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2017/3/16 20:38:05
Help loading video..... FWIW, Comictude.. making sure we're on the same page... I don't think HitFilm generates AVI output that will play on a Muvizu backdrop. (At least, I've never gotten that to work)

I think what UKBerty is advocating is putting video on a layer in HitFilm, then sizing the layer to fill the same visual space that a backdrop would have filled in Muvizu.

disadvantage: you don't get the visual feedback while you're working in Muvizu

advantage: You have more control of positioning and effects in the final stage of production, when you are more likely to want to tweak stuff. To whatever extent you can push stuff out to HitFilm, you gain editing control.

Hope that makes sense.
2017/3/15 20:10:35
Struck by a lightning gatosencarnaval wrote:
I'm trying to do one of my characters was struck by a lightning. He's dancing (in the rain) and I've thought I could paralyse him in his previous posture and paint him black, but I don't know if paralysing a character in the middle of a movement is possible. Does somebody know how do it?

Here are a couple of things you might try:

prepare character actions > sci-fi > electric shock


right click on character > edit > effects > body > electric shock

if you want him to look charred afterwards, you could create a blackened skin texture, then keyframe it:

prepare character properties > pick character from list > track: custom texture > animation: keyframed (or directed)

you could also put the skeleton in the same place as your character and toggle their visibility to get the classic cartoonish "see the skeleton while being shocked" effect

None of that will paralyze the character, but if you keyframe the texture change to take place while he's writhing around, when he stops I think your audience will get the idea.

If you absolutely need him to freeze, using a stop frame in your video editor is probably the easy way to do it.

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2017/3/15 18:37:24
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... good looking plane interior Witchy! I can use that! Thanks for helping to make the forum such a fun and collaborative place!

I think that one of Muvizu's marketplace advantages is its large collection of free assets. I haven't found that to be the case with the other animating software I've bought. The extra content provides new users with so many directions to go that they can hit the ground running right away! Some users might never need to create their own assets since so many common elements are already available.

Thanks for helping to build our asset base!
2017/3/15 0:14:05
Making ASE export work in Milkshpae or Blender FWIW... I've been experimenting with Milkshape's ASE export. it is WAY faster than Sketchup, but it has some peculiarities that sketchup's ASE doesn't have.

MilkShape's ASE files can only have one material, whereas Sketchup's can have many.

Milkshape's texture must be applied from within Milkshape, even if the OBJ was imported and it already had a texture. Sketchups will read the MTL file and use the texture that was applied in another program if one exists.

but given the speed difference, people who like ASE format might want to give Milkshape a look. It also exports FBX export, so its one of the few inexpensive modelling apps that supports bOTH of the formats used by Muvizu.

ASE has become worth lookig at again now that Rod Silva's multimesh animation opens new possibilities, and it only works with ASE...
2017/3/14 23:59:20
Lobby Cam, Chapter One 14 minutes! Man, that takes some dedication! Interesting story so far, but a little hard to follow , given your non-chronological approach and gradual revelation of key information. Good use of existing sets, and I like your use of the cat!

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the story!
2017/3/14 13:04:20
Adding My Face DougBailey wrote:
Yes, thanks.

The one where he put the face on didn't work out too well.

both videos rely on the same principle, but in the one that didn't work, the guy who made the video bypassed the UVMap to make it look easy. The UVMap provides lines like a coloring book. Color inside the lines and the texture will be applied to the right place on the character.

I think the UVMap will do it.
indeed, it's always useful to have guidelines...

Is it possible to put a box or tin or maybe 3D Vector drawing from Photoshop over the stick figure using UVMap?

That would be huge.

I answered this question in error yesterday, but that reply has vanished, so let's try again. UVMaps just let you "color" the character's existing shape (to create clothes or a new skin).

If you want to change the shape of a character by adding a box or other geometry , that is done by importing 3D objects to replace hair, eyes, hat etc. Check the WIKI for more information on importing models, its too much information to put in a forum message.

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2017/3/13 17:36:35
Adding My Face have you watched this one yet?

