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2016/12/19 0:56:47
Sketchup to Muvizu Oh cool, I hadn't seen that update. Good to know
2016/12/18 23:09:13
Sketchup to Muvizu Maybe this link is helpful https://gist.github.com/ialhashim/9522211

Can anyone figure out the quick way to use a script like this and start offloading stuff in the format we need?
2016/12/18 23:01:40
Sketchup to Muvizu Just saw this on 3dwarehouse

"Please Note: On January 1, 2017, SketchUp Version 8, and SketchUp Version 2013 file formats will no longer be available for download from 3D Warehouse."

Seems like that might affect our workflow. Any ideas?
2016/11/19 7:45:55
Failed to load object from file Hmm, maybe I applied a texture to a character that was for the wrong UV map? Dunno if I did that or not but I don't think I did any modifications beyond changing their clothes... Which I did rather clumsily. For instance, maybe putting on an outfit before removing their existing clothes causes a problem. I seem to remember putting a suit on a character without first removing his clothes. It looked fine but I went ahead and selected the empty boxes for Top and Legs because I figured I shouldn't have useless polygons floating around unseen. I'll have to try and remember what order to get dressed in
Nope nevermind.. just went and tried a few different ways of getting clothes on/off decals etc... The file still opens.
Sandboxing is still a good idea.
I've started saving new versions of the file every time I change something.
Hopefully tech support is able to come up with something.
2016/11/19 4:33:05
Failed to load object from file OK, I'll try contacting support again, maybe directly by email this time instead of via the site. That way I can send them the file.

Can't open the file to remove a camera but I'll try to recreate it a few times with different numbers of cameras and keyframe/non-keyframing to see if I can at least isolate the cause.

One other thing I thought might be a possibility was that I used an mp3 for the voices and I saw later that wav files are what's recommended.
Not sure if importing audio actually takes the file into the set or if it references the audio from a folder location. I tried replacing the file in the folder with a few different versions ( I believe they were wav, mp3 @ 16 bit, and vorbis) as well as renaming those files w/ .mp3 in case the set file looked for it specifically. Not sure how thorough I was in that attempt but it was 4 in the morning and wasn't having any luck.

Ideas are welcome.

2016/11/19 4:32:37
Where is all of the content? Favorites!
That's what I needed. Works great.

The copy/paste solution doesn't seem to work for me. I tried it with a few different situations but the paste option is greyed out in the other open file (even when opening a fresh one after copying in case it needed to refresh or something) Ctrl+v didn't work either.

Like I said, saving into the Favorites tab works great. Just curious about the other way cause that would be cool too.
Maybe it's a depreciated function and you're on an older version?
2016/11/18 21:18:22
Failed to load object from file Hi all,

I've run into the Failure to Load Object problem with the first real project I worked on. I'm using what I assume to be the latest release of the product (which is pretty awesome).
No head movements that I'm aware of.
I do have 4 cameras with keyframed movement.
Is that the problem and do I need to just go ahead and rebuild the scene staying away from the use of that many cameras?
Or is it the keyframing that causes the glitch?
2016/11/18 21:09:50
Where is all of the content? How do you go about importing user assets?

I can open the set files as a scene and have a basic understanding of using textures.

What I don't understand is how to bring a character or object from a user asset set file, into my existing project.

I've tried looking through the forum for answers but for some reason it doesn't seem to be a topic. Am I missing something?

Any help is appreciated

2016/11/17 22:58:05
Lip Sync Nightmare Hi there, I'm new to Muvizu and really like the program alot, though it does have a few issues. I came up with an easy workaround for the lip sync issue. Maybe you've already thought of this or it doesn't work in your situation but when I ran into it, this is what I did.

Set up the recording with him hushed and activate it as soon as you can. record the rest of the characters part of the lip sync animation.
In the timeline, slide the talk trigger over to the start of the audio track.

Hope that helps.
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