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2010/11/10 8:26:02
WHere are my creations Michael
The muvizu staff check them out before uploading and therefore generally videos are only uploaded betwwen 9.00am - 5.00pm on weekdays (British time) so expect to see them appear later today
2010/11/9 14:45:50
Missing Textures ClaireQ
No need to apologise - you're just being hyper-efficient!
2010/11/9 14:00:19
Missing Textures Claireq
The problems with import have been posted by a number of people (especially in relation to Sketchup) and i was under the impression that the developers were aware of the issue and hoping to get a fix into today's(!) release

Here's one of the posts
2010/11/9 13:55:10
Clothing Variations It would be great if you could use BMPs to clothe your characters; that is taking the current decals and making them cover the whole of the top or bottom.

However I imagine there must be issues with this otherwise the current decal would not have the size limit?
2010/11/6 14:43:46
Staundoone Episode ! Must admit I think Sirih has a point. I know the canned laughter was an important part of the sitcoms you are mimicking but it is an annoying part. Perhaps you could leave it in but reduce the volume a bit so it is not quite as intrusive.
It's a tricky balance because it certainly adds to the feel of it but at the same time I think detracts slightly from what is an excellent, funny animation
2010/11/5 9:49:22
how to import ASE BinaryGenesis

I'll have a look at this at the weekend but in the meantime many thanks for doing this; much appreciated

2010/11/4 13:21:21
Parental Controls/Explicit Content Filters Another more drastic approach might be to encourage the setting up of a separate site just for educational purposes. This might be a good way of selling itto the educational community. You could easily see how you hcould have separate galleries for different subjects
2010/11/4 13:17:48
Parental Controls/Explicit Content Filters Not sure how you currently identify the subsets within your galleries but you must have some method of marking your faves; could you not use the same approach for educational and/or child friendly content?
2010/11/2 8:59:26
How do I have a character pick up something? Woggleboglover
Unfortunately picking up objects is not possible in Muvizu at the moment; you will need to use a workaround - using other software or using camera /angles cuts which hint at but don't show the actual picking up.
The new release will - I believe - enable objects to be moved so with greta care you might be able to time the movement of the book with one of the predefined character moves
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2010/10/31 11:28:00
Constructive criticism on Beware of the Bench From the feedback received I think I have the following lessons to learn

1. More camera movement to add variety(although I created my animation before this was available).

2. Avoid characters looking straight into camera.

3. Take more care over conveying a character. I deliberately made the girlfriend unresponsive as a contrast to her "jumpy" boyfriend but I guess I needed to give her some movement to prove I hadn't forgotten about her!

4. Arbitrary standing/sitting - this was a bug at one time and I couldn't control the buggers from assuming their original position. I think this was fixed at the last release and I should have gone back and corrected.

5. Avoid using moves which could be interpreted as mistakes. I did notice the clipping but I thought I would leave it in as it would perhaps look like the alien was assimilating his clothes in some way. My 13 year old son said it wpuld just like a mistake. I should have listened!

6. I made my animation before post processing was deemed allowable by the rules so I attempted to partly offset this by including a number of sets within a set and using separate cameras to move between them but this had the obvious impact of reducing the available camera angles in each scene.
Alternative solution required.

7. Take more care over where cuts are made.

8. Check lip syncing and redo if required.

9. Spend more time with sets and lighting. This is a particular problem for me because I have an underspec PC which means expansive sets are out of the question and very time consuming and frustrating to build. But if I want the results I need to go the extra mile

10. And finally summed up by you in a nutshell. It is tedious to have to go back and redo shots again and again to get it exactly right, but that's what you gotta do to make something that really engages the viewer, and doesn't distract them with thoughts of 'oh, that bit's wrong' or 'why did that happen?'.

Muvizu makes it very easy to produce something which is passable very quickly but I guess that's where the work should start!

Your input has helped me immensly and like you believe it will help others too.

Thank you very much.
2010/10/31 9:16:57
Constructive criticism on Beware of the Bench Ziggy72

Thank you very much for your feedback - that is exactly what I was looking for and greatly appreciate the time and effort you have put in. I think it would be an excellent idea if there was a dedicated area of the site where people could submit their work for detailed criticism.

A lot of us are beginners and would greatly benefit from the input of other more experienced animators. I would happily pay for such a level of critique.

There is loads of great advice in there and hopefully (given time) I will be able to put some of it into practice.

I will respond more later but for now many thanks.

2010/10/30 11:29:11
Competitions and Post processing "The Book" was a worthy winner of the Raindance competition and is now widely regarded as the best Muvizu animation so far.

However I must admit I still think "Beware The Pie" is the best so far because although they both used post processing I think take it away and Beware the Pie would stand up better as a Muvizu only animation.

But the point is it is very difficult to have an objective opinion because both animations have so successfully intertwined the two.

I think this does create difficulties for the competitions which thus far have stated that they will be judged on their use of Muvizu. In the Raindance competition I think it is safe to say the Matt's animation was so far ahead that it would have won without it's use of AE, but in future competitions the difference may not be so clear cut.

This could be exacerbated by the fact that external judges would not necessarily know what parts of the animation were actually Muvizu and which were not.

I am not sure who eventually judged the Raindance competition as the news update implies that it may have been carried out in-house; but if it was judged by Raindance judges would they have appreciated what was Muvizu and what was not? Of course using in-house judges would create it's own problems.

At the end of the day it is obviously Vince/Muvizu's call (and money!) but I still think it is an interesting subject to debate.
2010/10/29 16:54:55
Constructive criticism on Beware of the Bench Many thanks for your comments Artpen.
I'm afraid I'm not a perfectionist and therein lies one of my problems in that I'm probably satisfied with the look a bit too soon.
I agree with you about the sound - I know I found it especially difficult to work out the correct balance between SFX, dialogue and soundtrack.
Also I don't think I have mastered the art of making the characters interact with each other convincingly which is something I think both you and ukberty have mastered better than anyone else so far.

Thanks again

2010/10/29 9:40:21
Constructive criticism on Beware of the Bench Some users have kindly provided some comments on my Raindance submission The Bench but what would be really helpful to me now would be some constructive criticism. So, if you have the time can you take a look and provide any comments you have. Be as critical as you want I don't mind!

2010/10/28 8:08:09
My prize arrived! What a shame this has descended to this.
Hermit, I am sure you are not ungrateful for the prize you have received but please just accept your initial response could have been perceived that way. You cannot really blame the Muvizu team for their reaction. It is a fantastic prize, especially because the software and competition entry were free and the software does much of the work for us!
Also a number of people who didn't win anything were very quick to offer their praise and congratulations. Mysto was decent enough to reciprocate but we have had nothing from you.

This is a very close community involving users and developers who are all very supportive to which you have contributed positively in the past.

Let's have a bit of thanks and humility and this can all be put to bed.

2010/10/20 22:03:21
Excellent new non-Muvizu animation Not Muvizu but I thought it was worth drawing attention to - Sebastion Hawkes alerted me to it in his twitter

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2010/10/19 8:48:09
Any news on the raindance competition Notice how the two "worriers" (mysto and myself) have both produced animations based on "bottom burping" - I think there is some flatulent anxiety going on there!
2010/10/18 11:39:12
Any news on the raindance competition thanks very much
2010/10/18 11:22:58
Any news on the raindance competition Hello there

Any news on the Raindance competition? The suspense is killing me!
2010/10/17 21:22:35
Character won't warm up Tried this again and can confirm that selecting "warm up" when directing charater animation results in the character adopting a default idle pose. I used "man" rather than "fat man" (as ziggy72 had done) so I am assuming this is a general issue with all characters
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