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2016/12/8 14:01:45
Long Dresses, No Slit These are great, Pat! Thank you so much for sharing them. I can not believe it is December 8 already and I have 0 created for the Dec. 18 deadline. I will see if I can get my Christmas idea done sometime before the 25th, but my work schedule and get up in the morning schedule are very limiting for Muvizu creating time, as you saw in my sample disaster film in this topic.
2016/12/6 17:11:35
Long Dresses, No Slit You can see how out of practice I am by this quick video I loaded just to test the long dress.
I think I need to revisit all the tutorials, and how to export the correct size from HitFilm.
Maybe I will wait until summer to start over.

I am sharing this so you can see that what you made does have possibilities, but then you all ready knew that, Pat.

Thanks for the long dress. Are we able to modify it in any way? I mean as far as colors.
For background characters or to set the mood in a scene it is great. It reminds me of the Christmas Carolers you see pictures of.

It is a shame that people would be ultra critical of your attempt for FREE. I like the character and you can see the limitations in the test, but they are easy work arounds for me, once I figure out what I am doing again. Even though I really never was that proficient to begin with. HA.
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2016/12/5 2:26:43
Long Dresses, No Slit I am working on a Christmas project and it will include scenes from Civil War era public domain images. I am hoping to have it finished in time for Christmas. I might also be interested in your clothing, Pat. Are there top hats available, too? I think my characters would mostly be sitting or standing without much movement.

I hope this gives you more incentive to create something.
2016/12/5 2:22:19
WHERE ARE YOU? Chocolate or the gym? Definitely chocolate.
2016/12/5 2:21:07
WHERE ARE YOU? ritsmer wrote:
Yes - and with english subtittles

Thank you Ritsmer! I am looking forward to seeing what you did with the green screen techniques. Thank you for including subtitles, too.
2016/12/4 16:32:52
WHERE ARE YOU? ritsmer wrote:
Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Just finished the first 32 seconds of a film titled "The last picture" about a guy spending all his time with his most beloved cameras (like me).

It was thought to be a film with live actors - that is what I do most - but my wife said it would be too sad to see the main character (me) die before he got his "last picture" - so I'm making it with cartoonized "real" backgrounds and Muvizu characters.

All characters are just green-screened in Muvizu and added to the backgrounds, sounds etc. in Sony Vegas.
The backgrounds are cartoonized using Boris Continuum Cartooner as a plug-in to Vegas.
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Will we get to see this video?
2016/12/3 23:50:55
WHERE ARE YOU? I am in the Mojave Desert about an hour from skiing at the city of Big Bear, and 30 minutes from Wrightwood if you get there by 7am. I am about 90 miles from Los Angeles and Route 66 is nearby. I live close to a small lake, really it is almost a pond to anyone else in the world or country.

I am on the edge of state owned land that can not be built on, so that is nice and I have coyotes, bobcats, and migrating birds year round either in my backyard or outside of the fence. So far I have had gopher snakes, king snakes, and scorpions in my back yard, ick. I have had scorpions, lizards, and frogs in my house. You have to keep your eyes open if you live here. I usually check my shoes before I put my feet in them.

We even have White Pelicans show up in our little nearby lake. They are beautiful.

Thanks for starting this topic Pat!

I would enjoy visiting Portugal. I want to see the map near the ocean where all the explorers set sail to find China, and opened up the European race to discover new worlds. That is one of my favorite parts of history.

Visiting New Zealand and maybe not leaving would be great, too.
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2016/11/25 2:52:48
my first attempt - contains the "F" word Roborough wrote:

sound track not my work
edited by Roborough on 24/11/2016

Thank you for the disclaimer. I appreciate it. I do look forward to more videos from you, and think it is great that you found a place to start your video. You did an excellent job putting it together. I got to the part where the woman was running around in the background and she looked a bit shaken.

Could you remake, or make a similar one with a different sound track, because I think a younger audience would find it all funny just because of all the chaos. Perhaps add your own dialog? There are several of us here who would volunteer to record some of the characters voices.

If not I understand. I remade one of my early videos about 6 times to try to get it right after the first reviews it got. It still is not right, but I got tired of working on it.

You have to be brave when you have your first video out there for the seasoned veterans of this site to look at. They are all very helpful and brutally honest! It is never done in a way to discourage anyone from participating though. People on this site go out of their way to help others. That is why I am still here.
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2016/11/24 2:20:11
my first attempt - contains the "F" word I am an adult, but I think that there needs to be some type of language warning. I still find some words offensive even though they are becoming part of everyday vocabulary to several people. I am not allowed to say it in my work place and do not want to get into the habit of thinking that it is common language. I know it is all part of the news that is pretty sad these days, and that is why I do not watch it at all.

Okay I am in the minority here, I know that, but when there is a disclaimer I usually skip the videos. I guess after the barrage of the past months of political news everyone is used to the lower level vocabulary being used by people who we are supposed to hold as role models.

The part I did see of the video was done very well, and it seems you know what you are doing with the studio and adding great sounding speech.

I will escape back into my world is a wonderful place habitat now.
2016/11/19 18:24:41
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 Wow!!! I wonder if I will have time to make a video for this? I will see.
2016/11/19 18:21:27
USING HIT FILM WITH MUVIZU Wow that Simon sure knows how to promote! It makes me want to get myself this for both birthday and Christmas combined. I am already getting a new roof though. Decisions, decisions. HA! Thanks for sharing the video Pat.
2016/11/18 22:10:02
the 12 principles of animation I feel the same way!!! I am more of the taker of information though than the giver of it, so I really appreciate the friendly, sharing forum.
2016/11/18 22:01:20
USING HIT FILM WITH MUVIZU I saw that too, Pat. Do you know what comes with the upgrade? I have not made any videos in since I took the training course. I am still interested in keeping my tools current for that time when I am finally having enough time to get back to learning Muvizu.
2016/11/14 14:43:03
the 12 principles of animation PAT IS A MOGUL!!! Woo Hoo. Congratulations Pat. Next is Ikes? It is so awesome to watch those highly active contributors to the forum being recognized. Thanks for all your help, Pat, and looking forward to more over the next several years.
2016/11/14 14:41:04
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store I luv de island mon! Many tanks for dees, it is da kine primo mo betta.
I open a pineapple in your honor.

Translation: Excellent island and water. I want to live there.
2016/11/12 17:39:42
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store PatMarrNC wrote:
cool ideas, Clayster! And you develop this stuff so FAST, it makes my head spin!

I completely agree, Pat. Clayster is amazing!!

Get well quick Clayster, but not too quick, we enjoy what you are creating.
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2016/11/9 15:09:08
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... This looks like fun Clayster! I like it.
2016/11/9 3:29:32
Waves simulation That looks really nice. I add my thanks and appreciation with the others.
2016/11/6 15:47:18
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store clayster2012 wrote:
Thanks Rocque, cartoonist is the style I'm shooting for with whole set, I'm making more cars later, it seems that my 3d city backdrops is turning into a city set,may have to Chang the name.

Keep doing what you are doing Clayster because it all looks great.
2016/11/6 15:27:01
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store clayster2012 wrote:
Ok I decided to work on a couple of vehicles, two moving trucks that I tried to keep the poly count low, but adding more 3d details for making it possible to put drivers inside may bring the poly count up a little, but still I think they fit the muvizu style perfect!

The trucks are so cartoonish!! I am not sure if cartoonish is a word, but I made it one. I think they are really fun, and the characters look good in them.
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