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2010/8/12 13:27:40
Competition entries and assets Hello there

The winning entries will need to upload their .set file along with all their assets. Assuming that the .set files simply contain references to the appropriate asset files does this mean that all the assets (soundtracks, dialogue, textures etc) used must be stored in a single folder?

many thanks

2010/8/12 13:19:23
Muvizu fan site - Movie sets for Muvizu I think this is an excellent step - everyone has different strengths which means it's great if people are willing to share.
Also for those of us with under-strength PCS set building can be a long and labourios task.

Thank you for coming up with this; this could also be a good method for sharing characters

2010/8/11 11:46:26
inimum machine spec Also
I try and do as much of the character animation as I can before I add scenery lights etc as this allows me to
2010/8/11 11:33:46
inimum machine spec Kaynine

MY PC isn't up to spec (especially in th GC area) but I have managed to use MUVIZU - some more suggestions

1. Reduce your monitor resolution.
2. Lower your Muvizu resolution to it's lowest level
3. Stop searchinder.exe if you have it running
4. look for any other unnecessary programs running and close them.
5. Keep scenes simple. Not too many characters/objects/lights etc
6. Attempt to produce a competition winning animation!

all the best

2010/8/11 10:59:26
Revised Competition Rules No problem Jim
Thanks very much for the speedy reply.

In a way that's fairer but if you are going to have regular competitions I may need to keep future work in my back pocket!

all the best

2010/8/11 10:28:36
Animated Gif's I don't think you can add animated GIFS but you can add videos to just about anything that can accept an external texture
2010/8/11 9:54:45
Revised Competition Rules Sorry it's me again.

If you are allowed to do post-processing does this mean that the winners will no longer need to provide the .set files as these may not represent the final product.
The only reason I ask is that I have rather stupidly deleted some of my mine and only have the final video now.

Many thanks

2010/8/9 16:15:36
Freeware? Shareware? Commercial? - What's the aim? Kaynine
An excellent Q&A session here will answer some of your questions

all the best

2010/8/9 12:41:06
Competition rules re soundtrack Hello there

One more quick question re the competition (can you tell I'm getting desperate)

Can you enter animations previously posted onto Youtube and/or the Muvizu website or does it have to be a new animation "not seen"

Thanks again

2010/8/6 13:32:08
Competition rules re soundtrack Thanks for the replies Jim.
With limited time left and holidays to take I'm not sure whether allowing post-production is good news or bad news!

All the best

2010/8/4 9:23:19
Competition rules re soundtrack Hello there

Please can you confirm that it is ok to use Audacity software to assist in the creation of the pre-production soundtrack. I know the rules say you must only use Muvizu, but my understanding of this is that you cannot use any post-Muvizu-production software because you need everything encapsulated within one or more .set files so that the winning entries can be re-assembled at the required definition.

Please can you confirm that this is the case as my PC spec makes it difficult to overload the Muvizu application with multiple assets.

Many thanks

2010/7/30 14:09:23
video Kerry/Jim

Many thanks to you both for your comprehensive replies - excellent service as usual
many thanks
2010/7/30 12:56:53
video Hello there

I have seen it mentioned in a couple of posts that you can "project" a video onto a scene.

Is this done using a backdrop and then applying the video as a texture?

I tried this last night but could not get it to work.

Does the video have to be a specific format?

Many thanks

2010/7/13 22:47:27
Project Assets - video Uploaded again - looks more promising although the previous video seems to be stuck in processing the new one is awaiting moderation
2010/7/13 9:35:57
Project Assets - video Hello there
I think I might have worked out what went wrong. I tried uploading again last night and despite the fact that it failed (because YT identified it as a duplicate even though I changed the title and the name of the video file - obviously too smart for me) it did appear to be adding it to my project assets.

So, when I uploaded the video the first time my son was actually using the computer and is likely to have left the Muvizu website as soon as the video was successfully uploaded onto YT. From what I saw last night it would appear that you ned to stay in the website until the video is fully processed.

Does that seem to make sense?


2010/7/12 11:46:37
Project Assets - video Hello again

Thank you for your reply.
I did upload it via the website (yesterday evening) and my youtube account is linked to my muvizu account (I know when I uploaded that I didn't have to enter my Youtube password so this would seem to prove that.

However I am not sure I added a "muvizu" tag - could this be the problem?


2010/7/12 10:27:05
Project Assets - video Hello there

Not sure what I am doing wrong so hopefully you can help.

I uploaded a video for my project "The hard" and it successfully loaded it on Youtube - however the video is not showing up in my project assets. Am I missing something?


2010/6/30 11:41:03
Object interaction and Customisable tops Hello there
Lovin' the latest release; especially as my loading time has gone form 5-10 minutes to 30-40 seconds!
Haven't come across any bugs yet but the 2 thins taht I think would really take the software to a new level would be:
1) ability to interact with objects (especially holding things)
2) ability to upload a picture/texture for the whole of the body top (rather than just the chest as currently) to allow customisable clothing. I think this would allow much more customisation and could bring on a whole new customer base. For example i would love to have characters wearing Newcastle tops (I know) so I could do sketches about the club. These would instantly attract a wider audience base and get more exposure for this great product
all the best
Mick (Toonarama)
2010/6/25 10:57:22
uploading video assets thanks very much for the speedy reply
2010/6/25 8:29:21
uploading video assets Hello there

I have uploaded a video to youtube
directly from adobe premiere elements.

Can I still add this to my assets on the website - or do you have to load up from the program or via the website to do this?

many thanks

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