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2011/9/13 9:58:14
Recreate your favourite movie scene competition. Here's a good source for film stills
2011/9/13 8:33:25
The Garage Band Blues Concert Series Number 1 Another great video Mysto. With all due respect to The Boneheads - you should try and produce an animation for an up and coming band and send it to them - you might get a commission
2011/9/13 8:30:08
another transparent video test another great find Tripfreak - it looks like it's very well featured - I'm going to download it and give it a go. Thanks.
2011/9/11 11:40:14
another transparent video test simonheffer wrote:

Hmm - I've got Adobe Première Elements I don't think that does transparent video

I've got PE4 but haven't tried it yet but I see no reason why it shouldn't work as long as an uncompressed format is used. I'll try and experiment on Monday evening
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2011/9/11 11:38:50
another transparent video test Dreeko wrote:

Could you explain the exact settings for sony vegas please


Thanks Dreeko but it's the Muvizu team who deserve your praise.

In Vegas

a) Apply Green Screen effect
b) Edit effect - Adjust mask using threshold sliders. Easiest done by temporarily selecting "Show mask only". Aim to get rid of the greys and get pure B and W. Add a tiny bit of blur (if desired) to soften edge of mask
c) Make movie> save it to hard drive>next
d) Format>Video for windows (avi)
Template>Default template (uncompressed)


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2011/9/10 15:41:04
another transparent video test

a) recorded dog on bike against greenkey enviroment background
b) used SVegas to create transparent video (uncompressed)
c) loaded video as texture on backdrop
d) moved backdrop as required

Allows for objects/characters to move together
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2011/9/9 8:52:27

tell us more!

Not much to say really.
I recorded a video in Muvizu (dog performing/riding on bike as it happens) using green-screen environment settings.
Imported video into Sony Vegas and applied green key filter.
Exported video in uncompressed format.
Imported onto a backdrop.
Animated backdrop so the dog can ride around the set on the bike doing his thang!
I'll upload the video Saturday afternoon.
2011/9/8 22:23:37

I don't have a copy of Sony Vegas or Premiere Elements but I'm interested to know if it is possible to get transparent videos out of them without having to go the PNG route, perhaps by using an uncompressed codec format?

Dave using uncompressed output from SVegas HD Platinum 10 I was able to output a video which could be loaded directly into muvizu.
2011/9/8 8:25:39
TRANSPARENT VIDEO IMPORT TEST Very quick and dirty but it worked!

I had a go at creating transparent videos in both Sony Vegas and Premiere Elements but on both occasions they would not load into Muvizu.
So I tried exporting a series of transparent PNGs from Iclone (using 32 bit) and then loading them into Virtual Dub as per Dave's instructions and it worked
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2011/9/6 8:38:31
Transparent videos as textures in Muvizu Thanks for that Dave, I'll give it a go tonight.
I managed to create a video with alpha transparency in Sony Home Studio but this only seems to be possible with uncompressed video too; so might be some sort of global restriction.

Can't wait to give it a try
2011/9/5 22:32:38
Transparent videos as textures in Muvizu Hi Dave
I get an Access Denied message when I try and save the ini file - I do have administrator rights

2011/8/19 9:34:26
Sketchup models - anybody having success with them Good to hear ukberty.

By the way; when I exported the Bungalow model it automatically exported all the relevant textures for me and i just had to change the ASE file to change all the references to the toto.bmp to the appriopriate files.

I think the difference might be that all the textures for the bungalow were pictures supplied by the modeller rather than textures from within the SuP software - seems logical?
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2011/8/19 8:43:31
Sketchup models - anybody having success with them RightURKen

I've uploaded my bungalow file (awaiting moderation) which I created successfully last night but a couple of things to bear in mind

I ran out of space in the ASE file for all the textures (not sure if you can amend file to add more than 14?) so if you want to try loading it you will need to

a) add texture 15 when you load it up (bricks for the chimney).

b) this still leaves a couple of bits showing the default texture so I created an all white "C:/UT3/toto2.bmp" file (by copying the toto.bmp file and using Paint) and the ASE file references this (rather than the default toto.bmp) so you would need to do the same thing

I am sure the ASE file couuld be amended to sort out these 2 issues but that is all I had time for.

Oh and make sure you get up into the sky and stand well back to leave plenty of room!
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2011/8/18 22:35:59
Sketchup models - anybody having success with them Sorry I meant using the mouse to change the view
scrollback using scroll wheel (or arrows or S key) and then up into the air using both mouse buttons held down
2011/8/18 22:12:26
Sketchup models - anybody having success with them Quoling

All I did was to zoom way back and up into the sky !
2011/8/18 21:37:07
Sketchup models - anybody having success with them ziggy72 wrote:
I put my starting position about halfway up inside the skydome, and 2/3 of the way back from the centre to the outer edge. This takes a little trial and error to find the sweet spot to allow for the biggest useable volume, but once you've found it just remember to save the set (and then always use it to test your bigger models).

Did this and viola I imported my bungalow that I needed - thank you!
2011/8/18 17:58:48
Sketchup models - anybody having success with them All
Thank you very much for your replies; there's some great advice in there and you given me the motivation to persist.

Textures is one of the few things I have managed to export successfully doing it this way:

1. Opened the materials window
2. Select tab and pick "In Model" materials from drop down list
3. For each material in the model RC and Export Texture image to wherever you want to keep them
In Mzu
4. import set USE ID TEXTURES to NO
5. RC on object and amend the textures to the ones previously saved.
6. Sometimes the image is not the correct size. To fix this go back into S UP Materials window and select the material you want to change and select EDIT tab and then adjust the tiling size numbers at the bottom. Trial and error to get to the size you require. Then you will need to re-export.
2011/8/18 14:00:55
Sketchup models - anybody having success with them Hello there

I have tried to load a number of SKP files using the ASE exporter and am finding it's a bit of a hit and miss (usually miss) affair.

Quite often an error message displays stating it is either too large or "outside the World"

When I do import I often find bits have gone missing en route.

I know that GJim has mentioned that many of the models in the 3DW are not properly structured and this will cause problems.


a) is anybody managing to load models with a reasonable success rate
b) if so do you have any tips!


2011/8/12 9:02:07
Need some help on video, suggestions... Hard to say without knowing what the song's about and whether it is serious/humorous etc.

You could use the new texturing and apply a semi-transparent face mask which was a "reflection" of how the person was feeling - a projected light may solve the same purpose (a blue light on the face only itf it was about lost love?)
2011/8/11 16:09:56
Which video editing software do you use? Wizaerd wrote:
Ack... Where were you when I was getting ready to purchase it...

Yep, that's a shame I would have liked to have passed it on. Must admit I had planned to buy it myself but with Iclone 5/plugin/kinect all (hopefully) in the offing things are getting a bit expensive and my birthday/Xmas/Ebay money will only stretch so far!
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