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2016/7/6 15:16:23
New South Asian character pack available! Helpful criticism is beneficial when we are always looking for ways to make our animations stand out from the cookie cutter character look. I like to be able to have choices even though I am not ready to use them all, it is still nice knowing that there are more options then just the "same old thing", or looking like I am copying something from someone else.

I, too, appreciate all that Muvizu keeps adding, and that there are others here who are able to create so many new things for us to have access to. I have no intention of purchasing the South Asian pack at this time because there are no ideas that come to mind when I see them. Perhaps it is because I know little of that culture right now. I love anime, and was thinking, about how I could use the characters in some anime styled videos, and right away I felt I would need to design some clothes because the choices are limited. I also would want different hair styles available.

Having more Asian animators, as well as animators from other countries here would be beneficial to us, especially if they voiced what they would like to see in the studio for their styles of animation. Hopefully, more people voicing what they would like to see will get more user friendly results, and I am sure there are people who do not mind purchasing sets, or characters they will use in place of monthly fees to have access to Muvizu.
2016/7/6 14:57:54
Finger Pistols Crack ups ( Ground joke) I love to start my day laughing! It is always better than by listening to the news! Nice joke!!!
2016/7/6 0:14:35
Gorilla Film Makers Course for FREE Maybe I should have spelled it Guerrilla instead of Gorilla. I guess they both can beat things up. I use help and YT videos when I am on Hit Film. I am still managed to mess up my contest entry, but part of that is because I need to remake something in Muvizu and can not edit it right in HF4. Oh well, that being said I am done with that entry. I need to learn more!

Maybe you need to load them as composite shots? Can you check load media, and then ctrl click on the shots you want in the file they are stored in and then "open" the file? Maybe if you add a whole file at one time it uses it as image sequence?

Since I have the new computer HF does not freeze as much. I am sure they have a tutorial to help you.
2016/7/5 23:43:31
Gorilla Film Makers Course for FREE PatMarrNC wrote:
"Gorilla" film makers?


It is a nice name for a studio! LOL, maybe I could have used a better title here. Go ape for this gorilla course!
2016/7/5 20:24:19
Gorilla Film Makers Course for FREE The folks at HitFilm have had a link to this course on their website for a few days. Whether you use the free or a paid version of HF, or just want to explore it more, please consider taking this 4 week class. It looks like you can work it around your schedule, and that would be great. What would be even better is having some people from this forum taking it at the same time, so we can help each other. Hey, I might be able to help!!! (I read what you were thinking, before you even thought it.)

Here is the link:

Let me and everyone else reading this if you signed up. Oh it starts on August 8.
2016/7/4 20:53:03
Finally got my first Muvizu video done That was totally amazing. I think the Guess Who would like to see that if any of them are still around. I searched to find my answer online and it seems 2 of the original members still tour and play. The bass player is 70 years old and from the review I read, he is excellent.

Thanks for all the effort you put into your video. It just shows more of what Muvizu can do, and adds to the variety. For your first one it is definitely a feast for the visual experience.
2016/7/4 20:37:19
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater PatMarrNC wrote:
clayster2012 wrote:
Rocque wrote:

Note to Clayster: 5 minutes to create your set? When you have some spare time, can you make some tutorials on your set making magic?

Ok what kind of tutorial would you like to see?

I guess the next question would be: "and in what modelling app?" since the step by step procedures would be different depending on what program you're using.

For me, a generic description of what needs to be done just doesn't cut it.. I need step by step "click this button then select that option..." instructions.

Milkshape is free, and it has an ASE export capability, and I know you use that app quite a bit... so I vote that if you ever make a tutorial , you should make it with Milkshape in mind.

If there were tutorials by you, Clayster, I would get that program, and the price of Milkshape sounds great to me. I am not sure if my mind can hold one more thing of new knowledge right now, but just knowing that there would be some step by step help in the future would be something to look forward to.

I am like Pat when it comes to learning. I need baby steps and each step shown or I get lost very easily. I am losing count of how many times I have watched the Muvizu tutorials. I am very glad they are available, and with the added ones on YouTube, I am getting by. I am also glad there is pause, back up, and start over available on those.
2016/7/4 13:40:11
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Clayster2012 wrote:
I have mentioned that I would extend the due date if i have to, I wont settle with just three submissions or less, so if its more time we need, then I will add another three weeks, this should give everybody a chance to enter.

Thanks for adding more time to the deadline, but I need to finish what I am working on this week, so that I can prepare for going back to work. However it is still great that you are allowing more time.I have decided to change the last part of my entry so that the title and ending credits fit into the allotted 3 minute time rule. Later on I will make a follow up using the characters, and hope that it will be funny, too.

The largest fear when making a comedy is that no one will laugh, or have your same sense of humor. It will be interesting to see the humor in my entry. There, that was my trailer.

The edited part: I did some changing around and got up super early to finish my entry. It looks good on a smaller viewer, but when I have it full size certain parts need some adjusting, so it looks like I will make the time that it is due and be about 4 seconds short of the 3 minute mark. Woo Hoo.
edited by Rocque on 05/07/2016
2016/7/4 13:30:10
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater Both of the cinemas look fantastic. Clayster's has the characters in line and that is a nice addition to the scene. They are both very nostalgic looking because where I live you either buy your tickets online, or at an ATM looking device outside the theater or inside if you want to actually buy from a real live person. It has been a long time since I have seen a ticket seller outside a cinema. I imagine that some never will and wonder why it is there in your scene. Hopefully they will find out the history behind having the ticket seller outside. The Pantages Theater in Hollywood still has that old time feel to it (or at least it did the last time I was there to see a play).

