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2011/5/12 16:24:06
Coming soon Looks brilliant; congratulations to all the team on what has obviously been a fantastic effort
All I can say is thank you!
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2011/5/11 20:48:05
sketchup materials on models I am no SKETCHUP expert at all but I have managed to export textures ok. There is probably a better way but this is what I did.
1. Opened the materials window
2. Select tab and pick "In Model" materials from drop down list
3. For each material in the model RC and Export Texture image to wherever you want to keep them
4. In Muvizu import set USE ID TEXTURES to NO
5. RC on object and amend the textures to the ones previously saved.
6. Sometimes the image is not the correct size. To fix this go back into S UP Materials window and select the material you want to change and select EDIT tab and then adjust the tiling size numbers at the bottom. Trial and error to get to the size you require. Then you will need to re-export.


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2011/5/11 13:17:01
Deutschsprachiges Forum Hallo Wirsch

Das ist ein sehr großzügiges Angebot.

Welche Art von Musik können Sie liefern?

Ich würde gerne eine 30-Sekunden "Titelmelodie" zu meinen Animationen begleiten.

Der Stil der Musik vorgezogen hätte so etwas wie "The Cramps" werden.

Vielen Dank

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2011/5/10 16:06:14
Playwright in Texas (Don't worry I'm a Glaswegian) Not sure if you have already seen this but i would recommend "Beware the Pie" as an example of what can be successfully acheived with the software at the moment (by somebody with the appropriate talent)

2011/5/10 15:27:45
Playwright in Texas (Don't worry I'm a Glaswegian) I don't work for the company (so can't speak for them) but I think it is based on what the project is and how much money is involved.
They are very approachable so I would send a mail outlining what your plans
2011/5/10 14:57:52
Playwright in Texas (Don't worry I'm a Glaswegian) Sylvesterintexas
One thing to bear in mind is that any commercial use of the software has to be brokered with the main man Vince (see link in footer). I understand you are not at this stage yet but it's best to be forewarned.
All the best
2011/5/10 13:21:42
Holding Poses mid animation Danimal wrote:
I'm sure you weren't

I wouldn't be too sure (!) - I'll experiment tonight and report back tomorrow
2011/5/10 13:07:30
Holding Poses mid animation Thanks Danimal
I'll have to try again on my XP machine - I'm sure i wasn't imagining it!
2011/5/10 10:19:39
prOp Animations Could this not be partially implemented by having things like phones/guns/pens as accessories like the microphone.
Obviously this will mean that they were attached throughout the scene being recorded but i don't see this as I imagine most people could get round this by either post processing or (if not owned) recording the scene in "bits" (ie sometimes with and sometimes without attached accessory) and joining with the Videojoiner.
2011/5/10 9:41:03
Which video editing software do you use? Adobe Premiere Elements (v4) is happy with it
2011/5/10 8:42:25
Holding Poses mid animation Hello there
On my old (XP) machine I used to be able to get a character to hold their pose by hitting the spacebar (and stopping recording) when they were in the pose i wanted and then recording again until I wanted a different pose.
I know other people have achieved this by selecting an "idle" pose rather than stopping the recording and then moving the "clips" on the timeline.
However on my new (W7) machine (and I don't know whether this is relevant) I cannot get either solution to work anymore. In both situations the character fails to hold their pose.
Am I doing something wrong or has any else experienced this with W7?
Thank you.
2011/5/10 8:37:23
Which 3 additional features would you most like All
Just thought it would be interesting to see what 3 features are most "wanted" although I think we all need to accept that based on the cost-benefit rules that the team must work under none of what we wish for are likely in the near future.
My choice would be:
1. Object interaction/handling (even if it was a cludge like providing additional accessories that could be attached to a character - ie like the microphone)
2. Ability to "clothe" characters using images
3. Some form of puppeteering (IK/FK) whereby the stock animations could be "adjusted".
2011/5/10 8:28:01
Which video editing software do you use? Many thanks for all your suggestions!
2011/5/9 14:16:59
Which video editing software do you use? All
Looking to buy a new video editor because my AP Elements V4 is getting a bit outdated. Looking around on the web it is amazing how many get good "official" reviews but terrible "consumer reviews"
What editors are other people using and would you recommend them or not?
2011/5/9 8:29:34
Textures everywhere Being able to clothe characters using images would be brilliant if it could be done; although i guess there must be some technical reason why the current decals are limited in size and cannot be extended to cover the whole "top" area.
Such a facility would help us to "individualise" our characters a bit more which is quite difficult within Muvizu due to the restriction to "stock moves"
2011/5/7 18:25:15
Characters bottom half won't move Okay,
I give up and am hoping someone else has experienced this before.
I have come across a problem that I have never encountered before; although I am now working on a W7 rather than XP machine.
I have 2 issues
1) On occasion the preview animations are not showing in PREPARE mode
2) I have a character who when directed to do the actions only the top half of him moves and his legs and feet stay in the same position.
Anybody got any ideas?
2011/5/7 13:27:42
I will write music for your film for free Jim
What a wonderfully generous offer.
Personally i have nothing suitable at the moment but hopefull I will get something completed before your offer ends.
2011/5/3 9:32:25
Scriptwriting competition All
Just thinking (based on Vince's previous posts regarding where he wants to see Muvizu going) that you already have a number of people who have demonstrated that they can use the software expertly enough to produce broadcastable output but to take it onta the next level perhaps what is missing is a killer script and some top quality voice acting.
It goes without saying that Dreeko and others can supply the latter but the script could be trickier.
Should Muvizu perhaps consider either running a script writing competition (possibly in conjuction with established web resources) or commissioning a scriptwriter to produce a script then either running a competition or producing a collaborative production?
Just a thought and keep up the great work
2011/5/3 9:25:33
Locations? The Toon (aka Newcastle upon Tyne) - where else
2011/4/28 14:40:14
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Brilliant once more - how do you turn these round so quick! Are there no fires in Scotland anymore?
By the way - what software do you use for screen recording?
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