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2010/9/26 1:21:35
the tutorial is misleading? Hi bluecatlady1 and welcome,

Ya that's how it works Bluecatlady1, once you've set the scene up and got all the characters in place its time to Direct/Record.

Basically you direct/move a character after the clapper-board as been clicked, so lets say you want a character to move from point A to point B and in between them two points another character waves at the character that's walking. First of all move your view away from your character, not the camera view but your view by using the QWEASD keys along with the mouse. This will make it easier for you to control your character, but you are quite right when you say the timeline and other windows get in the way, with a bit of luck character movement and these large windows that get in the way will be sorted out in a future patch.

Anyway, now that you have a better view hit the clapper-board, don't worry about the time, I always give myself plenty of spare time at the beginning and end of a clip, it helps when it comes to editing anyway. Ok so once the clip is running click on the front of the disk that's around your character and slowly drag it to point B, if you move it to fast the arrow turns red and you start to run, to slow and your character will keep stopping (again its a poor system and with luck will be looked at) Once you reach point B stop the movie.

Now rewind your movie to the beginning and change character (Red broken box around character) to the one that's going to wave and hit the clapper-board, after a few seconds your first character will start to walk to point B, and at a given point/time you will click a gesture Icon, or the corresponding number on the numeric keypad (that you should have already set-up using the prepare button) and your number 2 character will wave. Now rewind the clip and hit play to view your movie. You will see one of your characters walking and the other one waving. At this point you could rewind the movie and add head/eye movements or even add more characters.

I'm not sure if you are thinking that everything has to be performed at once or not, but as you can see you can rewind and add as many times as you like, in fact you're not actually recording anything until you click on Video → Make Video. Click onto my user name and check out my video 'Funkorama'. In that video I rewind to the beginning and add dance movements to every individual character... Thats a lot of rewinds. Also don't worry too much about the timing of each gesture/movement, you can easily adjust the timing in the timeline afterwards!

2010/9/25 13:23:05
Cannot Make Movie Hi Callum,

Sorry to see you're having problems.

What I would do in your position is to do a complete spring clean of the PC, get rid of any rouge programmes and remove all unwanted or unused software. Clean the registry and update everything, make sure you have the latest Windows updates, Direct x, Graphic drivers etc. etc. and scan for Malware/viruses. After that remove all of your video codecs reboot and reinstall a codec pack and finish of with a defrag.

If that doesn't help then at least you know you have a clean and fully updated PC.

If you need any help just say so, I have plenty of links and all the software is Free!

2010/9/21 23:15:39
Tipp-Ex promotion on Youtube Pee is funny, although 30 sec's too long!

And I had to try sex :-)

2010/9/20 1:53:56
Few Suggestions Hi,

Its been a month or two since I discovered Muvizu and I'd like to make a few suggestions! One of the first things I wished for while putting sets together was the ability to lock items. When I was working up close putting the finer details in place I would often accidentally move other objects like buildings, roads, trees, backdrops etc. etc. It would be nice to lock items in place by clicking on say a little padlock icon in the objects property window.

Better control over character movement. This one as been mentioned a few times but because of its importance I feel it warrants another mention. Personally I have great difficulty getting characters to move from one point to another in a nice straight smooth line, it maybe because I use an upside-down mouse, I don't know, but when I move my characters they seem to be walking all over the place as if they've had one to many (or is that me?) Either way I have trouble. So somewhere along the lines of a way-point system would help, you could give the first way-point a command i.e. Walk and when the character reaches the second way point the command could be run etc. etc.

Camera movement. Again worth another mention! Much like the character movement, the camera needs to be on a rail, or a miniature Railway Tycoon kind of thing!

Light movement. Search light/Disco etc.

Object movement. Cars etc.

Lock On. I'd like cameras and characters to be able to track other objects.

Timeline. I'd love the ability to be able to drop gesture commands into the timeline so I don't have to direct!

Exact copy and paste. Copying a character also copies all of its movements/gestures too.

Multiple commands. Giving a movement/gesture to one character in a group gives the command to all characters in that group.

Direction. The ability to add the compass direction of an object would be useful, like when adding roads, or building blocks etc.

Images projected from spots lights are relevant to camera position. I know this is an Unreal engine bug... Any word on a fix?

Muvizu 64: I hear its coming :-)

I had a few other too but they slip my mind at the moment.

2010/9/19 11:34:25
Two vids from Chicmac - bit political Wow, that is such a good character of Salmond!