Your sets remind me of a time when life was less threatening, and going to see a movie was more fun. I look forward to seeing what you create with the set.

Note to Clayster: 5 minutes to create your set? When you have some spare time, can you make some tutorials on your set making magic?
2016/7/4 0:06:55
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) I have spent most of the day fine tuning the first part and it comes to 2 minutes and 12 seconds without a title clip or credits. I still wanted to add a lot, so am rethinking what I can do. I could end it there, and maybe I will. I could always add more parts to it later. The main thing is to enter, right?
2016/7/3 19:42:01
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) The deadline is fast approaching and I have some questions about video lengths. Does the 3 minute time limit include the final credits?
I will have something to enter hopefully, and it is about 1/2 full, so I think the worst part is over (being optimistic here). I am at about the 1:30 minute limit or maybe closer to 2 right now, and have not even started my final "tie it all together" ending, so now time is becoming a crucial factor.

This contest has definitely increased my knowledge of Muvizu and HitFilm4 Express, so I thank you for hosting it Clayster, and all those who encouraged him.
2016/7/3 15:31:15
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater This is another interesting topic, but the link Ziggy supplied is not working for me. I get an error page. When I take out the period at the end I go to Google results and that leads me to the set. Yay. Perseverance and animating go hand in hand.

Here is the link if those reading in the future want to go directly to the set.
2016/7/2 13:42:35
El reten alcoholimetro I watched your video and even though I do not speak Spanish, I can read some of it. I think people who speak the language would really enjoy your video. The scenes were very well made and the transitions were very smooth. I missed the very ending part due to the language barrier. I liked how you were able to have the YouTube video added to yours.

Thanks for sharing.
2016/6/30 2:19:09
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) PatMarrNC wrote:
5. Videos must be submitted no later than midnight July 13th 2016,

just a reminder... this is two weeks away

No Pressure! Right? I will have something, but need about a month more. I wanted to enter so I could learn more about how to use Muvizu, and I am learning a whole lot, so glad I decided to enter or I might not be using Muvizu at all right now. It is summer time, and NO WORK right now. YAY. So I am hoping to finish before I go back to work on July 11. Like I said. No Pressure.
2016/6/29 14:14:11
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting Thanks for all of the offers for help. You are all amazing. It sounds like you have a great set up for recording, Marc. I will see if keeping it simple works, but it is great to know there are alternatives should they be necessary. One of my friends where I live has a recording studio of sorts in her house, too, since she and her husband are both song writers/musicians. I could probably ask her for help if needed, but she keeps crazy working mom and musician hours, and finding time might be difficult due to her schedule.

Thanks again everyone for the alternatives.
2016/6/28 22:39:05
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting Maybe I will just send my voice recordings to you first, Pat, so you can see if they are okay. I wear hearing aids so am not always sure how my recordings are after I submit them. I seem to always be using the amplify feature and have my speakers turned up. I am the victim of too many ear infections and too much time in water having fun. I tired ear surgery but it did not make things better, it added nerve damage.
I learned my lesson about having surgeries.

I have constant ringing in my ears so do not know if that is in the recordings or not. Crazy, huh?
2016/6/28 22:28:01
Muvizu rocks Yes, Jerry, thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum. Your animations look great!
2016/6/28 14:24:05
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting clayster2012 wrote:
Thanks Rocque, oh and I got your audio files, and if you want, i would like for you to be Jamie jane, and if you do when i get to her scene, Ill send you the scripts.

Jamie Jane it is. Just let me know when you need it.

Since there was the discussion on the microphone, is mine okay? I know I could invest in an upgrade, but I would rather not if it is not necessary.
2016/6/28 4:57:30
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting The scenes are incredible. This is getting better and better. I just know it is going to be a lot of fun to watch.
2016/6/27 1:52:10
Hello from SoCal PatMarrNC wrote:
Rocque... you are a sailor? Very cool! Tell us about your craft.... do you sail alone? Do you talk like a pirate? Do you fish?

Enquiring minds, you know the drill.... ;-)

Oh, and what other interesting hobbies do you have?

One day I will make a video of my time at sea. Seriously though I just sailed for fun, and the largest sail boat I ever owned was only 14 ft. in length, and I sailed around Long Beach, CA. It was a lot of fun. I really did not know what I was doing until a person from the Netherlands went sailing with me, and I thought for sure I would never see land again. Even in a 14 ft. sailboat you learn a lot of respect for the ocean, and how fickle the wind can be. I would never claim to be anything other than a novice sailor.

Now I spend time kayaking in a nearby lake that most people would call a pond because it is so small, and even more time working on my latest animation and getting to know how to use Muvizu, HitFilm, and Gimp.

Yarr, and shiver me timbers will ye now, that be all fer this time, the tide is turning and I best be off before some scalawag decides to break out the yard arms. HA!
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