Or this one?

things that might mess you up:
1) It helps to use an editor with layers so you can position your texture over top of the template as a guide
2) applying 50% transparency to the layer lets you see both template and texture at the same time
3) remember to set the opacity back to 100% before saving the texture with your face on it
4) save as PNG or TGA because those formats support transparency

If you run into trouble, report back with details of what you did so far, and what result it yielded in Muvizu. We'll go from there.
2017/3/12 15:50:48
"OUTSIDE THE BOX" CHALLENGE! due to the upcoming PASSION contest and their mini "make your own superhero" contest, I'm postponing this contest
2017/3/11 13:08:52
From the Mind of Some Guy Named Rob ]I[ sgnrmedia wrote:
So I've been working on adding a little more variety into things for my micro video blog.

Threw in a third camera angle, and a couple cross fades to mix in with the hard cuts.

Let me know what you think

Variety is generally good. The million dollar questions are: what kind of variety? And how to introduce it? I'm sure there are as many opinions as there are people, but here's mine:

You are dealing in two distinct things, and each has its own sweet spots and pitfalls. The first thing is humor. On one hand, humor fits well in any environment... even a sound-only environment like radio. That's because humor is all about nuance... choice of words, length of pause... tone of voice etc. You might be limiting your effectiveness in that sweet spot by using a synthetic voice, because it inherently strips out all of the human nuance and replaces it with monotone... which is the opposite of variety. On the other hand, there is something funny about hearing rants in an emotionless delivery. So... you have creative control. You get to make the artistic decision about how to best serve the needs of your material.

The other thing is the visual medium of video. Video lets your material appeal to a whole new set of audience sensibilities. Or not. Anybody who has been to church knows that watching a person lecture is not particularly exciting. Watching an animated person lecture... is that more interesting? Or less? No doubt there will be people on both sides of that opinion. In general, I think it would be a better use of video to ILLUSTRATE what you are talking about, rather than just showing an animated character talk about it. (However, given the content of this vlog, I have to wonder how that would have worked out....) ;-)

But it takes time to create a bunch of sets that illustrate the many points you make in one of these vlogs, and that would dramatically impact your ability to generate new content every day. Also, there's no doubt that running a text script through a synthetic voice is faster than recording your own voice... and in the world of vlogging, the ability to keep generating content is the main goal.

To summarize: quality video takes time, but successful vlogging needs fresh content delivered on a regular basis. I think your current paradigm is good for a vlog, but by all means, to whatever extent possible, add variety. There is so much truly interesting content on youtube that its hard to hold an audience's attention. Click-away rates are high even for the best material. There is probably a golden balance of quality vs quantity that spells success in the vlogosphere, and finding that balance is where you are right now.

Vloggers (like Joe Rogan) and comedians (like all of them) rely heavily on their personality for audience appeal. So, one question to ask is whether or not an animated dialog presents your personality well enough to get subscribers to your channel.

Bottom line: you are onto something here. Tweak it and market it.

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2017/3/10 19:30:10
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... I see that was your first post, Ammostro! Welcome to the forum! And you are entering with a bang, too! Your airport looks very cool! I'm sure a lot of people will find a way to use it! On behalf of all of us, I thank you!
2017/3/10 14:43:05
Where Do Babies Come From (First Muvizu Video) here is a tutorial on lighting that isn't part of the standard Muvizu set.. it was created by a user:

2017/3/10 14:09:55
Multimesh animation Rodrisilva wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
After messing with this for the past few days, I realize that the way I was hoping to use it isn't going to work. I wanted to use it in attachments, but when loading attachments you don't get the option to pick how alpha texture is treated.

I tried that before. Impossible in attachments what is bad.
Unfortunately FBX format can't handle the problem too.

One workaround might be to turn off parts of a new character's body, then make a standalone model to fill the cavity. You can do this if "can be stood on" is turned off for the model.

This works in situation where the character doesn't have to walk, such as a musician playing an instrument.
2017/3/10 14:04:33
"OUTSIDE THE BOX" CHALLENGE! OK, we haven't had a contest in a while. I think Rod Silva's multimesh texture animation idea is very exciting and full of potential, and it would be cool to see how many ways people can incorporate the idea into a project!

