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2017/1/16 23:50:17
Matching Textures with objects theotherguy wrote:
Hi y'all, I have been experimenting with adding textures to walls, etc. I want a special kind of brick texture so I photographed one, opened it in photoshop but then noticed that Muvizu lists the wall texture size as being 1024 x 1024! Is this a constant for all walls? I would like to have some row-houses on one wall as well, it would be tough to make 1024 x 1024 tiles that would look natural, I'd rather just use the actual photo without tiling it, is it possible to make a right-size object to map something long onto it?

you could try using primitive blocks to make your walls. They let you scale the size of your texture
2017/1/16 12:59:50
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. I'm curious to know, how did you measure render speed?
2017/1/16 12:52:58
Help loading video..... I downloaded and installed it, converted a couple of AVIs, but they still wouldn't play on a backdrop for me. The only AVIs that consistently work for me come from Anime Studio.
2017/1/16 12:48:59
Igricheff Welcome to the forum, Igricheff!
Bienvenue sur le forum, Igricheff!
2017/1/16 1:44:24
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. flipthevideoguy wrote:
Just a FYI I bought a Nvidia gtx 1070 and ran muvizu and got a maybe 10-15% better render time last week. Today I tried a Amd Rx480 4Gb version and Wow!!!! 50% better Render and I can do waaaayy more on screen with no slow down!! I have an amd 9590 chip in my asus board with 16 gigs of ram. originally had a gtx 550ti card. Someone try the Rx480 and see if you get the same Improvement i did.

I wonder if the AMD graphics cards work better in machines with an AMD CPU... I put a GTX-1060 in my AMD machine and although I've seen gains, its not nearly what I expected. It's interesting to hear that you got better results with an AMD GPU on your AMD computer. The GTX 1070 is a powerhouse... especially when paired with an I-7 CPU

I may have to check this out....
2017/1/15 20:38:28
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs CloudNinja wrote:
PatMarrNC - thanks for the quick reply. I am seeing the Costumes menu the potato head character but it is not showing that choice of pants ...

I see what you mean, now that I'm at my video computer...

only when I go to the decals tab/uv textures do I see the choice of pants I want. That pic I showed

You're seeing more than I'm seeing! In that area I don't see the picture you posted. But it must be possible. Maybe Jamie could sort this out. I've looked all over and don't see any way to recreate the character in that photo. (and I have all of the add-on packs)

I can't find the top or hat in the photo either. Please report back if you get an answer to this question.

(btw - how do you get the pic to embed in the post instead of having to click on the broken img box? I put in an http:// url...) is from the Chinese history pack in the MZU it can be done


I usually get the photo into PAINT, then select it and copy.... then in the message I PASTE, and the image is embedded.

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2017/1/15 19:20:51
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs CloudNinja wrote:

How do I change a potato head character to have pants from the Chinese History Pack like in the above picture? I've tried changing the "costume/bottom" but it is other pant style (knickers?). Then - as described above in Ikes 18/12/2016 post, I went to the character's "decals" tab/custom texture/UV templates/Asian man - saw the pants that I want ("Legs2") - but it doesn't add those pants to the character?!

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

For some reason, not all of the potato headed characters can use the costumes provided by the add-on packs. I'm not at my video computer at the moment so I can't tell you which ones do... but those that do will have an extra entry in their edit screen, which says COSTUMES. These outfits would be applied through the COSTUMES menu, not the TOP or LEGS menu.

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2017/1/15 19:14:54
Help loading video..... littlegene wrote:
Thank you Pat, by video editor you mean a separate program other than Muvizu ?

Yes. Most of us don't create our videos from start to finish with only the content generated by Muvizu. We shoot a bunch of separate scenes from a variety of camera angles and with different sets, then we use video editing software to make the scenes tidier (remove dead space etc), add special effects, combine the scenes in whatever order we need, add overlays or composite shots.

A video editor like the free version of HitFilm will let you create a 3D layer, apply a video to it (just as you would use a backdrop in Muvizu) then rotate the layer any way you want, animate its location, size, location, color etc, all independently of the rest of the scene. Even if animated backdrops still worked like they did a year ago, doing it in a video editor gives the director more control.

to use this idea, create your video in Muvizu as usual, and have your character respond to the TV as though there is an AVI playing. Then in your video editor, put your AVI on a separate layer, position it over the TV screen, size it to fit, and you'll have the same look.
2017/1/15 19:02:27
Rollin', rollin', rollin' I bow to your genius!

That is some GOOD STUFF to know! Thanks for sharing!

In the course of 2016, the things you discovered and revealed made the biggest impact on my ability to use Muvizu. Thanks for that. Looks like in 2017, we're on the same discovery path!

