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2012/6/14 19:10:14
Angles & Measurements & Stuff Hang on, doesn't the angle of curve change depending on which depth you use? Unlinking the scale sliders gives you control of the angle, surely, because it can be made to go flat? Unless I'm imagining it...

Oh, and thanks for that image gimmick, I've been looking for a good floor reference image for a while and this is perfect.
2012/6/13 19:00:07
Random requests! I'm pretty sure that Dreeko means a button on each timeline track which corresponds to it's special menu - clicking on the button for Eyes Look At would take you straight to the Direct Eyes menu, or a button on the Actions track for Direct Actions, etc. Great idea, and there could also be a Prepare button next to Direct where appropriate too.
2012/6/12 19:57:47
Random requests! MrDrWho13 wrote:
I agree with the new camera and camera 1 buttons, what other easy access buttons should we have?

Specifically, I'd vote for a Import Object button. I import a lot of external objects, probably not for everyone, to be fair

Actually, how about a Create Character button, which would create a default character (random types? selectable in options?) so you could populate a scene quickly.
2012/6/11 19:51:36
Muvizu needs you! <sniff>

Yeah, awright. If I must.

2012/6/11 19:48:53
KISS Masks...Help?... You have to use the face mask option in the character editing bit. The default is still George Bush I think, but you can change it to whatever graphic you like.
2012/6/11 19:38:14
ATT: ALL MUVIZU STAFF AND MOGULS!!!! Crazy?! I'm not crazy - the nurse tells me so every morning before the 'treatments' begin
2012/6/10 15:29:18
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) I meant the edit time indicator, bottom right, which tells you where your edit point is. It's important, yet it's the same size as everything else. In my mock up, I increased the size of that too.

Also, the reason I want those bars gone is pretty self evident from the picture, I thought - in my version, you can actually see most of the character you're trying to animate, rather than having her hidden behind the timeline. I just like to be able to see what I'm doing, is all
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2012/6/10 15:08:38
Error on exit Jamie wrote:
Hmm... is there anything else your aware of doing before that you've not done recently? Some ideas might be, edit a character? edit lights? view the timeline? edit cameras? move cameras? change output settings?

Ah, yes, there was one (and only one) difference - the output codec. I was trying the Huffy YUV to keep the file size down, but the output was a bit erratic - coloured blocks and blackouts mostly. And before you ask, no I didn't keep any of it - straight in the digital bin with that lot and changed back to the Intel YUV as per usual. The sets are all set in place now, y'see, can't change a single thing now for continuity reasons. With the iYUV in place, all the sets outputted perfectly (and no crashes after save). Strange.
2012/6/9 21:29:12
Flying simonheffer wrote:
A bit of debris flying pass helps. Try a toned down dust cloud/pyro/sparks.
See Moon Trip

It seems to having gone missing from Muvizu - what's happened chaps? rant

Unless you happen to own the rights to that Deep Purple song, YouTube will remove it from syndication i.e. no external links allowed, therefore it gets removed from Muvizu's gallery. Same thing happened to my Kung Fu International film (twice). So, you'll either have to get the rights, or learn how to play guitar
2012/6/8 22:33:46
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) Okay, been bugging me for ages - can we please get rid of the empty wastes of the grey bars? What do I mean? Have a look at the current timeline :

Now, here's what I'd suggest :

Also think the time indicator should be bigger too. Thoughts?
2012/6/8 20:18:33
HI, EVERYBODY... Howzitgoan bigman

<translation : How do you do, sir>
2012/6/7 22:38:01
Random requests! I second that - I have a similar system of content location (well, you gotta these days, what with the size of video files, textures, etc). It would save a lot of faffing about in Windows.
2012/6/7 20:04:38
Error on exit It is with the set I sent you, but for the full effect you'd need the other 16. Anyway, I spent last night trying to replicate it as I had to load up and render out all my cameras and I couldn't get it to do it - even after loading/using/saving 4 or 5 of the same sets one after the other, I couldn't make it crash again like I did before. I don't understand! Muvizu is toying with me... Hammer Time
2012/6/6 20:36:35
Random requests! Jamie wrote:
Yeah, it's a bit fiddly to use. What if it was consistent? Rather than it automatically trying to adjust for the "recorded" area or zoom level, it always stayed the same?

