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2011/3/7 14:19:16
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? A gesture I'd like to see in Muvizu is talking/whispering behind the hand. Hard to describe what I mean - but here's a picture (hard to find the search terms even to locate it!):
2011/3/7 13:16:15
Direct Character Actions Pages All these possibilties sound great! I do see what you mean about keeping things simple - but Muvizu is so engaging that a lot of people find themselves wanting to do so much more. And for that the user needs finer control.Tricky one.
Despite my moaning, I really do like Muvizu!
2011/3/7 3:29:01
Direct Character Actions Pages Neil wrote: "The dialog boxes for directing are based around the numpad as it's easier and faster to operate that way than clicking buttons, hence the 3x3 grid..."
Meh. Not too sure about this approach, for me. Mapping from the numpad to what you see on the screen doesn't seem terribly easy to me. I think a big part of the problem for me is that too much stuff has to be done in real time - I just want to be able to slow things down a bit so I'm not stabbing away at the keyboard (or mouse) in the vague hope I'll get what I want. These frustrations are compounded - a lot - by the fact that so far I've been attempting to animate to a pre-existing dialogue rather than scripting to the animation.
And oh, wouldn't it be fabulous to be able to, say, copy (or cut) and paste on the timeline...
2011/3/7 3:20:12
Triumphant Fist Action Not Manifesting Thank you, Berty. And, of course, my banging on about how Muvizu should work FOR ME, RIGHT NOW, GODAMMIT, is completely unfair. I was just tired and emotional :-)
Interesting tips about the order of events you tend to use. However, I am animating to a recorded dialogue (well, actually a monologue) so have to organize what I'm doing around that.
However, as ever, your input is much appreciated!
2011/3/7 3:16:01
direct lights Thanks to ukBerty and Neil for your responses. Wouldn't it be simpler, Irritable Neil, just to get rid of the duration box, since durations can't be changed? Or, if it will be at some point, just grey it out for now?
2011/3/6 5:15:55
Direct Character Actions Pages I don't get it! Why are the animations split up into 3 pages? Why not just give us a palette that allows the user to arrange a larger variety of animations? That is, a kind of big page? It's crazy to limit the size of a dialogue to arbitrary dimensions: shouldn't it be the size that is actually useful?
I love the ideas powering Muvizu and I know it's free, so feel crappy being so ungrateful - but. really, a readily usable interface is crucial and, now that I've been really trying to use it rather than just tinkering around, I'm getting pissed off. Just sayin'...
2011/3/6 5:05:21
Triumphant Fist Action Not Manifesting Subject says it all, really. In Prepare mode, it looked fine - I got the preview no problem; when I activated it in the Direct phase, nothing showed up. It's there in the timeline, but my character just stands there.
Hey ho.
(Again, apologies for rattiness - but am simply trying to create a 90-second short to try to support a job application. Eight months is beginning to look like a permanet state :-( On the up side, you could say I have all the time in the world to do it. Yeah.)
2011/3/6 4:26:51
direct lights Quoling wrote:
One more thing - I noticed that when going into the timeline, it's possible to edit the start point but not the duration - is that me being stupid again or something that can't be done?

Come on, guys! Answer, please! This is an excellent question. If the duration can't be edited, why on earth is the duration thingie shown at all? I am just trying my first proper animation effort with Muvizu, but the controls (or lack of them) is doing my head in! Since you can't expand a duration on the timeline (boo!), it's really irritating to apparently be given the option in the wee "Edit start" box - only to find you are unable to edit it! WTF?
(Yes, am irritable - but so would you be...)
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2010/11/12 20:35:36
How do you loop movement.. There is an example of how to do this in Tutorial 5.
HTH, ibeme :-)
2010/11/11 1:29:16
latest version jonbez wrote:
I Love that you released two versions. I'll take notes if I find some nuts Big Grin
edited by jonbez on 11/10/2010

Just to clarify... The non-bleeding-edge version is just the current one, right? Not complaining, just want to know! Trying to figure out if, as a very new Muvizu user, I should stick with what I have, or brave the new one. I mean, maybe it'd be better to get conversant with the new version - bugs/anomalies notwithstanding - rather than learn the older one and then adapt to a newer one. I guess I'm the only one that can answer that question - but how about the question I started off this post with?

Cheers - and congratulations to all at Muvizu on your new baby!
2010/11/5 22:26:08
Gnome TV #1 - Primary Election Post-Mortem I actually came back to write a P.S., and you'd already replied! I meant surreptitiously in the first place, as then there's no, uh, performance anxiety. But it also depends on the individual - and, anyway, you soon forget you're being recorded. Different from a camera being present, for sure.

Great fun to present them with a wee animation, complete with representations of them. Subsequently, sure, they would be in the know. But the first time, I'd like it to be a surprise. I like to collaborate, too: but I'd like to get a bit more familiar with Muvizu first, so I can be in more of a position to move ahead relatively quickly. (Yeah, I know, could easy work the other way round - not married to one way or the other, just so aware of how powerful Muvizu is, and how I only know that in principle :-)
2010/11/5 22:10:11
Gnome TV #1 - Primary Election Post-Mortem Have been watching the tutorials and - like many people I'm sure - my initial efforts have gone into creating avatars of me and people I know. My master plan is to surreptitiously do some recordings and animate to that.

(Great tutorials, by the way but.)
2010/11/5 21:38:03
Staundoone Episode ! I know why it's there (sadly, I was around for it the first time).
I just figure that, since you are clear about the time setting, you don't need to bash the viewer over the head with the idea. It's just occurred to me that maybe you could just confine it to one or two scenes per episode, one that really personifies the type of situation where those sitcoms would have had a heavy hand on the laugh track. For example, the first time the guy with the power gets naked and then (maybe) again when he does so in front of the TV store window. Ooh-er, missus.

Could be a sort of trademark, perhaps...

What do other people here think?
2010/11/5 21:23:00
Gnome TV #1 - Primary Election Post-Mortem :-) :-)
Go, corraodj! Nice to see a bit of satire in Muvizu users' offerings. Thank you, and thank you, Muvizu, for providing such well thought-out software. Now all I need to do is figure out how to use it as well as these guys...
2010/11/5 19:18:48
Gnome TV #1 - Primary Election Post-Mortem Fab! More, please.

You said there were two follow-up episodes! Please post: we need more gnomes. And random Christmas references...
2010/11/5 19:12:13
Staundoone Episode ! Good work, Dreeko (Could just be me, but I thought the laugh track was distracting. Well, irritating, actually... But the piece is so well done overall that I forgive you!)
2010/11/1 18:46:23
Talk and shush on the timeline - editing question Thanks for the suggestion - a tip I'm sure I'll make use of in the future. For now, I just redid the talk/shush tracks for each speaker. I can obviously do with the practice :-)
2010/10/31 21:31:12
Talk and shush on the timeline - editing question Hi there,

New to Muvizu and liking it so far. Am working through your tutorials - very useful, thank you.

But (of course) I have a question. I've got my two characters and my one MP3 with their dialogue. I went through and did the talk/shush exercise - but I messed up some of them (yes, even though I had the cue points, my hand still thought was funny to click the wrong thing occasionally, nor not click at all). So, here I am in the timeline editor, and while I can alter the timespan of talk or shush, I can't see any way to insert a period of either. Is that right? Do I just get the one go at getting the talk/shush thing done correctly? My dialogue clip is only two minutes long, admittedly, but it's something of a drag if I have to redo the whole thing for one side of the dialogue just because I'm an idiot.

Any ideas?

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