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2011/5/26 15:30:23
Industrial-scale collaboration Of course

With Dreeko's mimmickry talents haven't we got any actor we need anyway?
2011/5/26 14:41:18
Industrial-scale collaboration This motley crew might be a more likely level i think - worth a try to see how much they would cost - I've heard Vince has loadsamoney
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2011/5/26 11:23:59
The newest Muvizu release... Luscan wrote:
That'll be it - many thanks!
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2011/5/25 23:01:43
The newest Muvizu release... Noticed that all my codecs have disappeared when making video apart from 3
2011/5/25 22:52:28
The newest Muvizu release... When setting head movement to it's fastest setting the hair doesn't seem able to keep up with the movements - anybody else noticed this?
2011/5/25 22:37:03
The newest Muvizu release... And you can have BAD moving hair on a stationary character!

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2011/5/25 11:42:06
Geordie Elvis is in Toon - buying venetian blinds freakmoomin wrote:
amazingly random

I think that might be the most perceptive and welcome criticism I have ever received!
Thank you
2011/5/24 22:52:58
Geordie Elvis is in Toon - buying venetian blinds See Geordie Elvis now!
Thanks to Ziggy for his brilliant sets.

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2011/5/24 11:09:48
Ciao a tutti(Hi everybody!) Marco did you see this post - I think you have replied in Italian before?!
2011/5/23 13:25:37
prOp Animations Danimal wrote:
Being an optimist, I'm putting two things together here: the Muvizu devs' curious lack of a reply to the thread, even if only to tell us to shut up, and the fact that the little teaser video for the new version mentioned tons of new accessories. I'm hoping perhaps this very feature is already sketchily implemented and they're just waiting to tell us? Maybe? Possibly?

I think the silence will be more to do with "all hands to the pump" ensuring the latest release is ready soon
2011/5/23 13:23:09
Nick Danger - Part 3 is now online Excellent interpretation - just shows what can be achieved with a proper script
2011/5/23 13:21:54
Audio Book now streaming - possible material Great work there and very innovative way of presenting your excellent music
2011/5/23 13:19:33
Garage Band Trailer... Looking good Mysto
Can't wait to see the first installment
2011/5/21 12:33:23
website collaboration features All
I think this could be solved (to an extent) simply by setting up a new user for each collaboration and sharing the password between the members and then everything can be uploaded privately.
2011/5/19 15:21:02
Industrial-scale collaboration I would be happy to help out and I like the idea of a collaboration as long as the timescales are not too challenging. Unfortunately I think the majority of us have jobs and families that occasionally need attending to.
I think the way Dreeko has split the tasks seems very logical and could work, but I think that someone will need to "take the lead" so that everyone knows what they are doing and keeps the project moving along.
2011/5/19 15:13:08
Muvizu movie Vote The Muvizu style lends itself more readily to less serious stuff but I always like movies that combine the genres.
Looking at the new "wobbly character" we may have the perfect moves fro a horror/zombie/comedy and hell why not make it a musical too as we have some musical talent within the community.
I agree with Artpen in that if we are after maximum exposure then a spoof of something populat will always attract the views.
2011/5/18 13:41:19
Eyeball movement From a website

Visual Remembered
This is where we look when we are remembering
images we have seen before, e.g., the face of our
partner, the last place we went on holiday, our
workplace, what we did yesterday.
Visual Constructed
This is where we look when we are constructing
images we have not seen before, e.g., ourselves in
a location we have always dreamt of but never
been to, a colleague with an expression on their
face we have never seen, our home redesigned.
The clue as to whether this is
remembered or constructed can be
determined by how the weight is
distributed in the rest of the body: to
the left and it is remembered, to the
right and it is constructed.
Auditory Digital, Inner Dialog
This is where we look when we are having a
conversation with ourselves or asking questions in our
External Feelings and Emotions
When we experience feelings, this is where we look.

Auditory Constructed
This is where we look when we are creating a sound that
we have never heard before, e.g., someone we know
speaking in a completely different tone of voice.
Auditory Remembered
This is where we look when we are remembering
sounds that we have heard before, e.g., a favorite
piece of music, the sound of a friend’s voice.
2011/5/13 13:03:55
Youtube and copyrighted music It's annoying really because I have already asked 3 songwriters from the late seventies - early eighties for permission to use one of their tracks and (unbelievably) they have all responded by saying "yes"
2011/5/13 12:54:40
Youtube and copyrighted music Thanks John
There loads I would like to use but i'll think I'll tread slowly and carefully!
2011/5/13 8:23:40
Youtube and copyrighted music Hello there
In the latest release video you have used copyrighted music (a brilliant choice by the way) but have also included a link to the ITUNES download.
It is still up on YOUTUBE so is this a valid method of using copyrighted music.
Does anybody know what the rules are?
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