I wish there was a way we could capture such good info so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Can entries to the WIKI table of contents be linked to pages like this? If so, that would give us a way to make stuff like this easier to find again later.
2017/1/15 17:13:20
Rollin', rollin', rollin' rod, that link is broken. Looks like something extra got inserted that's hidden by HTML formatting (which might explain why the word CAMERA appears to be bold, which doesn't make sense for a link).

Can you repost the link? It looks interesting

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2017/1/15 17:11:32
Help loading video..... I've given up on this problem, and now I do that sort of thing in the video editor. When I first started using Muvizu, any AVI would load onto a backdrop. Then they changed something in the program and only SOME avis would work. So I got a video format conversion utility and tried all of the AVI versions until I found one that worked, and converted all of my AVIs to that format.

Next time they changed Muvizu, that format didn't work either, and I haven't found a replacement format since.

But I've stopped looking. Doing it in the video editor works 100% of the time, and the editor gives me lots of adjustments and keyframing possibilities too.
2017/1/15 17:03:39
Rollin', rollin', rollin' WOWZER! Once again, Ikes, you've shown an amazing ability to think outside the box to solve problems that keep the rest of us confused! This is BRILLIANT, not to mention very easy to learn and do!

How on earth did you ever figure this out???
2017/1/15 2:39:36
TUTORIAL SERIES: SILO to MUVIZU Here's part 2 from the SILO to MUVIZU series. The first tutorial showed how to extract geometry from one of the base characters in OBJ format, and turn it into a collar for a civil war uniform. It ended by saving the collar in OBJ format.

This tutorial picks up where that one ended and shows how to convert the OBJ to FBX, using Blender. It also shows a little more information about UV Mapping that you might find useful.

2017/1/15 1:02:11
Anyone recommend good editing software? software preference is such an individual choice, advising people what software to use is much like telling them what condiments to put on their sandwiches. I guess the best advice is to use whatever software makes the most sense to you.
2017/1/15 0:59:02
Need help for african village and caracter the next question is "what modelling software should I use?" and nobody can really answer that question for you. Research online and watch youtube videos about the products that look interesting. Then read everything in the muvizu WIKI about creating 3D assets. There's a lot to learn, especially if you're starting from scratch.

But some people enjoy the modelling as much as the animating. Each person has to carve out his own niche.

There are so many free sets, most new users could probably use them for years before they had to create something new.
2017/1/14 12:42:26
sale on Silo 2.3.1 @ Ritsmer & Chaver: You're quite welcome. (seems kind of pointless to create stuff then not share it. )
More to come, as time allows.
2017/1/14 12:39:07
Another first-timer - Music vid at "Sleazy's" rollasoc wrote:
I've done FAWM for the last three years. This year will be tricky, since I'm photographing a wedding, so the week or so afterwards will be editing and not much time for music. 50/90 seems too much work for me.

all right! Another creative kindred spirit! Welcome to the forum, and I look forward to seeing your work and interaction here!

When videos contain original music, it always ramps up my appreciation level considerably!
2017/1/14 12:36:46
Another first-timer - Music vid at "Sleazy's"
@Pat I normally take part in two online songwriting events each year - FAWM (February Album Writing Month) and 50/90 (which runs through the summer)

I've been on music forums since the 90s but somehow I've resisted the urge to try FAWM or 50/90. But, there's still time...

and I've found that people there also tend to be creative across multiple media (lyricists are often wannabe novelists; a lot of the musicians dabble in video) - it must be a trait of the amateur creative.

I have observed the same thing in all of the creative forums I frequent

This community is a little less active than the songwriting ones (probably due to the relative work involved in producing something finished), but it seems to have the same level of camaraderie. Looking forward to getting more involved.

I attribute that to the fact that DAWS became widespread 20 years ago, but affordable animation software is a fairly recent development. Therefore the music groups have had more time to build a user base. Also, this forum represents users of ONE animation software package, whereas FAWM and 50/90 are populated by a cross section of all DAW software users.

and yeah, I encourage you to get involved in the Muvizu community. Fresh new ideas are good for everybody.
2017/1/13 17:18:07
Another first-timer - Music vid at "Sleazy's" we've recently noticed that it seems to be the norm rather than the exception that people who are drawn to animation are also musicians (or at least artists in other media)

So, based on your self-description, I'd say you found a forum full of kindred spirits. We're like you, fascinated by possibilities, and excited about learning how to actualize our ideas with multiple tools and talents
2017/1/13 17:14:10
Customize caracter
Can someone help me customize a character with a long dress and braids ??
Thank you

the only native MUVIZU characters with a long dress are MANDY and the girl in the South Asian pack (which is an extra purchase). given the photo, a texture could probably be created for either of the dresses.

The braids would be more of a challenge. You might be able to find a 3d character on one of the online download sites that has hair that would work, and copy-paste the hair to make an attachment. All that depends on whether you can model.
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