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2013/2/5 12:31:01
Youtube and copyright issues Hi Not_Coen,

Welcome back to Muvizu.

Sometimes how YouTube handles copyright material is a mystery to all of us. Basically it's up to those who make the copyright claims. Depending on the record label, Tv channel, music bands, they all have different views on what to block and not to block.
If a record label says to YouTube, block all full songs people post, but not if it's only a short piece of the song then YouTube will only block the content if the song is fully on the video.

They even allow a normal user to make a claim over content. Then whoever made the claim has 2-3 weeks to make their case, otherwise the block is lifted.

It's really up to them, they own the copyrights so they have all the power.

I'm sure other users bumped into many different situations and so they will be able to provide additional feedback.

As to Muvizu, we can only display content YouTube makes available for sharing. Hence we have no saying on the matter. Although if the video comes through the YouTube system and it's not proper for our audience we may restrict it or block it.

I hope this helps you to understand how this works.

2013/2/4 14:25:16
Evil actions Hi anotherround,

I'm sorry that you are having problems with Muvizu.

Can you please tells us if Muvizu still works ok despite missing those categories?
If you can, please send us a screenshot of the problems as well.

2013/2/1 11:33:57
Paperman from Pixar Awesome short Really enjoyed it.
Perfect animation for a Friday.

Thanks for sharing Dreeko.

2013/2/1 10:25:16
New character? Hey guys,

I've been keeping an eye on this thread and I want to thank you for the feedback.
There's nothing wrong about criticism if done in a responsible and respectful way

Here at Muvizu we are not over sensitive about criticism, otherwise we just wouldn't make this great piece of software.
And believe me when I say that we read and take your feedback seriously.
Our community can expect some nice things this year, but I'm sorry that's all I can say.

The Startrek sets that I've seen can be done in Muvizu, and those female characters too. I've seen it

Anyway, please continue providing us some great feedback. We need it in order to improve Muvizu.

2013/1/31 13:41:58
R6025 Runtime Error Hi Dylly,

Thanks for letting us know about this issue.
We are aware of this, our QA bumped into some crashes and we passed it on to the developers.

It's not really an easy one to pin-point, so my best advice is to roll back to the previous version you were running. This way it won't trouble your work flow.

As soon we get a work around for this we will let you know

2013/1/30 14:58:44
Random requests! No worries Glad I could help.

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2013/1/30 14:36:25
Random requests! marox wrote:
I'd like to know if it's possible to create a character with no background or green screen. I am using Vegas Studio 9 to create a music HD video and would like to add just one of the characters to my footage.

That is possible.

Create an empty set, press the create button on the main navigation bar and select Edit environment.
Then simply set the sky and ground to green, by click on the the texture thumbnail. A colour picker tab will be displayed.
Finally make video and import it to Sony Vegas.

I hope this helps.

2013/1/29 17:47:30
Sketchup to Muvizu A good plug-in to export textures from a model in sketchup is the

You can find it here:

I hope this helps.

2013/1/28 11:55:13
Noah and the Empty Ark Another brilliant creation Dreeko

Excellent work on the Penguins!

2013/1/27 16:30:48
Hiya! Welcome to Muvizu

I second Ziggy, the tutorials are great place to start.
Just click on the "How to" button above.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate and ask.

2013/1/25 13:32:30
animation 4 education Welcome to Muvizu,

I'm certain that you will be able to achieve your goals and have some fun along the way.

People generally find Muvizu easy to use, but not everyone is the same. And that's why we are here

We have a very friendly and helpful community.
If there is anything we can help you with do not hesitate and let us know.

2013/1/25 13:27:35
ola como instalar muvizu???? Oi Elijica,

Voce faz o download com o anti-virus ligado?
Alguns usuarios queixam-se de erros quando fazem o download com o Norton activo.

Tente fazer o download com o anti-virus desligado, e quando acabar de baixar o Muvizu ligue o anti-virus.

O que acontece e que o instalador fica corrupto.

Me diga se voce conseguiu resolver o problema.

Melhores cumprimentos,
2013/1/22 12:27:15
Game, SET, and match... :) Hey Danny,

Your sets are fun, don't stop making them.
I checked a few of them before publishing them on our website.

The problem is in your marketing strategy Once you upload a set don't be afraid of coming to the forums and posting a few comments about them.

This will make the community aware of your sets, since I don't think sets get checked that often.

I hope this helps

2013/1/22 9:49:26

It keeps getting better and better

2013/1/21 10:16:06
Muvizu Crash Hi adelrebhi,

I'm afraid urbanlamb is right.

Can you let us know the model and brand of your video card?

2013/1/18 17:06:45
carrello Ciao,

Si può provare Google Warehouse. Basta scaricare Google SketchUp e esportare il modelli in ASE.

È possibile importare i file ASE nel Muvizu.Ci sono molti modelli 3D che possono essere utili.

Cordiali saluti,
2013/1/18 16:40:41
aiuto Ciao trast,

Purtroppo Muvizu non consente animare il personaggio e il oggetti allo stesso tempo. È necessario animare separatamente sincronizzare le animazioni in sequenza temporale.

Cordiali saluti,
2013/1/18 16:32:07
carrello Ciao trast,

È necessario animare il personaggio e il carrello della spesa a parte. Nella timeline è possibile sincronizzare i due animazioni in modo che il personaggio sta spingendo il carrello.

Spero che questo ti aiuta.

Cordiali saluti,
2013/1/18 14:44:45
Moo Dreeko wrote:
Well actually next up is a Moovizu tutorial!

You got my attention
2013/1/11 16:45:24
aiuto trast wrote:
ciao e grazie per avermi risposto.ti premetto che sono ai primi passi con muvizu.avrei un paio di domande:e' possibile far interagire un personaggio con un mezzo di trasporto tipo moto?riesco a farlo sedere ma no ad interagire anche se vedo che nei movimenti del personaggio compaiono gesti adatti per la si puo' fare come si fa?e' possibile scaricare il costume di superman con la s sul petto?(ne ho trovato solo senza s,e crearlo e' ancora troppo per me).spero mi sia fatto capire e grazie in anticipo!!!


Esistono diverse animazioni per i personaggi che sono seduti su una bicicletta / moto.
È possibile trovare queste animazioni in: Azioni dei personaggi - Temi - Biker.

Per personalizzare il super eroe come Superman è necessario scaricare la 'texture', colorare in modo che sia simile a superman e poi importare in Muvizu.

Spero che questo ti aiuterà.

Cordiali Saluti,
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