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2012/3/30 13:00:34
WANNA HAVE SOME FUN MUVIZUERS?? Skylike I am famous for my zombie groans. I will be sure to provide some when I next get a chance.

My claim to fame is that I provided the zombie groan sounds for the multiplayer unlockable zombie character in Grand theft auto 4. :O
2012/3/30 10:45:29
Gun_in_Hand Object interaction is a tough nut to crack. It's something that we're working hard on but it's not just as simple as having code like


Because of the way that objects are built and how our characters are built we need to be able to tell a character where to hold an object and how to hold the object. We're trying to get it right so that characters hands hold objects in ways that seem realistic (so they'll hold a coffee mug differently from how they'll hold a broom) and we need to find a way to make holding things with two hands work differently from holding things with one hand (how can we get a character to walk around carrying a heavy box that needs both hands or a stack of pillows that needs both hands but is also really light).

The scale is an important factor to consider as well. If something's really huge then we don't want that object to go through the floor or through other objects or through the character. Animating the movement of arms is also another big hurdle for us because a character who's walking around with briefcase isn't going to walk with both arms swinging backwards and forwards without a care to the weight. Also when they animate with a movement that brings their hand up to their face what's going to stop the object from going through the characters face?

Basically what I'm trying to say is there's a bunch of things that make this a challenge but we're not holding out on you or something. When we have something we're happy with I'm sure more will be said on the subject.
2012/3/30 10:05:15
Add custom trees! Download it from here :
2012/3/29 13:01:01
Voice actors? We need em. Answers on a post card, folks....
2012/3/29 11:03:16
Scene area doesn't fill muvizizu window (maxed) Honestly, getting a character to walk up to a bench and sit down on it can be pretty difficult in my experience. What I tend to do is record out a movement path over to the bench, have the character stop, click the 180 degree turn arrow and then, using character actions, have a character go into the sit posture. Once they've in the sit posture you can reposition them until they're on the bench and their movement path will update to have them end with them sitting on the bench.
2012/3/26 15:09:27
Group Movement Afraid not. Copy and pasting object movement paths is something we're looking at.
2012/3/26 14:22:20
Group Movement Hello.

Animating groups of objects isn't currently possible. You can animate each object individually and then line up the movement blocks on the timeline to make it look like the objects were all animated at the same time. Object movement in groups is something that we're looking into but it's another one of those big challenges with the systems we have in place at the moment. Watch this space.
2012/3/26 10:11:30
Wont open Hi Amelia,

Can you tell us what kind of graphics card you have at the moment? To find out what kind of graphics card you have go to the Control Panel in windows and select device manager.

Your graphics card will be listed under your Display adapters category.


2012/3/23 13:15:37
raccogliere There is no specific animation for this. You'll just have to look through the library until you see something that looks like it works. The 'Object' animation is a personal favourite of mine for it. A lot of object interaction and movement has to be faked with clever camera cuts and editing but it can be done and done well. Zombietown has great object movement and I'm sure they'd be willing to tell you how it was done.
2012/3/23 11:05:20
Favourite ever cartoon? Weird story: the director of most of the star trek cartoons was colour blind to pink and grey so the fearsome Romulan Warbird all of a sudden looks like this:

2012/3/23 10:59:13
Error while saving Got it. We'll take a look. In the meantime, here's a video from our sister department the Joy Division.

2012/3/23 10:54:10
raccogliere Dovrete usare il movimento dell'oggetto ed eseguire un'animazione che appare come il personaggio è raccogliere qualcosa. Attualmente non esiste un metodo di interazione 'proprio' oggetto, ma è qualcosa che stiamo lavorando duramente per ottenere destra.
2012/3/22 11:20:10
Going birthday viral? Pfft if I really wanted to destroy the internet I'd just type Google into Google.
2012/3/22 10:23:09
Going birthday viral? James realised that birthday videos do really well and so do videos about dogs so the two things were combined into youtube gold. If only we could have had a kitten struggling to stay awake in the video it'd have been basically an unstoppable view generating machine.
2012/3/15 11:11:13
Manca load audio in prepare dialog
2012/3/14 16:56:58
Manca load audio in prepare dialog Se avete il dialogo che è stata registrata salvato come un file separato (ad esempio un file wave o un file mp3) sarete in grado di importare in Muvizu eseguendo le operazioni seguenti:

Aprire Preparare Audio nel menu Prepare
Fare clic su Nuovo
Fare clic sulla traccia appena creata
Fare clic su Modifica
Fare clic su Importa
Trovare il file registrato l'audio
Fare clic su Ok.
Fare clic su Prepara Dialogo nel menu Prepare (se si presenta come una piccola finestra di creare un personaggio)
Change 'Lipsync a' al nome della traccia audio che avete importato (che è il nome della traccia, non il nome del file è stato importato)
Clicca diretto.

Se si sta tentando di registrare l'audio nel l'applicazione è possibile ottenere caratteri lipsync eseguendo le operazioni seguenti:

Aprire Preparare Audio
Fare clic su Nuovo
clic sulla traccia appena creata
Fai clic su modifica
Fare clic su Registra
fare clic sul pulsante rosso
registrare l'audio
fare clic su Chiudi
Fare clic su Ok.
Fare clic su Prepara Dialogo nel menu Prepare (se si presenta come una piccola finestra di creare un personaggio)
Change 'Lipsync a' al nome della traccia audio che avete importato (che è il nome della traccia, non il nome del file è stato importato)
Clicca diretto.

Speranza che aiuta.
2012/3/14 16:51:42
Ambient Occlusion Maps ScorpyX wrote:
-> Dylly : ok.. i know all about textures \ models \ unreal engine 3
but HOW i can import Normal map in Muvizu
it does not give me options

Normal Maps are not currently a feature in Muvizu. This Thread was initially about a request for the feature to be implemented.

You can not currently import normal maps into Muvizu.
2012/3/14 16:00:39
None of my sved files works Can you open the premade sets that come with Muvizu? (The roman market, the space ship bridge, that sort of thing)
2012/3/14 15:59:39
Manca load audio in prepare dialog Ciao,

Per ottenere i caratteri di lip sync in audio devi audio primo carico nell'applicazione tramite la usando 'Preparare Audio' e il pulsante 'Nuovo'. Una volta che avete una traccia audio clic su "Modifica" per importare il vostro audio.

Se si dispone di caratteri che si possono quindi utilizzare il menu 'dialogo Prepare' e, utilizzando il menu a tendina per selezionare una traccia Lip Sync. Poi dicono il carattere di parlare o Shush a seconda se si vuole che parlare o Shush.
2012/3/14 15:38:49
None of my sved files works Hi! Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with muvizu.

Was the patch that you mentioned in your post the database patch that was put out after the release of 19b? If it wasn't can you install the file (which you can download from here: ) and give opening your setfile another try please?
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