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2012/2/27 22:46:11
Problems uploading / commenting on videos windows 7

Internet explorer 9 version 9.0.8112.16421

Flash version 11,1,102,62
2012/2/27 13:06:05
Problems uploading / commenting on videos Ian

Both always show up for me as well and have done for quite a while.

2012/2/23 11:39:57
Sketchup to Muvizu how about (and could be a challenge) some form of electrical generator which with added muvizu sparks and smoke could look great!
2012/2/23 8:56:10
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly
These are absolutely brilliant - mosy of the stories i eventually want to make involve mad scientists somewhere along the line and these are just perfect

Thank you

2012/2/1 22:38:06
The Death of Barry the Roofer with Vertigo The sad story of Barry by kind permission of Olga
2012/1/30 15:57:52
transparent video Dylly
this is what's needed
First, edit Program Files\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Config\DefaultGame.ini (or Program Files (x86)\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Config\DefaultGame.ini for the 32-bit version on a 64-bit OS). Set bStripVideoAlpha to false. Restart Muvizu. If Windows will not let you edit the file (with an "access denied" message because it is in Program Files) then just copy it to your Desktop, edit it there and then copy it back on top of the original file.
2011/12/30 10:10:02
Has he been yet ? Congratulations to Dylly (nice early birthday present!) Ziggy and Hexslayer! All great animations.

Surprised that there was no award for Mona Liza's smile though....
2011/12/23 17:17:45
Merry Christmas. Merry Xmas to everybody at HQ and within the community
2011/12/22 9:00:26
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly

The additional texturing looks fantastic but I agree that having both versions would be the best idea so it can fit different looks.

Really appreciate what you are doing here. The Muvizu community has certainly been enriched since you arrived.

all the best

2011/12/21 16:11:07
Download 3D assets? Wizplace
The assets are on the GALLERY (3d assets tab) page and if you click on the relevant asset it will open a page that contains the relevant download link.

Once downloaded you will need to (within Muvizu) Create Object and then select import

all the best

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2011/12/20 10:41:44
Import Question... what's this bit of it for? Dylly
Good question!

This must be a way of adding transparency and must somehow link in with data in the .ase file and could be the answer to how we get transparency into our Muvizu models. I'll do some digging!

UKBERTY - this could be what you need for those palm trees!

found this on an Unreal site

The Diffuse channel handles the base color of the of the material. Basically when light hits the materials surface it gets reflected and the diffuse channel has the information which color of the incomming light will be reflected, resulting in the material appearing to have this color. Accordingly for this channel to have any visible effect on the material there has to be light illuminating the material.

The Emissive channel simulates the material emitting light. This means that whatever color or texture you put in here will appear to be illuminated or even glowing. For this channel the material can be unlit and still have an effect. The channel also supports input of color values greater than between 0 and 1. Every input value greater than 1 will result in a more intensive glow of the material.

The Specular channel simulates highlights on the material as a result of reflected light, thus handling the shinyness of the material. Obviously to have highlights the material needs to be lit.

The SpecularPower channel controls the appearance of the highlights on the materials surface. It accepts only 1 channel as input. Lower values lead to softer highlights, higher values lead to concentrated highlights.

The opacity channel handles the transparency of the material. It only accepts one channel as input, where white represents fully opaque, grey values semi-transparent and black fully transparent areas on the material. For the opacity channel to be used the BlendMode of the material needs to be set to BLEND_Translucent (/BLEND_Modulated?/BLEND_ADDITIVE?).
Note: In translucent blend mode all lighting on the material will be discarded. Since there is no light on the material in this mode the diffuse channel will always result in complete black and specularity channel is useless in this mode. The color of the material thus goes into the Emissive channel. Specularity effects can still be faked with approriate material setups via Emissive and Opacity channel. In addition consider setting the materials LightingModel to MLM_Unlit, as this is processed faster and results in the same in this case.

The OpacityMask channel accepts a mask as input. This means it will accept values of either complete black or complete white. Otherwise it works just as the Opacity channel and can be used to setup transparency wherever no semi-transparent areas are needed on the material. For this channel to be used the material's BlendMode needs to be set to BLEND_Masked.
Note: In BLEND_Masked BlendMode the lighting information on the material is kept, so try to use this rather than BLEND_Translucent wherever possible.

The Distortion channel simulates refraction of light by the material. It accepts either a normal map (3 channels/RGB) or an alpha/bump map (1 channel/Greyscale) as input.

The TransmissionMask simulates an effect known as Subsurfacescattering (SSS). It controls where light can seep through the material, pick up a color and leave the material on the other side. Good examples of this in the real world would be shining a bright light through your hand or a piece of paper. This channel accepts 1 channel where in white areas this effect gets applied, in grey areas it gets partly applied and in black areas does not get applied.

During the process of light seeping through a material as described for TransmissionMask channel it picks up the color of the material it seeps through. This channel controls of which color the light will be when it leaves the material.

The Normal channel simulates the surface structure of the material and can be used to give the material more depth and detail. It accepts either a normal map (3 channel/RGB) or an alpha/bump map (1 channel/Greyscale) as input.

The CustomLighting channel can be used to setup an individual lighting model for the material when something different than Phong shading is needed. For this to be used the material's LightingModel needs to be set to MLM_Custom.
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2011/12/20 9:33:17
Has he been yet ? Dylly wrote:
I'm imagining a scene...perhaps a works Christmas party...the pub shuts...missing the last bus home...hell we'll carry on the party in the office and while we are here I've thought...hic of a few little...hic improvements to the ...latest...hic.... cut to light glinting from a cd stuck to the face of a dev unconscious at his/her the camera pans up to a flickering monitor, the word DELETE flashes in green as a tequila bottle finishes its final lazy rotation on the desk top and comes to a halt.The camera follows the path of a solitary drip that escapes from the neck of the bottle in slow motion until it splashes onto the return key as the door of the office opens...the screen fades to the sound of a discord played on the piano forte.

Brilliant.......but still hasn't provoked a response. We're dealing with tough cookies here. I think Vince has them all chained to their desks and their mouths taped up
2011/12/19 21:42:29
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly
That is a work of art - a wonderful model, you must really like your MIL
2011/12/19 11:01:27
Has he been yet ? Luscan wrote:

I asked for that!
2011/12/19 10:54:42
Has he been yet ? So there is life on Muvizu! I was getting worried.

Any news on, er, anything at all?
2011/12/17 14:09:20
arteria3d as source of props Berty
A couple of suggestions
Meshlab is supposed to be very impressive at reducing the size of 3d objects -

Otherwise if you give me an example of one of the props you are having a problem with I will try and run it through my 3dxchange to see if that can help.

all the best

2011/12/14 8:26:04
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly

That house looks fantastic - really fits in well with the Muvizu look.

Did you solve the tiling issue - you can always amend the tiling values in the .ase file.

all the best

2011/12/9 11:39:37
Create your own songs/soundtrack Glad you like it Dreeko

but please don't tell me you came up with that yourself - surely you can't do music too!
2011/12/9 8:19:03
arteria3d as source of props Guten Tag tripfreak - good to hear from you.
Thanks for providing this extra information and thank you for pointing us towards BITURN in the first place; it's a great little program.
I now realise that I can convert any Iclone prop into a Muvizu prop which will be really useful.

all the best

2011/12/8 13:56:03
Create your own songs/soundtrack UJAM (is a simple and fun way) of making your own music even if you are tone deaf like me
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