2010/9/17 19:40:34
2 vids from Frendor 4d 75 76 69 7a 75 Was the second Vid I made, but the first to go on Youtube, I put it together in about 30/45 minutes. It was mainly to test the quality output on YT. Its an advert on a billboard, the graphics on the billboard are a big clue and those of you that know or have come across computer code will work out how to translate it in no time at all.

Next up is Funkorama. The Bots boogie on down to the Funkiest sounds at the Funkiest night club in town 'Funkorama' The place to be seen at!

I had very big plans for Funkorama but due memory limitations (which will all change with the 64 bit version of Muvizu) I had to drastically cut back on the set, but never the less I'm proud of it, its a bit sloppy in places and the editing could have been a bit tighter but hey, pretty good for a first attempt. It fact I'm a lot happier with it then I'm letting on!

Enjoy, I know I enjoyed making them... Thank You Muvizu!

2010/9/17 13:47:35
32bit-64bit-XP-7--Aarrrghhhhh Hi Kaynine,

18-24 months ago I would of said no to x64 purely because of the compatibility issues, but since the release of Windows 7 x64 software/hardware manufactures have really started to pull their fingers out and support the x64 architecture, so i'd say go for it!

All x64 operating systems come with a subsystem known as WoW64, basically Wow64 allows 32 bit programmes to run in the 64 bit environment, in simple terms its an emulator. Installed 32 bit programmes end up in a folder called Programme Files (x86), 64 bit end up in a folder called Programme Files. So there's little to worry about when installing/using 32 bit application, although its worth pointing out that the same rules apply to 32 bit applications as they would in a 32 bit environment. I.e. memory limitations.

16 bit (ouch!) very old (early 1990's) programmes will not run on a system with a 64 bit operating system, 64 bit processor yes, operating system no! 16 bit runs fine on a 32 bit OS.

Know here comes the real shocker! In theory W7 x64 can run with multiple amounts of Terabytes, in practice it's a very different story. Not only do you have to take into account your Processor/Motherboards chip set and Bios setting, but the actual OS version too! You might be very surprised, or even shocked, to learn that 'Windows 7 Home Basic 64' only supports 8GB of memory... Its true. 'Windows 7 Home Premium 64' supports a Max of 16GB. Windows 7 Professional /Enterprise /Ultimate a Max of 192GB. And from there the bigger and more expensive versions support up to 2 TB. Whatever you do don't get 'Windows 7 Starter' it only supports 2GB! In theory each one of these OS's should be able to operate with more RAM, but you can thank MS for the limitations on each version, How else are they going to get you to pay more money for the use of more memory?

Don't you just love MS? Remember the scam with Dx10 and XP? They only released DX 10 for vista to try and get people to move to that OS!

Anyway back to topic. So Kaynine. if you're going to go for x64 then go for it, don't do it half-heartedly. A 32 bit system with 4 GB of RAM is actually faster then a 64 bit OS running 32 bit applications with the same amount of RAM. I know when I take the plunge to 64 (which wont be too long going off what Jim as just announced) then it will be with at least Windows 7 Home Premium, more then likely Professional with 12 + GB's.

2010/9/17 12:25:40
Vertigo glasgowjim wrote:
Please say Superman

That had me laughing for a good 10 minutes!


PS. Thank link doesn't work jim.
2010/9/15 22:37:08
Bug that is driving me nuts Hi,

Yes Berty I can clearly see it now but the only way I can replicate it is with dancing moves, in fact in my latest vid 'Funkorama' you can see it a few times! The jump seems to occur when the animation is interrupted with the following animation, but for you to see the jump the first animation must involve the character actually moving off its mark, if you know what I mean?

In my test I had a character do the moon walk, this involves him moving off his mark while he does his moves, but if I start another animation, such as the robot dance, before the moon walk as had time to complete then the character will suddenly stop moon walking and slide/jump back to the mark where he started the moon walk animation from and start robot dancing, even though there's a gap showing in the timeline between animations.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that the first animation as been cut short by the second animation.

What I tend to do is roughly put together my characters animations and then tidy them up in the timeline.

I think thats the problem Berty, but then again it might not be! :-)

2010/9/15 17:40:28
Vertigo Just watched this on YT, If you don't like heights then Don't watch this, I'm not to bad with heights but this made me feel sick!

Don't say I didn't warn you!


