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2016/6/20 3:28:20
How do I transition over to a new computer? I am the proud owner of an Intel i7-6700 CPU @3.40 GHz, 8.00 Ram ( I am not sure if I will need more than that yet), the 64-bit OS, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 and an Intel(R) HD Graphics 530. It should help make Muvizu and other sites work better for me.

I just went into the program files on my laptop and copied Muvizu over. Maybe it will work. I need to bring my sets over, too.
2016/6/20 0:27:08
How do I transition over to a new computer? Yay, I did it. I received a bonus on my day job, and used it to get a graphics friendly computer. Hopefully the days of 50 minutes to render 15 seconds will be gone now. That is the good part.

The bad part is that I need to get all my files over to the new computer and get Muvizu to recognize that I have really paid for my subscription. Maybe I should put in a support ticket for the second part. Some of you have been here for a long time. What did you do when you upgraded your computer?
2016/6/20 0:22:50
Is there a way to add text to characters in Muvizu Now I have two different ways to try. I know I can get speech bubbles in Microsoft. I am going to attempt making them using GIMP and see what happens. I am really a basic GIMP or any other photo editing user, so it will be fun to learn something new.

I looked at HitFim4 Express and did not see any speech bubbles available. Maybe they are there but they are not in the tutorials.

Thanks again for your help.
2016/6/19 20:26:22
Is there a way to add text to characters in Muvizu urbanlamb wrote:
I use a video editor and add speech bubbles that way when I put my video together i make blank speech bubbles and position them where I want and then in another 3rd layer I type the text and arrange it so it fits in the bubble.

Thanks for answering my question, urbanlamb. What editor do you use to add the speech bubbles? It seems I lack the right editing tools to do everything in one place right now.
2016/6/19 17:28:16
Is there a way to add text to characters in Muvizu I see that Clayster has mastered adding text to his animations. I am working on an entry to the competition, and want to add speech bubbles and text, but so far my searching has not produced any help. I hope if you are successful with doing this that you will share how you do it.
Thanks in advance.
2016/6/18 2:53:38
Coming Soon 2016 Thank you MDW13. I appreciate the link, too. I know I have messed up my backdrop by not knowing the aspect ratio. This will help.
2016/6/17 3:20:14
Coming Soon 2016 ziggy72 wrote:
Yup, looks really good. Your backdrop is a little warped - I always 'compress' my skydome picture vertically in photoshop because Muvizu stretches it out to fit (so it evens out in the finished shot and helps to avoid those kind of distortions). Incidentally, the ideal dimensions for the skydome sky are :

W = 2048
H = 512

If you reduce the width to 1024 and duplicate it you end up with a reasonably 'flat' looking sky. So, what happens now on the planet?

What does this mean? What is skydome? Is this something I should know if I am attempting to work with photographs in my background shots?
2016/6/15 14:09:06
Coming Soon 2016 This looks great, alquimista. I saw your work on the other thread and your website definitely shows you are a highly talented artist. Your set is very creative and if this is just the beginning for you, we have a lot to look forward to in the future. Thanks for the sneak preview, and let us know if you need help staying motivated.
2016/6/15 4:30:44
Coming Soon 2016 I guess I should pay attention to what page the discussion is on before replying. I was too impressed with the scene and had no idea what is was for.

Here is the link to some nice renderings from The Green Mile movie.

The image above is one of the renderings. Maybe you can see the similarity. However Ziggy's is so close to the picture that it is worthy of awe on his crafting skills.
2016/6/14 4:10:57
An idea for a contest This is turning out to be quite the discussion and build up to the actual event. It is funny that you should choose comedy, since you have a great sense of humor Clayster. I am not sure why that is funny, but it just seemed like something appropriate to add to the discussion.

MDW13 not being creative? Now that is not funny! I am surrounded by pure genius on this forum, and hope that I can steal some of everyone's creative abilities. I am wondering what will happen when the competitive mindsets kick in. The results should be amazing.

Get well soon Clayster, and we look forward to your event.
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2016/6/14 3:14:39
Coming Soon 2016 ziggy72 wrote:
Thanks, but it's a comfy chair, honest Big Grin Yeah, the straps have been tough to make, then even tougher to warp into a shape that looks half natural. Had to though, the Sketchup ones I had before looked like ass, and ruined the whole vibe. I think the box on the wall is a circuit breaker or something - dunno, I just copied the photos taken on the morning of the execution.

