..get Sinister to sit down in the big chair? ukBerty wrote:
Once in place turn the image of the ground plane to "none". My sets are littered with invisible ground planes.

Remember you can set the plane to not be Visible by unchecking the box in the properties window - this means it's visible to you, but not the cameras. Very handy ability, I've found, so you don't lose the planes/boxes/etc you've used to prop up your world
2014/2/16 23:05:50
Wooden Eye - my first Muvizu movie Well done - the first one is always the hardest to put together
2014/2/13 19:47:27
Please allow me to introduce myself It's a known bug, should get fixed in next update (whenever that'll be) and you can usually get around it by deleting the movement block and redoing it.
2014/2/13 19:44:31
Share the love! Well done Woz! Applause
2014/1/30 23:14:09
A List of 3d Animation progams.... primaveranz wrote:
But it is horses for courses, if "cartoony" is what you want then Muvizu is undoubtedly better than Moviestorm.

It's not cartoony I want, it's not looking like the intro movie to a 10 year old game. Even if you can add more lights than I could find a way to, it just lights up the ugly
2014/1/30 21:56:02
A List of 3d Animation progams.... I've used a few of these myself, but I still ended up in Muvizu anyway.

The Movies : Yeah, bit of fun, but it's a very limiting experience. It has a western set, a space set, war set, etc but there's only so many times you can see the same bit of scenery behind a character, from roughly the same angles, with no shadows and poor lighting (which can only be switched between predefined presets) before you get annoyed. If only Lionhead were still around and developed it further, it could've become something really good. There's a good few mods around for it, because it's been around so long, but the look of it is just too...old school.

Poser/Daz : Daz is really good for stills (that's what it's for, after all) and you can import and manipulate stuff easily enough. Don't think I'd be too keen to try to animate anything with it though - moving the models into the right poses is relatively simple, but second guessing where the characters limbs will be when you're trying to make keyframes is tricky (also tricky to describe what I mean - download it, it's free, give it a bash). There is a speech function of sorts in there too, but I've not really tried it yet. Busy

Moviestorm : Only tried this one recently, and like The Movies it's limited, and clunky, and old looking, and the characters all share a flat, robotic quality that I found really distracting and unconvincing (still do). Some bits are really good, like the walking system they use, and the 'rose' selection thing for quick access to the animations, and you can customize it far more than The Movies ever could, but I gave up when I realised I couldn't control the lights (presets again). Apparently you can add one light, but that's all. Nice, but no thanks

Bryce : Okay, not actually an animation package as such, but with a bit of green screen you can put your characters into any landscape you want to make. And it's free.

Muvizu? S'alright, I suppose... Big Grin
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