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2017/2/21 1:28:12
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Hey thanks guys for the prompt answer. I had the right line but the wrong file. I must have looked at the previous tips wrong. My eyes don't see so well like they used to . Or maybe my mind ... Anyway thanks again for a beautiful set as always. You guys are masters of the craft!
2017/2/19 23:36:56
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Looks excellent! Surely thinking outside the box! I do have a problem viewing the flock of birds as seen in the video from youtube. Seems very dark and is not transparent at all. I did change the Defaultgame file line bstripvideoalpha from true to false, but no change. I can view other pics with transparencies, but not this one which appears to be an animated gif. ? Maybe someone could give me an idea to make this work right. thanks!
2016/3/25 15:44:58
Beautyqueen hair yea, good! Thanks!
2015/12/26 13:20:24
Quick & Dirty Quadraped workaround... what a cool idea!
2015/12/5 16:33:16
Default Chinese scene crashes Muvizu Looks like another bug! Muvizu crashes when I try to load the Chinese set into it. As soon as I get to about 78% it crashes with a long list of errors and my video card (Geforce GTX 650) shows it has recovered. I have Windows 10. I think I narrowed it down to the Chinese tree 1. I loaded 1 by one every asset from the Chinese history pack, even with a character so suited up, and was OK until I added that darn tree! It loaded kinda grayed out and then it all froze up and I had to click OK and the program shut down. Tried again with just the tree and bam! Did it again! Would show a screen shot but I don't know how.
2015/11/29 18:43:08
Key framing expansion pack available now! love it? much easier to animate now! thanks!
2015/11/29 18:40:44
Chinese History pack - yours to enjoy today! love the set! esp. the water! any chance we will see any more water props? thanks!
2015/11/16 23:32:31
Issue with Direct Camera Cuts same here as last reply. didn't know about it till now. bummer. Using windows 10. same with direct x 9 or 11.
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2015/11/14 18:02:47
space bar will not stop recording imediately Ok , my bad. this afternoon I checked and it works great now!
Must be something with the computer, new day, restart, warmed up...
Any way thanks for the advise. I'm used to near instant gratification nowadays. Probably the computers fault...
2015/11/11 20:42:27
space bar will not stop recording imediately updated to latest version with key-framing and have to press the space bar several times to stop recording. it does not matter what i'm recording. It seems the only exception is when key framing where I move down the timeline to set another key. Which is fine with key framing. But with the character walking or running or something like that that there is no key framing available. Sometimes I can click the end or start arrows and it will stop with other complications. Anybody having this problem? Or should I send in a ticket? I can work around it for now.
2015/10/25 15:54:30
How do I load chemistry set? I did the same stuff as iamyourda and sent in a support ticket and they sent me a list of things to do in order, which worked by the way. Later on another day I found that some of the items in the chemistry pack were acting like they were shadowed out and wound turn invisible if you or the camera would be moved a certain distance from them. It would also make Muvizu Crash if these items were put into a scene. I somewhat fixed the problem by switching to directx 9, but losing layers (which I don't use at this point).
I have windows 10, 8 gigs ram and 2 gig video card.

On a side note, I cannot find "Environment VFX x1".

PS: Thanks to Jamie and the staff of Muvizu !
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2015/10/21 4:00:18
Character looking at mobile phone how about "hand to mouth" and then direct eyes and head?
2015/8/29 3:20:00
sizing an object in only one of 3 dimensions no problem, still learning new things about Muvizu too!
2015/8/26 20:38:20
sizing an object in only one of 3 dimensions just a suggestion... try clicking that little chain link at the left of the scale sliders and it will unsynchronize them. works for me!
2015/8/23 20:05:47
Waterfall or desert Island scene? just checked...ok from USA and windows 10!
2015/8/15 3:52:23
I'll be better in the Morning Cool! Looks good!
2015/7/30 1:58:43
Mandy and Beefy aren't talking I get the same thing, except whichever one is in the scene first gets to talk and the other has to keep silent. Doesnt seem to effect the other characters though.
2015/7/26 14:25:51
prepare sound effects not working great! thanks for the info!
2015/7/25 16:22:17
prepare sound effects not working after new update this morning sound effects are back and special effects will trigger again! however, any favorites, even made in this version are still under the floor and have to be resurrected!
2015/7/17 18:03:17
prepare sound effects not working oh bummer....
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