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2011/10/20 11:00:06
If you fancy a real challenge - music lovers Make a video for "The Who"
2011/10/19 10:50:42
Google Sketch Up Problem Good to hear, I think a few people have had a problem with the vernacular!
2011/10/19 9:53:49
Google Sketch Up Problem Have you created the toto.bmp file in the directotry C:/UT3
2011/10/17 12:13:11
Fly Dreeko
I absolutely love this - my favourite animation of yours so far and that's really saying something.
Please don't enter the competition too many times!
2011/10/14 14:42:47
rotate camera around a object/character Thank you UKBERTY I'll give it a go this weekend
2011/10/14 14:11:29
rotate camera around a object/character Hello there

Does anyone know if there is a "method" of rotating a camera around a character/object so that it stays the same distance from them.

I noticed that nastyM managed this successfully here

I've tried using the relevant keys but I don't seem able to get it right. Is there a secret to it?


2011/10/14 11:02:24
On the News Dreeko
It is amazing how you can get them animated so quickly and still maintain the quality. Muvizu certainly assists but it needs a true talent to pull it off so successfully.

I guess that the format you have created could lend itself to guest reports (ie produced by other Muvizists - have we got an established collective name yet!?) which could be vetted and incorporated byb your good self

all the best

2011/10/14 8:59:38
New competition rules thanks Vince
2011/10/14 8:19:07
New competition rules Good morning all!

Can I just ask a couple of questions about the latest competition

a) can you use music/textures if they have the correct creative commons licences

b) can you use post processing software (like Premiere Elements and Vegas Home Studio) to edit your film

Thank you

2011/10/12 10:23:16
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Dreeko wrote:
I like having the ability to overwrite the head movements contained in the character action by head/eyes direction. It suits the way I do things but maybe that's just me...

My reading of UKBERTY's post is that that is what he would want as well (as would I).

I think he is suggesting that if you

a) record some head movements on the timeline before a character action
b) follow it with an action

then the head movements involved with the action do not operate
2011/10/12 8:07:13
Superheroes texture 11April1973
Excellent textures - thank you very much. I know i will use them in the future
2011/10/7 11:18:13
Tutorial suggestions Dreeko wrote:
What would you like to see explained in a video tutorial.

It could be a certain effect that you may have seen or something else that you just can't get your head round in Muvizu.
What are the biggest stumbling blocks out there for you?

Very generous offer Dreeko - I'll have a think
2011/10/7 11:17:45
Tutorial suggestions Dylly wrote:

Not so much a tutorial as a tutorial with a reference chart ofr poses I can use i n workarounds. So what pose should I use with a character if I want to make them crawl on the floor, bend down etc..

That would be extremely useful - i guess a scene could be created with a character going through each motion in a given "set" so you could see exactly what they do. I know it took me ages to get one for person A removing person B's boot before I hit on "dog point"!

Dylly wrote:

It would have been so much easier if their was a list of tutorials on site.

Yes this would be really useful if we had a list which pointed to the appropriate video tutorial/posting. This could be a "sticky" post which had all the links embedded

Perhaps a dedicated Muvizu blog is what is required?????
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2011/10/7 8:53:25
Hello!!! Hello erosryder and welcome to the magic world of muvizu
erosryder wrote:
Is there a way to make the characters less cartoony?

You can use the custom texture maps to make them more realistic and turn down the exaggeration slider to make them act less frenetically

erosryder wrote:

What 3D animation program can help me create new objects?
Will that program save them in the correct format to import them into muvizu?

Any program that will support .ASE export - this usually means a plugin is required. For example there is a plugin for SKETCHUP, MAYA and BLENDER - best to look at the tutorials on this aspect.

erosryder wrote:

One more little thing, when I grabs the bottom part of the building with holding the left mouse it wasn't dragging the building so I could move it. It did a little but kept glitching on me. didn't know if it might be something I did wrong. Anyways thank you for making a K.A. Program!

It could be because it's movement is being blocked by a nearby object. Try lifting it up first using both mouse buttons and then drag it with the left button


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2011/10/5 14:38:38
Error trying to UNZIP Character Texture Maps. Ian
Are these not the old templates though which will not be 100% compatible with the newest Muvizu release - or has Dreeko uploaded the new ones now?
2011/10/5 13:59:36
Error trying to UNZIP Character Texture Maps. Good news
Remember you will need to do your painting in a program such as PSE or Gimp or PSPro which allows tou to use layers.
You will need your template on one layer and paint on the layer(s) above and then before exporting you will need to hide/delete the the template layer.

Don't forget to save to a new filename so as not to lose your template!
2011/10/5 12:12:59
Error trying to UNZIP Character Texture Maps. Hello Mr Xombiekiller

I am assuming you are trying to open the zip file from the gallery/3D assets page.
If this is the case these will not work properly with the latest version of muvizu anyway so I would forget about them.

The best way of getting the new textures (albeit one at a time) is to load the relevant default character and then richt click and go into decals tab and then chose download/import custom texture.

I do not have access to Muvizu (I'm at work!) at the moment so the last para might not be quite right but it should be something like that

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2011/10/3 22:28:36
where the pirate ship me hearties! Zacchang
You could

a) download the pirate ship set from the gallery
b) Open the set and select the ship
C) copy the ship
d) open your set
e) paste the ship in

this should work

all the best

2011/10/2 13:49:08
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Dreeko wrote:
This is funny one...
I added a shoulder attachment to the dog character and then decided against it so I selected "none" to remove it but the attachment stayed where it was and the dog suddenly acquired a microphone! I tried removing both again and couldn't. The only solution was to restart the program.

Crazy bug!

You can get round this one by removing it from each shoulder individually rather than both together
2011/9/30 9:29:30
Import more than 1 dialogue audio file? Hello there
You can only add one dialogue file which must contain all the voices.
You must then "direct" the dialogue so that the characters are "speaking" at the right time.
Tutorial here
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