But there are other cool "outside the box" approaches many of you are using with Muvizu too... green screen, merging Muvizu with live footage, combining other animation tools with Muvizu etc.. maybe a lot more!

Let's showcase some of these concepts with a contest. (Well.. a challenge might be a better word since past contests have shown me how problematic it can be to award prizes. ). Maybe we can set up a vote at the end so people can vote on their favorite.

END DATE: Sunday MAY 28 at midnight USA west coast time. (UTC - 8)

LENGTH : no length requirement, just so it's long enough to illustrate whatever technique you used.

GENRE: Open. Your video can be a story or just a demo. The only requirement is that it utilizes one of many "outside the box" techniques in the Muvizu environment.

For those who may want to test the waters with Rod's multi-mesh concept, I recommend that you read thru the following threads for info on how Rod did it. You'll need that plus lots of experimentation to duplicate his results:

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2017/3/10 13:08:46
Multimesh animation After messing with this for the past few days, I realize that the way I was hoping to use it isn't going to work. I wanted to use it in attachments, but when loading attachments you don't get the option to pick how alpha texture is treated.
2017/3/10 12:58:49
Where Do Babies Come From (First Muvizu Video) congratulations on the completion of your first Muvizu video, Th3betacat! It was a little bit goofy, but I think that was by design, so "mission accomplished" ;-)

You used lots of interesting techniques in your first video.... I liked the way you incorporated the screen capture of the search for where cat babies come from. And I also thought that it was a logical and funny conclusion since you had already established that character's affinity for cats, and his cluelessness.

No shame in using stock scenes.. we all do it! Why reinvent the living room when there's already one available?

OK, you mentioned the time it took to make this video.... probably about a week of work for every minute of final output. (4 weeks > 4 minutes). At this point you might be thinking that with practice you can get that ratio down.

But in my opinion, that's the wrong goal. ... your goal is to keep having fun with Muvizu, and don't worry about how long it takes to get the story and quality you want. In the final analysis, people won't know if your video was created quickly, they'll only know if it's good or if it sucks. Taking whatever time is necessary to make it good is the approach that will make this hobby satisfying.

Congratulations on overcoming all of the learning curves that are necessary to complete a story in Muvizu! I look forward to seeing more work from you!

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2017/3/10 12:32:21
Come along mrmuviz wrote:
Guitar solo with the lens flare was my favorite part.
Well done!

yeah! I liked that too! Your ability to anticipate visuals that have impact and then make them happen is a great gift, Ikes!
2017/3/9 15:41:27
Making ASE export work in Milkshpae or Blender Now that RodriSilva has presented such a good idea that requires ASE format, I'm finding that the Sketchup exporter takes wayyyy too long. I know that Blender has an ASE exporter and so does Milkshape. I have both programs, and I have the ASE plugin installed for Blender, but I can't get either program to export an ASE that will successfully load into Muvizu.

If anybody out there is using either of these programs to generate ASE files, please explain step by step how to do it. I must be missing a step . What I've been doing is to import an OBJ file that I modelled in Silo, then I highlight it and immediately try to export to ASE. If there are any other things that also need to be done, I'll need a heads-up!

Thanks in advance to anyone who knows the secret and is willing to share it!
2017/3/8 15:01:27
From the Mind of Some Guy Named Rob II you raise some good points about the conflicting goals of feminism. Contrary to the one quote, I fear that some variants of the movement have indeed become a stick to beat and subjugate with.

This is more than a fun and amusing vlog.. I think it is a topic that spreads out in so many directions that the web is saturated with conflicting opinions. Many young men, feeling trapped by laws that neuter them in divorce court are responding by opting out of marriage altogether (search MGTOW). Long term results of that can't be good, except for the fact that it will result in less population growth.

If you're thick skinned enough to take the heat, you have a viable way to put your opinions out there. Be forewarned that expressing any opinion automatically alienates about half your potential audience. ;-)

Interesting stuff. I look forward to seeing your vlog take shape.
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2017/3/8 14:48:24
Come along ikes wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
what action did you use for the conga player, using his hands to play the drum?

Hi Pat,

It's the action under boardroom, drum hands or something.

2017/3/8 0:39:05
Come along what action did you use for the conga player, using his hands to play the drum?
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