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2011/12/5 10:42:22
Fail to make video using this set ziggy72 wrote:
Also loaded up for myself no problem - it's such a simple set, I can't see what could be giving you an issue. Oh, hang on...

Yeah, timeline again. Nelson, you have to drag the diamond shaped marker at the zero point of the timeline across to the right to define how long your movie is going to be. It can't be 0.00, as it is now, so drag it up to 4 minutes, which is where your audio ends. Then you should be able to Make Video without any problem. Hope that helps.

Good spot Ziggy

2011/12/2 11:09:43
Ugh! Muvizu is so frustrating! Fingers crossed

2011/12/1 16:35:55
Hello, world! Welcome to Muvizu
2011/12/1 10:37:02
Ugh! Muvizu is so frustrating! Hi Wizplace,

If your graphic card drivers are updated then try the following.

1 - Do a disk cleanup.

Go to My computer and right-click the hard drive icon - select Properties - click the disk cleanup button.

2 - Do a anti-virus scan.

Fire up your anti-virus software and do an exhaustive scan.

3 - Do a disk defrag.

Sometimes hard drives can get fragmented causing the computer to run slowly.

Please let us know if the problems persist. I don't think these problems are related to Muvizu.

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2011/12/1 10:27:34
HELP! Hi nutriproject,

Sorry to hear that you are having problems with Muvizu.

First I will give you advice to work around the problems your are experiencing.
ukBerty mentioned Windows movie maker which is a good alternative to the video joiner. I would say grab that software so you can work on your project, I assume you have a deadline.

About the audio, I know you're using Audacity. Make sure to turn the volume a down a little bit because sometimes the audio is exported too loud and that can cause problems.

To join videos using the "Video Joiner" is very easy, but there are a few requirements. For example, videos have to be the same resolution ( 640 x 360 for example).

Please update your graphics card and sound card drivers to see if it makes Muvizu to run smoothly.

Please let us know if things improve and good luck for your project.

2011/11/30 17:05:11
Collision Questions Glad I could help

2011/11/30 16:07:59
[come mettere un carrello] muvizu Ciao flippy,

Non tutti gli oggetti possono essere importati in Muvizu senza problemi.

Che cosa può essere la causa del problema può essere la dimensione o il modo in cui è stato creato in SketchUp.

Il mio consiglio e aprire il file in skecthup e cercare di rendere l'oggetto più piccolo. In caso contrario sarà meglio cercare un altro oggetto simile.

Spero che questo ti aiuta a risolvere il problema.

Cordiali saluti,
2011/11/30 11:37:03
Collision Questions Hey Dylly,

If you want to group two objects together, their collision volume must be a little bit smaller than the prop volume, otherwise you won't be able to put them together. The collision volume takes priority over the prop volume.

Have a look to the image. This object can be duplicated and placed closely to each other to simulate a long fence. Collision volume is pink.

So, you need to think about the way you want to use the prop before setting up a collision volume.
Stand alone props you can make the collision volume a little big bigger than the object. If the object is going to be "touching" other objects than the collision volume needs to be a little bit smaller.

I hope I made sense

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2011/11/30 11:25:04
NEW UPDATE Hey guys,

It is an integrated graphic card, but supports the shader3.0 running with DX 9.0.

Wii06, here's a video that can help you. It shows how to update your Nvidia drivers

If the problem persists, please send us your your dxdiag information. I'll explain.
1- Click on the windows start button and select run.
2- Type dxdiag and then press enter.
3- On the dxdiag window that pops-up you have an option to save the information to a txt.
4- Send us the file to

Please keep us updated.

2011/11/29 10:55:35
newbie needs help! Hi nutriproject

ukBerty is spot on.
You can get Audacity here
MP3 exporter:

I hope this helps.

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2011/11/29 10:52:31
NEW UPDATE Hi wiio6,

Have you updated you graphics card drivers recently?

If not please, please do so and let us know if the problem persists.

2011/11/25 11:59:34
ASE exporter plugin Hello djindiano,

I just uploaded the file.

I hope this helps.

2011/11/24 14:08:13
Help please? Don't know what to do :S Hi Strawbducky22,

I need a few more details

Do you see the icons of the characters, objects, etc.?

Does that error appears when you try to add them to your scene?

Finally can you tell us what is the hardware configuration of your PC? Like video card and RAM memory?

The 32 bit and 64 bit are pretty much the same thing. If you have an 64 bit operating system, then you can use the 64 bit version of Muvizu.
If your operating system is 32bit, then you should use the 32 bit version of Muvizu.

I hope this helps to answer your questions about versions.

2011/11/24 10:31:57
my first animation from Russia Hi magik,

First of all, welcome to Muvizu

Now about your videos, I wish my first try was this great!

Looking forward to see more videos from you.

2011/11/23 13:58:09
Help please? Don't know what to do :S Hi Strawbducky22,

Welcome to Muvizu

Since you're just starting, I'll try to keep this simple.

Once you install Muvizu you can access its contents without logging in. The "Log in" feature is to access online content (extras), but it's not in any way necessary to create animations.

The only reason you have to upload a set is if you want to share it with others.
Like any other windows based software, everything happens on your hard drive.

Please let us know how you are doing and have fun using Muvizu.

2011/11/23 13:53:08
Upload something different Hi Dylly,

For textures you can use the Upload - Textures feature on your profile.

For more complicated assets, you can zip them and upload them as 3D assets.
Then on the description you can state what is inside the zip file in more detail.

I hope this helps.

2011/11/22 17:07:40
Loading old set problem Anytime Jon I hope it works. Fingers crossed.

2011/11/22 16:37:41
Loading old set problem Hey Jon,

Not sure if this help you at all, but here goes.
Hopefully you still have the mesh on your hard drive.

You can try to download an older version of Muvizu and open the set on there.
Link: - v0.15b if I'm not mistaken.

- Then delete the mesh and save the set file.
- Open the set file on the new version of Muvizu and import the mesh back to the scene.

This is not a very good work around, but hopefully it will work.
Please keep us posted.

2011/11/10 11:31:19
On the News Brilliant Dreeko, I laughed out loud

Watched it during breakfast and almost choked hehehehe. Really funny video.

2011/11/10 11:12:12
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) 65Radius wrote:
It appears that when you include a wanted poster (from Western object) you cannot save (?).

That it seems to be the case! Thanks for the heads up, will put this one into the system.

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