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2011/8/16 10:59:55
Saw Trailer ( Muvizu ) Very well done!! You should consider doing a series

2011/8/11 11:39:14
Just a quick... Awesome news Dylly

I know Jim will be please to know that in end everything worked out.

2011/8/10 13:32:01
Laughing Hi Kelwin,

We tried, but characters are always happy in Muviland Just kidding of course.

Now to the point.
You can set the initial state of the character to any of the available moods.
Simply select the character, go to character actions (Prepare menu) and change the initial state by clicking on the happy icon.

You can also adjust the character's facial expression using the slider on the body tab located on the customisation options. Right-click on the character and select the body tab.

I hope this helps and have fun with Muvizu.

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2011/8/9 15:19:29
Nick Danger episodes removed from Muvizu This program is very helpful to grab videos that you've lost or can't get through the YouTube download option. .I hope this helps.

We are terrible sorry about this guys, but at the end of the day there is nothing we can do. YouTube decides which videos can be used externally or not.
Our advice from now on is, be extra careful with copyrighted content used on your videos.

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2011/8/9 10:43:01
mouse cursor jumps off Hi Collins,

Yeah, unfortunately this one is going to be very hard to solve.
I do believe it has something to do with the fact that you are using a Mac.

So far you are the only user with this problem. The vast majority of Muvizu users are PC users.

I'm not ready to give up just yet, I'll research on this and will let you know if I come up with something helpful.

2011/8/8 15:25:00
Excel Shortcuts Uma boa maneira para ajudar os alunos a aprender o Excel

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2011/8/8 11:10:50
Heroes United I really enjoyed watching that video. Excellent work
2011/8/8 11:01:05
How do I save a character? Hi Clone,

Welcome to Muvizu.
Indeed, Danimal is right. You can also copy past characters and objects from one set to another, as long you keep Muvizu running.

2011/8/8 10:52:13
mouse cursor jumps off collins2099 wrote:
Hello, Marco
I did try using a reguar mouse and changing mouse parameters. It's the result... I don't think this is a mouse problem, because in all other applications it work perfectly. Something happens when I try to pick up an object (a table, a person, a wall, a camera, ect.) on the screen of Muvizu. It sends the object flying into far away place to the left of the screen. If I try to lift it (both mouse key pressed) then it fly up and left into the same remote locaton. Though, it does allow the rotation function by pressing the right mouse key.

Also, I forgot to mention that I have the iMac. With the Boot Camp I have partitioned the hard drive, and now I do work on PC Windows (Vista)
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Hi Collins,

Indeed this is definitely one weird bug!
It might be related tot the fact that you are using Windows on a Mac. The reason I'm saying this is because you seem to be the only one with this problem.

I'll do a bit of research and see if I can find a solution for you. Although I have the feeling this is going to be a hard one to solve.

Also can you tell me what your frame rate is? Do you notice some sort of graphical lag at all?
The reason I ask is because boot camp might have an impact on your machine's performance.

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2011/8/5 12:48:04
mouse cursor jumps off OK here are a few things you can try if updating the drivers doesn't help.

- If you're using an optical mouse, consider the surface that it's on. This sort of behaviour can be caused by using the mouse on a somewhat reflective surface. Try a matte mousepad.

- Have you checked your pointer settings in Control Panel\mouse\pointer options?
Make sure snap-to is unchecked, and you may want to set the pointer motion to about half-way....on the slider bar.
1. go to control panel
2. click on mouse icon
3. Pointer options tab - automatic move pointer disabled.

- Mousepad - Some colours doesn't reflect the rays from the mouse. So if you move the mouse to the colour where it can reflect it the mouse pointer jumps to it.

- Don't place the mouse too near the receiver.

Hope this helps.

Please keep us posted on your progress.

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2011/8/5 12:06:21
mouse cursor jumps off collins2099 wrote:
collins2099 wrote:
Hello, Marco_DHello
Thanks for looking into it.

Here it is:

Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Extreme CPU7900 @ 2.80 G
Frequency: 2800 MHz
L1 cache: 4,096 KB
L2 cache: 32KB
Memory: 2,028 MB

Video card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 XT

Windows Vista Home Baisic (6.0.6002)
IE Version 8.0.6001.19088

Yeah, I am using Microsoft wireless mouse. But also I have used a wired Apple mouse with same results

Hey Collins,

Thanks for your reply.

If possible try to test it with a wired mouse - standard PS/2 connector or USB.
Also, can you check if there are up to date drivers for your mouse?

I'll keep investigating this issue to see if we can get to the bottom of it

2011/8/5 10:35:31
Muvizu on a 2002 AGP PC glasgowjim wrote:
Hi everyone,

I have just finished setting up a small compatibility test - I was able to get Muvizu to run on a PC that I originally bought in 2002 - with 1GB of DDR1 Ram and and AMD 3000+ Processor - less powerful than most mobiles released in the last 1-2 years.

The reason it works is that I bought a ATI 3650 AGP card - which has all of the necessary pixel shader support etc. - it cost me £40 and I think it's a worthwhile stopgap for those users who have older machines.

Muvizu is usable - the framerate isn't great but I am sure that I will be able to tweak the performance a little to get some more oomph out of my current PC's granddad.

I will post performance figures at some point in the next few days - I have been working crazy hours over the last few weeks so haven't been able to get on the forums or use Muvizu as much as I want to.

Take it easy,

Cheers Jim

I can vouch for that video card.
I have one on my old pc since the motherboard doesn't have PCI slots.
It's the best AGP card out there and I don't think there will be one better.

2011/8/4 10:14:43
mouse cursor jumps off Hi Collins,

Can you give us a bit more of informations about your operating system? Is it updated?
Which mouse are you using?

This is a very unusual behaviour!
We will do our bets to help you out

2011/8/3 12:27:49
Static Puppet prop? artpen wrote:
Cheers marco, just to add to this, the dead guy is and has been a very good prop.
could we have more static puppets like these?
And could the team look into developing a static puppet creator?
What I mean is a gizmo that duplicates your chosen charactor in a static form?
with your static froze at a certain pose?
You could also custom texture it, chop it up!! Static heads, arms, legs?
I've got horror on the brain at the mo.......
Mmmwwaaa haaa hha haaa!!!!
edited by artpen on 03/08/2011

No worries

I did mention the dead body on the feedback report. I think it's a great example.

I've also linked this thread, so the art team can have a look

2011/8/3 11:12:34
Static Puppet prop? Ok guys,

I submitted your feedback through the proper channels

I cannot make any promises, but keep those awesome ideas coming.

2011/8/3 10:45:49
Static Puppet prop? That sounds like a great idea.

It would definitely save up some resources.

2011/8/1 15:01:16
MIIVIES Have you noticed the amount of money they charge to render a movie? EEK!
2011/8/1 13:59:42
no ghostbusters :( Indeed!! This happened to me as well in one of my movies.
They are getting more and more strict about this, unfortunately.

One work around is to open the song in audacity and change the pitch slightly. I never tried myself, but it seems to be working

2011/7/29 11:29:25
Sci-Fi Dungeon Nice one Dan! I enjoyed watching that.

You should consider doing a mini-series

2011/7/20 10:34:31
up loader problem I'm using the 5.0 and didn't have any problems uploading videos. I'm using since it was released.

Please let us know if you find the reason why it's not letting you upload videos

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