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2018/4/13 23:58:44
error welcome to the NEW world of Muvizu where nothing works, specially on paid subscriptions. I bought Muvizu as soon as it became commercial for GBP £75.00 ($106.90 USD). Now I own a software that I cannot registered on line nor use it as a validated original copy because the original registration number does NOT work. I emailed then my old reg. number but now it seems the server is down and no one knows anything about it!
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2018/3/30 12:41:03
I can't get license key to work Are we to assume that we are going from bad to worst with this problem about the paid licence not working?
2018/3/26 20:31:31
I can't get license key to work I'm re-installing my licensed copy of Play+ and all I get is error W3. I thought there was a workaround to this error W3 problem?
please help!
2017/10/25 22:10:52
3D Builder/Daz3d Studio to create objects Thanks. very good info
2016/11/19 11:00:23
2016/10/7 13:52:47
Lip Sync Nightmare This is he biggest downfall of Muvizu, specially if you work hard on your animations and invest time and money. For years I have waited for a solution to this shortcoming on an otherwise promising software. There are many workarounds on this subject and these are just a few of them.
Keep trying until you find the one that works for you.
One more thing, there is NO other animation software that has this particular limitation: "one sound file for ALL characters"

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2016/8/30 0:25:39
Muvizu price dropping I bought Muvizu several years ago when it went from Beta testing to commercial for £75.00. Few months later the price was cut in half and now I see the price cut in half even further. After more than 40 years of dealing with software that are "here today and gone tomorrow", I can easily see a pattern that indicates either a major upgrade pending or a simple "abandon-ware", or even a possible total disappearance of this product.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I hope that there is a major upgrade in the horizon rather then the other options.
2016/5/14 12:45:17
Extend or combine character actions I'd never would've thought of it. Great usable work!!!
2016/5/14 12:42:55
Workaround to simulate falling water Breath taking!!
2016/1/4 16:44:39
Free animation and scriptwriting courses Thanks toonorama in addition, I found a wealth of free educational training, this is an incredible resource!! Thanks for the information.
2015/6/24 19:39:30
Output to MP4 ? Thanks for your explanation ziggy72 I think I recall this workaround and it makes sense now. I'm using Adobe After Effects CS6 with H.264 and output of HD 720p 29.97 to get the most beautiful MP4.
I'm satisfied now.
2015/6/23 7:52:56
Output to MP4 ? A year ago when I bought Muvizu plus I remember being able to output to MP4 using FFSDSHOW, this format allowed me to easily edit the outputted file. Now Muvizu plus only export/output to AVi. I have installed all the necessary codecs but NO MP4. I can separately convert it to MP4 but its there any way to directly export/output to MP4?
2015/6/5 0:21:33
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? drmark wrote:
Thanks for the post Valero. Which version of Crazy Talk Animator are you using? Can you expand a little on how you use it?

CrazyTalk Animator Version 2, is a 2D animation software that uses vector drawings so its has a very clean appearance. It uses animation tools such a timelines, manual animation tween as well as numerous ready made animations such a seat, stand, idle, etc,etc. and a plethora of commercial characters, items, scenes, etc,etc. You can design your own characters (not too easy to do) It has a Low learning curve and a price of around 170 US dollars. It has full lip sync and allows viseme. You can export in every possible format and one of its best quality is the "motion blending" which does away with the jump that can be seen when switching from one ready made motion to another. Basically CTA (CrazyTalk Animator) works similar to Muvizu except that their user interface its more "animation standard"
I've been producing animation for my church for the last 14 years and I have gone from the extra steep learning curve of the top of the line Maya to the simplistic, NO learning curve now defunct: Xtranormal. The demands from church and the need to have these animations done in hours instead of days took me to fast producing software such as Muvizu which in my rating scheme scores as EASY in the learning curve.
One last thing I've also used MovieStorm and the biggest drawback I found was the low poly characters and the "idle position" which makes all the characters move at the same time. MovieStorm its rated number 4 in my list and with a large users base, and low learning curve its a promising software.
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2015/6/4 23:58:49
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? In the last 14 years I have used/owned more than 18 animation software, of all of them, Crazy Talk animator, Muvizu and Iclone are my top 3, but of the 18 others, only Muvizu has the "one track Lip sync limitation", no other animation software has this deficiency, of course there are workarounds to this but, multiple track its inherent in any animation since the early days of the hand drawn cells.
Muvizu its trying to break in to the Steam market
in Steam there are very, very experienced gamer/animators which are supplied with a vast amount of of FREE animation software such as Source Filmmaker which by the way has the best "out of the package Lip Syncing" that there is without using Visime which its also included. SFM (Source Filmmaker) its a massive animation designer with High poly characters, a High learning curve and appealing to both newcomers as well as pros.
Muvizu should be loyal to its early commercial license buyers and try to fix the major glitches before venturing in new and more competitive markets.
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2015/6/4 0:34:04
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? After several years with Muvizu and waiting for this "multiple lip sync" issue to be resolved I too felt the need to move to other software that were more efficient on this matter. I have spent 1 year with CrazyTalk Animator and although its a 2d animation, its clean and easy interface its very promising, not to mention the support and updates.
2015/5/29 16:01:35
Issue with Commercial License Very sad that at this age and times support claims it cannot fix this issue with the license and the only way to re-install the software its to use the above mentioned workaround. With this problem and adding the importance of fixing the issue of only 1 dialogue track, I see the future of Muvizu very, very bleak Duhh
2015/5/28 18:36:29
New Version Let me know if you still need the old version:


and I'll send you my link to downloaded.
2015/5/28 18:30:22
Issue with Commercial License I used the following workaround suggested by fazz68 (thanks) although a bit time consuming, it does work,

but has this problem be resolved or addressed by Digimania?, specially since some of us paid the steep price for a license as soon as Muvizu became commercialized.
2015/5/28 0:53:29
Issue with Commercial License Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I just re-installed Muvizu to a new computer but to my surprise when entering the license code, it gives me the dreaded error Code W0 and does not let me upgrade. I've tried all the suggestions: Opening Muvizu as administrator, Closing the firewall, etc,etc and nothing works.
Please help. I've paid good money for this software to have this problem with it.
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2014/3/23 18:59:55
Goodbye So long fellow muvisuer, I hope is for a good reason...
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