At the moment, when you click on it, it jumps to somewhere else. As long as it stops doing that, it could be useful. Actually, could it just be attached to the timeline like a handle, and use it to drag the timeline about like that? Just a thought
2012/6/6 20:25:25
Error on exit Jamie wrote:
Does this happen with other set files?
What versions have the sets been saved in? (Go to about, system info and the muvizu tab, theres a save history there)
Does it only happen following these steps?
  • Copy a light
  • Open a new set
  • Paste the light
  • Save the new set
Haven't had time to experiment fully, but I'd say yes, it does sometimes happen that way with other set files. It's just really noticable when it's predictable, I guess. All sets are latest version .20b 64 bit DX9.

As for the steps (it's always an old set of course) I can't seem to replicate it using those...hmm, not sure what I did different.

Anyway, here's my system info.

System information:
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.120330-1504)
DirectX: v10.0
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz
Physical memory: 7.9773 GB (1.0208 GB used)
Virtual memory: 25.9250 GB (748.0313 MB used)
Largest free block: 8181.4004 GB
Page file: 23.9302 GB
Display device #1: \\.\DISPLAY1
Description: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip: GeForce GTS 450
Memory: 4050 MB
Mode: 1024 x 768 (32 bit) (85Hz)
Driver: 8.17.0013.0142
Drive #1: C:
Model: ST3250410AS ATA Device
Capacity: 202375163904
Free: 96875319296
Drive #2: D:
Model: ST3250410AS ATA Device
Capacity: 47577034752
Free: 5079277568
Drive #3: E:
Model: ST3750840AS ATA Device
Capacity: 750153728000
Free: 202030678016
Drive #4: F:
Model: SAMSUNG HD103SJ ATA Device
Capacity: 1000202039296
Free: 654860550144
Drive #5: W:
Using DirectX 9 renderer
Version: MZASS-v0.20b - build: 2012.05.10.01R (64-bit) DX9
No. objects: 90
No. lights: 14
No. cameras: 4
No. effects: 0
No. characters: 3
Undo: 0 undo, 0 redo
Object resources: 89743 objects
Textures: 100.4602 MB
Animation: 766.5938 KB
Other: 35.9673 MB
Total: 137.1675 MB
Scene file: E:\Muvizu Films\SYBD\Sets\Theatre 04 01.set
History: MZASS-v0.12b - build: 2010.08.30.03R
History: MZASS-v0.20b - build: 2012.05.04.01R (64-bit) DX9
History: MZASS-v0.20b - build: 2012.05.10.01R (64-bit) DX9
Running for: 10 minutes, 44 seconds
2012/6/5 16:29:28
Random requests! Jamie wrote:
On the red bar thing, there is a bar to do this, but it's black. It sort of appears and disappears depending on how much "recorded" time there is. How do you guys feel about it?
edited by Jamie on 05/06/2012

There is that black bar, yes, but it always sits at the beginning of it's 'range', and as soon as you click on it you jump back to that point, meaning you now have to drag it back to where you were in the first place, negating it's usefulness completely (especially when zoomed right in). Pulling the timeline left and right is intuitive and simple, and if you want to keep it easy for people, it's the way to go I think.
2012/6/5 16:23:20
Error on exit How to explain this...
I have a set, the theatre, and I have to use umpteen version of it to get around various time/performance issues (discussed in other posts). I had to change a light on each and every one of them, which involved copying the light from the source set, then pasting it into all the other versions. I make the changes, save the set, load up the next one, paste in the light, etc. I realised, after doing this for a while, that I could actually make Muvizu crash by making sure to make saving the set the very last thing I did before loading the next one. If I saved the set, then selected stuff, moved around, etc, then loaded up another one it didn't crash (mostly!). Like I said, not exactly a scientific explanation, but it defintely is repeatable on my machine. And I'm using DX9 for everything at the moment, as I need the speed. And the disappearing character only happens with one instance of the set, none of the 17 other ones. I've sent you (Jamie) an email about that today.

2012/6/4 18:16:48
Error on exit Similar issue here - Win7, all 64 bit. If I save a set just before I load a new one it will give me the Fatal Error! screen about 50% of the time. If I don't save it, the new set loads fine just about every time. Not scientific results exactly, but...
2012/6/4 18:11:59
Random requests! Jamie wrote:
What would you keep from the old one and change on the new one?

Being able to drag the timeline with the red bar, rather than the play marker. I don't need to the animation to run when navigating the timeline, just to be able to find where I am is enough. And, as everyone and their dog has requested, the timeline marks to give you some sense of scale and placement. Can't believe you still haven't put them back in! We need them, really we do.
2012/6/2 19:54:32
Random requests! If I'm not mistaken, Mysto is referring to the versions around 0.15 or 0.16
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