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2015/11/10 9:31:28
aaaaaaaaargh! help! Same Issue here after upgrading to Ver 1.6 of play+ I cant open my sets even the ones downloaded from the Muvizu Store, I have already open a support Ticket no luck yet Hopefully you guys fix this bug asap so we can continue with the projects in process
edited by Decent on 10/11/2015
2015/11/9 17:07:05
African Village Set Wanted Rebel wrote:
Sorry, haven't been around much as I've had a lot of work on and I have only just seen this post. Not sure if this helps Decent but I have an unfinished set from last year that I called "Jungle Clearing", it has some clothing that I designed, here are some screen shots:-

Wonderful Rebel This woild certainly add value to my project please sent the link for download!
2015/10/28 16:12:23
African Village Set Wanted Thanks ukBerty and drewi , the simpler the better pleas upload drewi so i can test it out
2015/10/28 11:03:57
African Village Set Wanted I am working on a series of African village shorts I need a complete African village set and custom textures for african clothing as well as a few domestic animals where possible, looking forward to fruitful response
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