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2017/5/24 17:27:00
Indy Jones and the Temple of Zu This is the best use of Muvizu I've seen - and you know there's a ton of competition - someone thinking to buy Digimania should be shown this video
2017/5/24 4:29:22
7 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself About the Pic I used a lot of free sets from the store

2017/4/22 15:20:52
Digimania has gone into administration ritsmer wrote:
Well - 'In Administration' is not necessarily equal to a total 'Insolvency' close-and-forget.

And - as we can read in the letter to the employees: ...'there are a small number of interested parties for certain parts of the business'.

The management of Digimania surely will have tried to contact possibly interested companies already - but often there are so many factors in such a transfer of assets that it is only doable in combination with a close down of (some parts) of the company - which also probably will bring down the price tag of the assets.

If one considers the facts then it is quite conceivable that there might be companies wanting to continue the great work already invested in the development of Muvizu platform.

So let us hope the best.

I can only echo everyone's thoughts - I hope and believe the staff will end up OK from this - we users are also a resilient bunch so - we'll figure out something - I like all the suggestions I've seen so far
2017/4/18 1:33:49
Issue with the latest release of Muvizu:Play+ dltanner99 wrote:
When I right click to rotate a character, it turns very slowly, rather than at the same speed as when I move a character. It started when I downloaded the latest version of Muvizu. I have Muvizu:Play+, and run Windows 7 with 16 gig, AMD 3+ 8370 CPU and R7 200 graphics card. Please try it yourselves and see if you have the same issue. Great product and I have been using Muvizu for 2-3 years. I am also a longtime iClone user.

I've noticed this problem just today but thought it was related to the floor in the set I'm using or some kind of odd friction. :>

Thanks for mentioning this because I thought it was just me.
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2017/4/6 3:15:31
Animation Techniques – The Gardener Animation Techniques – The Gardener – A Short Story Animated with Muvizu 360 - this is my first 360
2017/3/28 19:21:29
AMD RYZEN 7 1800X PatMarrNC wrote:
well, I decided to take a chance on this new CPU which was just released in March 2017. Ordered it a few days ago, and it should arrive today. I'll review it after I have a chance to install Muvizu and my video editor..

I had previously tried to increase my performance by installing a better graphics card (I already had a gaming computer, but with an inferior graphics capability). It helped with things like effects, but it didn't affect my slow loading times or lag when I had a bunch of stuff going on in the scene at the same time.

Turns out that Muvizu relies heavily on the CPU for some tasks, and on the GPU for other tasks, so both are important. In my case, after my GPU upgrade, the CPU was the bottleneck.

Until now, the newer intel CPUs had a major advantage due to their hyper threading. Each core works like 2 cores, so a 4 core i7 has 8 threads of computing power. The Ryzen is AMDs first line that offers the same advantage of two threads per core... but at a much lower price!

The Ryzen 7 has 8 cores - 16 threads, which throws a lot of computing power at CPU intensive tasks, like loading complex sets into Muvizu. That's the theory anyway... I'll report back with real-world results after some testing. If it works like I'm hoping, the Ryzen series could be the most inexpensive path to a computer that can handle Muvizu without breaking a sweat.

Ah... doorbell... UPS... let the testing begin....

This is very useful information. Thanks much!
I recently purchased an I7 7700 but am going without a graphics card until I decide what I need. Thinking an EVGA 1050 with 2 GB could help.
Until your info I was in the dark but wondering what it takes to make Muvizu run better.
I'm also wondering about (when making a video from Muvizu) what is the best bitrate and resolution combination to set.
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2017/3/25 0:11:59
Lobby Cam Chapter Three PatMarrNC wrote:
so, after watching 3 episodes, I'm zeroing in on a soap opera vibe... a continuing story with a theme song and a slowly revealed plot... is that a fair understanding of what you're doing here?

I see that as a valid interpretation given the information you have. Or, sounds good to me!
Actually Lobby Cam is a part of one chapter of a novel of mine that I've expanded with Muvizu animation without knowing how it ends myself. Its a twist on a story I heard on NPR years ago about a guy who's VCR (that's dated) picked up a lobby cam and he ends up fallnig in love with a woman he sees there.

2017/3/24 18:17:29
Lobby Cam Chapter Three I must have entered the wrong YouTube link

2017/3/24 17:44:30
Lobby Cam, Chapter Three Ben may be having problems distinguishing dreams from reality. The unique features of the new television are also challenging Ben’s emotional condition.
2017/3/19 23:01:37
Nick Danger - Lost Gals (Part 3) Very Professional work plus entertaining - great example of the power of Muvizu
2017/3/15 12:47:57
Lobby Cam, Chapter One drewi wrote:
In Love@martha

aaahhh I'll tell her!!
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2017/3/15 3:13:00
Lobby Cam, Chapter One PatMarrNC wrote:
14 minutes! Man, that takes some dedication! Interesting story so far, but a little hard to follow , given your non-chronological approach and gradual revelation of key information. Good use of existing sets, and I like your use of the cat!

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the story!
Thank you for the encouragement! I expect Chapter Two will flow better as I learn more about this format. I'm glad I was able to keep Max as a higher profile character in the story thanks to your Animal Pack.
2017/3/14 18:58:13
Lobby Cam, Chapter One I'm working toward a more dialogue-driven style.

2017/2/16 17:16:14
The Life and Art of Alessandro Gray, Part 4 of 5, You can see YouTube for a more complete description. For here I want to include the part with the credits. There will be one or two final videos in this series by Saturday.

As I've said in previois videos, my goal is to use 3D Animation to make a novel into a video. I'm now more aware of how much effort would be required to animate a full novel. The three final videos in this series rely greatly upon the sets made by others which greatly shortened the time-to-completion. As a word of thanks I mention that sets presented here include Military Compound by Rebel, Drive In Movie by Teesa, New York Apartment by Wdeprospo, church Inside by Wdeprospo, Fender Telecaster! By PatMarrNC, The Alley Street by DMckinney and elements from so many others that I now forget where I found them originally. I hope to include more dramatization and less narrative storytelling for future videos.

2017/1/21 5:00:28
Experiments in 3D Animation and Storytelling PatMarrNC wrote:
Looks like you're having fun, Roroduck! I want to see the rest of the story about the guy in NY prison... you've caught my interest regarding what he has to say that will affect so many people.

Am I correct in thinking that the RO in RORODUCK is short for "Rob?" (ROB! Look for birds!)

I am having fun and , yes, it is Robert.I don't mind experimenting when people are kind with their comments as they are here.
2017/1/21 4:57:33
Experiments in 3D Animation and Storytelling Rocque wrote:
Thanks for sharing this. How did you get so much in the first segment where you were panning back and forth? That was a lot of "stuff" in one scene. I am very impressed. Your camera work looked very smooth, and I enjoyed watching all the different techniques that you were experimenting with.

Thanks much for the positive feedback. I' still evaluating Muvizu to see if it's suitable for novel-size storytelling. So far it's doing well.

The smooth camera movements are thanks to the Key framing expansion pack.
2017/1/21 1:53:44
Experiments in 3D Animation and Storytelling 3D Animation Vignettes which represent experiments with camera movement and the Muvizu Key Framing Expansion Pack. This video also contains experiments with character movement and dialogue plus ways to integrate AVI files into animations. Finally, there is some work with dramatic dialogue and character interaction.
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