Edit. Watch this full screen :-)

Edit... New link added (16/09/10)
Edit... New Link added... For the last time (29/09/10)

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2010/9/15 17:15:43
Bug that is driving me nuts Berty, that link says 'This video is private.'

Berty, not sure if you are new to Youtube or not, but if you are then let me comfort you in saying so am I :-)

I'm having a right rough time of it, I have no idea how it all works! I think there's an option in there somewhere where you can share vids with friends, let me know your user name and i'll add you to my friends list (when i work out how too)

By the way I'm MuvizuMe on YouTube.

2010/9/15 16:26:31
Uploading To Muvizu Nothing racist barry, all good clean stuff.

Jamie, my YT account name is MuvizuMe

The Vid I have up at the moment is not the one i tried to upload via Muvizu the other night/morning, but here it is anyway...

I'll try uploading it again now.

YT Test Vid

edit... I've just tried the embeded code here, but it just comes out as a load of code!.... Oh wait a sec i think thats got it!

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2010/9/15 13:13:44
Uploading To Muvizu Hello again,

Monday night/Tuesday morning I uploaded my first vid to Muvizu and I'm still waiting for it to appear, I understand it can take up-to 48 hours but I'm beginning to think it isn't going to show. Reading through the forum it seems that uploading to Muvizu can be a bit of a hit and miss affair. Now I haven't forgotten that Muvizu and the web site is in beta and what's more it's free, but I was wondering if there's a better way we can do this?

Would it be better if we uploaded our vids to YouTube then requested Muvizu to add them to our profiles, which in turn get added to the Gallery page? Personallyy I have to idea how this works, but I know my test vid on YT pretty much showed up the moment it had finished uploading. Is that how you have it planned for Muvizu too?

2010/9/15 12:10:43
Bad request Hi,

I'm getting a 'Bad request' page from a few of the links on the main web page under 'Forum Latest'
bobbus74 Willy Wonka Loses it... and Emily Get Objects...

I can get to these pages via the long route but not the short, thought I'd let you know.

2010/9/15 11:45:37
Bug that is driving me nuts Hiya,

I don't see it Berty, unless I'm doing something wrong?

New scene
New character
Move start of timeline to 1 min, move end of timeline to 2 mins
Start recording, wait 5 sec's, do gesture, then walk forward
Stop recording
Rewind to 1 min

My character stands there for 5 sec's then does a gesture and walks away, I don't see any problem!

When you say 'You will notice that the character does the move at the start of the animation' what do you mean the move? Do you mean the walk then the gesture? then walks again?

2010/9/12 20:55:38
New character? An owl
A witch on a broom stick (flying)
A skull and candle (light source)
A cat
(Halloween is coming)

A clown
A donkey with a straw hat
A bucket tooth red neck... with a straw hat
A mad Scotsman and kilt
A mad Scotswoman and kilt
A leprechaun

Santa Claus
and not forgetting the cuddly toy!

Didn't he do well?

2010/9/10 10:43:31
How does Youtube work? Two very useful sites there, thanks again.

2010/9/9 17:50:43
Motion JPEG (Don't overlook it!) toonarama,

Before you rush out to the optician its worth noting that red and blue colours on objects within the Muvizu world will still be red and blue whether your're using YV12 or RGB32. It's only the lighting that changes!

At least it is for me, but then again I'm overdue an eye check-up! :-)

2010/9/9 15:26:18
How does Youtube work? How does Youtube work?

No seriously, its evident that most up-loaders don't have a clue (Me included) and the vids on YouTube showing how its done also don't have a clue!( I'm talking wrong aspect ratio's etc. etc.) Anyway, I just spent the last hour on Youtube looking at such vids and the norm seems to be 'select file' hit 'upload'. Well that wont to at all!

You see I've just spent the last few weeks learning the basics of Muvizu and Première Pro and I don't want to totally mess it up now!(whether the movie is rubbish or not is another thing) So I want to get the uploading correct, what I mean is I want to get the format right, if possible I don't want Youtube to do any further encoding.

So...I have two formats of the same little movie, one's H264 (Mp4) 1280x720 and the others FLV/F4V 1280x720 both are around 125MB and a tad under 3 minutes, I'm pretty sure the H264 (mp4) is on the right tracks but I'm not sure about FLV/F4V.

The question is does anybody know the correct formula for up-loading HD vids to YouTube?

Has always thanks for your help.

2010/9/9 2:03:31
Making of "Sleekit Things" Here here!

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