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2016/2/16 22:36:06
W4 Error Please help!! Thanks for your feedback. I uninstalled said patches and I thought it did something when I opened up Muvizu after computer re-boot. The W4 wasn't initially there (replaced by a Fatal Error). I thought - YES! I can deal with a fatal error. BUT then the W4 was there next time I re-opened. Thanks though. I both love and hate this program lol
2016/2/16 17:09:33
W4 Error Please help!! I recently purchase some content packs and key framing tool. Of course I own Muvizu Play full version.

My purchase for said content went through no problem. But I'm getting a W4 Error everytime I go to upgrade. I can't get the content into Muvizu.

All my settings on firewall and anti-virus are fine. My internet connection is fine.

Any ideas?

I tried running as administrator.

Muvizu techs have no idea.

I"m running Windows 7 out of bootcamp on a mac. But I don't see any problem there.

Any help would be most appreciated!


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