I am not sure what execution you watched, but it reminds me of that Tom Hanks movie, The Green Mile. That one guard even looks like Tom Hanks, well sort of. It is a great set, and I can not wait to see how you create a great comedy with it. Ewwwww.
2016/6/11 1:17:44
An idea for a contest I should have more time in another 10 days or so, and might enter something depending on the challenge. Is it okay if we have a date where entries are not accepted before, so I do not see the really good ones show up before I even start and decide not to enter since it would be too embarrassing? LOL. For example entries are accepted for a 24 hour period starting on the day before the last day?
2016/6/10 14:33:29
An idea for a contest I like the Star Trooper idea. I might enter depending on the dates of the competition and whether or not I could actually complete something that actually worked. The only reason I would enter is because it would force me to start and finish something.
2016/6/10 14:20:08
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" clayster2012 wrote:
Rocque wrote:
If you pick the worst entry I will enter the contest. HA. The person voted least likely to succeed, or the most likely to be swinging from a tree at sunset.

Congratulations Clayster. You definitely have helped me feel comfortable on this forum and you wear the new title well. Woo Hoo. I hope you have fun at the initiation and watch out for the mechanical bull, and all the other bull.

thanks Rocque, well the mechanical bull is broken, yea the last guy who rode it barfed all over it, and it shorted!

I guess that explains the new color of the mechanical bull. I thought it was just photo shopped to make it look that way. It had that color of cooked beetroot. I was thinking maybe they used the powered beetroot and it was the not given before the bull riding. However, I just heard the rumors and managed to find a few photos of the mogul initiation ceremony. Once your blue avatar turns purple then we might imagine more.
2016/6/10 0:48:48
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" If you pick the worst entry I will enter the contest. HA. The person voted least likely to succeed, or the most likely to be swinging from a tree at sunset.

Congratulations Clayster. You definitely have helped me feel comfortable on this forum and you wear the new title well. Woo Hoo. I hope you have fun at the initiation and watch out for the mechanical bull, and all the other bull.
2016/6/9 2:01:51
Competition? I would watch what others make. I like the challenge idea, since there are all stages of animators here. It would be intimidating to enter something other than for the purpose of improving my skills using Muvizu. I hope some of the veteran users would enjoy participating so those of us who are newer could learn from them.
2016/6/8 1:13:20
O verdadeiro herói 2 - Todos Episódios This is awesome. Very scary. However I do not speak the language, but I could tell what it was about for the most part. Excellent work.
2016/6/7 4:16:54
Improved Karaoke music video! theotherguy wrote:
As far as backdrops go, if you have a decent video editor that uses layers it's surprisingly straightforward. I use Vegas Pro and if you take a full-resolution screenshot and import it into photoshop you can do what you want with it, save as a .PNG file (which has a transparent background) and overlay it on your scene, which is what I did in the video. Your characters would be in a higher layer so they would be able to walk in front of the imported layer.

I have just started experimenting with layers using the free HitFilm 4 Express, and with the help of this forum am able to see what you are talking about here. I can see the transparent background where I have my main character who will stand in front of a setting after I add something to make the background.

Questions: Did you include any background when you are made your characters in Muvizu for this video? It seems that you knew what you wanted to import them in front of so filming the character actions and syncing the lyrics must have been done in Muvizu. When did you add the character in front of the main action? Was that a bus driver? And, how many cameras did you use to film this?

I hope you do not mind all the questions.
2016/6/6 14:27:32
Improved Karaoke music video! I like the changes. The bus to nowhere reminds me of living in Hawaii, where the bus drivers always got in accidents, or what seemed random to me would say this is the last stop, and you would be in nowhereland. So riding the bus there was an adventure. I did not see the ammo box. The credits flew by. Does anyone really read credits? I do, so they could have been a bit slower.

I will leave it to the experts to comment on the technical stuff, but I think you had a lot of add-ons to make this a fun video to watch. It was definitely one of a kind with the personal touch to the musicians, and personalization (spell check says this is not a word, so I will leave it) of the buses.
2016/6/5 21:45:26
Depth of field and layers I will try it again to see. Maybe the file size is too large to load all the layers. I will attempt it once more since I have HF4E open and then edit this.
Now I feel stupid. It worked today, or now. Thank you for your reply. Now I need to figure out what to do with them. LOL. This will be interesting.

For anyone else who runs into this situation. I am not sure what happened yesterday, but now I import one folder at a time as an image sequence and it is working. I think that the 15 seconds might be too much of a time length to edit but once I have them all loaded in I will experiment with it. If I discover anything exciting I will share it.
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