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2016/10/10 6:39:03
Opaque Parts Of The Galaxy Amazing.. some of those shots.. WOW. Lovely music too, probably one of the best videos I've seen on here
2016/10/3 18:19:17
Import items Haha
It worked with the link!

Thanks Ziggy,
2016/10/3 16:27:00
Import items Trying to get a gun and a few other items from the online store, I have no clue how to get them out of WinRaR and into Muvizu
Any assistance would be really appreciated.
Also total left field but anyone know a character action that makes them appear to dig?
edited by AllClass on 03/10/2016
2016/10/3 16:15:25
Doris - The whole story "Don't get excited, just turn down that road"
Really impressed at how well the interior of the car and the backdrop seemed. It's something I couldn't figure out yet but you nailed it
2016/9/29 14:36:19
Light Change I've tried watching some of your videos and looked for tutorials but cannot figure how to change light within 1 take.
The ability to direct light movement would be awesome, if anyone knows any work arounds greatly appreciated, Dan
2016/9/12 22:29:37
Full video - currently untitled Thank you for the feedback, especially primaveranz. It means a lot that you guys watch and it helps motivate me to try and make better quality videos. Should have another one in a few days!
2016/9/9 17:16:38
Full video - currently untitled As always thanks for watching and commenting Pat!

Yes I'd have fun entering this in the contest although full disclosure I started working on it before it was announced
2016/9/9 16:59:57
Full video - currently untitled Original song I wrote

Thank you very much for watching

2016/9/7 23:34:00
Intro (demo) - Main video coming soon! Hahaha! Thanks Pat
2016/9/7 5:28:14
Intro (demo) - Main video coming soon!
2016/9/1 13:50:46
The End of the Chase Very funny, looks great too!
2016/8/26 19:55:33
Surprise in the park Outstanding!
2016/8/23 10:33:32
The truth about how i make music wow that looks amazing, next level stuff!
2016/8/23 10:11:38
Reincarnation Fantastic video! Great use of effects and I loved the stairway to hell
2016/8/19 12:05:57
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) congratulations everyone - fantastic efforts across the board!
2016/8/11 5:42:45
random side project Hahaha - nice Pat, like your style
2016/8/11 0:08:24
random side project Thanks guys - PatMarrNC you always give great and specific feedback. I use FL studio 11 DAW for the music.

As far as an interpretation - I guess it could be a Medusa type deal, she just wants to dance and no one can stand to look at her, which upsets the bigger demon/devil thing...
Just to clarify I was kinda inebriated whilst making this. Again, my next video will be 'proper'
2016/8/10 12:41:08
random side project I've been working on a Muvizu passion project video for a few weeks. I was getting sick of seeing the same characters and sets so I decided to take a break from that and made this weird little nightmare video in a few hours. Set to some original music of mine. I swear my next video will be, well, not like this

2016/8/10 0:00:02
new muvizu Hi

Went to open Muvizu and apparently there's a new version available to download? Haven't done so yet just wondering if anyone knows what changes/updates are new? Thanks
2016/8/8 3:06:04
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Fantastic! Especially liked the look of the hotel room
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