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2011/7/19 4:51:53
Download Mirrors Marco_D wrote:
Those of you that have the v0.15b version (May release), should get a pop-up window asking if you want to update your version.

Click yes, for an update ..

I did this but download would not complete. Froze up and I had to cancel. To be clear it was the download that froze not my computer, stopped about halfway. It will not give me the option to try again.
2011/7/14 21:15:39
Muvizu's long range plans mysto wrote:
I suggest that if you have any questions about using Muvizu for commercial use to ask Vince. ....

I've already contacted the powers that be about using Muvizu on a commercial project. What they told me at the time is why I fear when Muvizu is "ready" it will be expensive.
2011/7/14 19:32:01
Character "Floats in the air" I guess I should also suggest adding the ability to rotate the character along with being able to float in the air. This would allow for walking on a wall or flying superman style while still having other characters upright in the same shot.

Again, since objects already have these properties in the program I'm hoping that adding them to characters would be easy. Would be great to have these features in the next release.
2011/7/14 19:06:58
Muvizu's long range plans CrazyDave wrote:
... but I believe that the intention is that Muvizu will always be free for non-commercial use....

The thing that concerns me is what the cost will be for a commercial use version. If in the same price range as similar programs like Iclone and movieStorm then it's no problem. Those are affordable. But I have a feeling the price will be much higher and out of range for average person.
2011/7/10 20:00:26
Character "Floats in the air" Wizaerd wrote:
A ground plane, with a transparent texture. Put the character on the plane, then raise the plane (being sure to set the floating property on it)

Yes. I've done that but it's a pain. Would like to not do that sometime in the future. Floating characters would not only be easier but open up lots of new possibilities like flying Superhero characters, Angels, walking on walls, etc..
2011/7/10 19:19:47
Character "Floats in the air" Actually I could make a list of suggestions a mile long(or is it kilometer for most of you here? yes, I'm a yank)

But anyway since Muvizu already has object float in the air I'm hoping adding that to characters would be easy? Sure would help compared to coming up with things them to stand on when we need the character in at a certain height.
2011/7/10 7:31:28
Changing Moods Wizaerd wrote:
Actually, no, it doesn;t work that way. It only behaves in the Prepare screens. But when you actually direct, the mood does change.

Well that sucks. I was about to start making that scene. I thought I had got a new feature that was just what I needed.
2011/7/10 2:19:23
Changing Moods Danimal wrote:
It's not supposed to be that way, incidentally. The previous versions did adopt the new emotion in the Prepare screen, I suspect that they don't in this release is a bug.

A bug? Am I understanding you right? This new way is an improvement , not a bug. It gives the user a way to control emotions no matter the action.

For example before the characters would always look angry when using a fight action. But for my current project I need to have a character to look scared while fighting. I can do that now. It's perfect.
2011/6/16 9:31:57
Favourite ever cartoon? Put me down as a Bugs Bunny fan.

Nothing beats the Square dance scene from "HillBilly Hare"

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2011/6/15 21:39:18
Computer not fast enough? Thanks Danimal. That wasn't the solution but it lead me to the solution. Every individual tree, etc.. were listed in the scene window, not as a group so the edit function didn't work on all of them. But I thought to my self "what if I grouped them" So I tried grouping like items. Turns out I don't need to use the scene window if I group them. Just right click and I can turn off sway for all that are grouped. They have to be the same object though. I can't group all things that sway, that doesn't work. I have to do "all jungle plants large", "all jungle plants small", "all cypress trees" etc.. But it's still a huge work saver. I was doing each item individually before.
2011/6/15 20:32:09
Computer not fast enough? Dreeko wrote:
Nope!, you're stuck with the mass bobble headed botany for the time being.

Grrrr... It seems for every two great things in Muvizu they must feel a need to throw in a bad one just so we don't get spoiled.

Now to make up for it they need to give me an explosion effect and some gun props. Come on, I earned them.
2011/6/15 19:51:32
Computer not fast enough? I've switched to the 32 bit version and it seems to be working fine. Now, is there a way to turn off "sway" for plants and trees? Most of my sets have dozens, if not a hundred or more plants and trees. Now when I load them it looks like they're in a wind storm. So far the only thing I can figure out to do and click on each plant or tree and turn it off individually. That takes forever. Any way to turn it off completely so it doesn't happen when I load a set?
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2011/6/13 19:26:38
Computer not fast enough? "Some of the testers here are trying to see if we can reproduce it"

Try a set with lots of characters each with action and movement. That's what I have. Most of my sets are big and complex with camera movement and at least a dozen, sometimes more, characters moving around. Also, sometimes with effects such as fireworks.

Guess I'll have to try the 32 bit version for now.

Can I have both the 32 and 64 bit versions on my computer or should I delete the 64 bit one before I download the 32 bit version?
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2011/6/13 9:02:24
Computer not fast enough? I'm trying out the new 64 bit version on a new machine. It starts up faster, it can create objects and characters faster, load sets faster, etc... But when I load old sets with character movement they will barely play. Way too slow and jerky, even at times freezing up completely. Very disappointing.

I have a quad core 2.33ghz with 8gb DDR2 ram and a NVIDIA GeForce GT220 graphics card running Vista Home Premium. I know 2.33ghz is slightly slowly than the recommended speed but would it make that much difference?

Any way to speed things up without buying a new computer?
2011/3/23 17:19:03
Numa Numa Guy Thanks. The eye thing was the hardest. The part I thought would be the easiest, the wave and the salute, turned out to be harder than I thought it would be. Ha. I go into these videos thinking I will just "throw something together real quick" and it ends up turning out to be work.
2011/3/23 10:23:00
Surfin Bird Video I was bored again and made a video based on "Surfin Bird" by The Trashmen.-

Turn your volume down I recorded the sound quite loud.
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2011/3/22 1:59:01
Numa Numa Guy I was bored so a made a quick version of the Numa Numa Guy video. If you don't already know it you can view it here-

Here's my version. I captured the exact sound track from the original video.-
2011/2/3 2:07:45
head/eyes movements and sliding on the ground I've had the same issue is characters sliding instead of walking or running. It's happened a couple of times.
2010/12/25 0:18:27
Performance Increase Programmes I finally got around to trying 3dAnalyze. Not only did it not work, it slowed things down. It's another program running that Muvizu has to run through so you need a pretty good computer to run it in the first place. Overall not good for slower computers, even ones close to the minimum Muvizu specs.
2010/12/17 21:11:11
puppeteering or manual animation I would at least like to see us have control of the face if not the whole body. Eyebrow control, more eye control(ability to close eyes) smoother head control, and change the mouth into the current anger, happy, scared, etc.. on our own.
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