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2011/7/15 11:29:19
Movizu and copyrighted music Just checked. My Samsung doesn't have 64 bits. Forget that bit. LOLCool
2011/7/15 11:27:53
Movizu and copyrighted music I instaleld the latest version of 64-bits Movizu and it didn't work so I had to go back to the 32-bits version. I think the one I installed last year is better - I can't spot any differences with the new Movizu. I did a programming course, maybe the 64-bits code is bad?!? Does my Samsung 110CR have 64-bits?

Anyway I was wondering if Movizu has copyright protection for music? I want to make a video using "Respectable" by Mel and Kim. One of them is dead but I wondered if the other one still owns the rights to that song.

If she does then can I add it to my Movizu video and put it on you tube? Does Movizu let me use any song I want?

2011/7/14 12:57:04
Muvizu's long range plans ...and will it run on a mac?
2011/7/1 9:54:36
Easter Eggs I've looked for months without any luck too! Come on, Muvizu! Whats the point of having easter eggs if no one can find them!

2011/3/17 12:15:04
Wrong english Hey

I've noticed that Muvizu uses the wrong way of spelling. At first I thought it was a mistake but then I discovered that the British have their own way of spelling certain words like color and tires. Can we have an option to switch it to the proper english please?

2011/1/7 17:17:52
Movie in background Nah, Muvizu can't produce a render of a single character or object. It grabs the whole viewport as a 24-bit image without Alpha channels.

But, if you're forced to do chroma-keying then you'd get the best results using Muvizu's TGA sequence output.

2011/1/6 10:20:12
eBook users - you're ruining it for everyone!!! I like books. Books can be carried in your bag, can be taken on holiday, are water-proof and sun-cream proof. They hold information in a way that can be accessed at any time, in any place. You can skip pages, dive in half-way through or make notes in the margin. They can hold text and pictures. Fat, cardboard books show children wonderful things and improve their curiosity and hand skills. You can even embed squeaky things, felt patches and puppets within books.

Books can be kept forever, can be leant or given away. Libraries may hold and distribute books willy-nilly. Once you're done with a book you can even sell it at a jumble sale. Maybe you might buy another book at the same jumble sale.

So, eBook users, why are you condeming the rest of us to a future of digital, rights-managed, company-controlled novels, stories and encyclopedias? Why are you beckoning in a system of reading that needs plastic and chips and batteries and cables and screens?

2010/11/8 16:14:53
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?.. Is it too late to ask for characters that can wiggle their eyebrows. It would be cool to do a Roger Moore movie. LOL Whaaaaa?
2010/11/8 16:12:10
Parental Controls/Explicit Content Filters Perhaps youcould do what they do with the bbc iPlayer.....give you a tick-box that you need to press before seeing adult content
2010/11/1 14:52:44
Additional Sounds The Freesound project is pretty good to:


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