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2014/4/21 14:36:05

I would like to announce the preliminary launch of Badass Science Productions which will have a youtube channel (and possibly website) dedicated to b-movie comic book horror animations made in any software ; including Muvizu of course
As well as my own animations I am hoping that others will also allow me to showcase their work on the channel (as well as there own channel of course); there are already a few great animations that have been made which would fit the style!

I am currently working on my first animation (iclone this time) - a screenshot of which is below

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2014/4/18 15:59:15
Almost human Absolutely brilliant - nothing more to add really.
2014/4/14 16:22:19
My Muvizu video! SonOfKong wrote:
Please advise. How can I play my video on this forum???????ta very much.

Assuming you have your video loaded up on youtube (or somewhere) you need to go to Share>share this video and select the code. Then you simply need to paste the copied code into your post
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2014/4/13 11:04:19
Transparent AVI? Sonofkong
The actual animations were created in either Muvizu or Iclone against a solid green background.
I then used Sony Moviestudio to turn it into a an uncompressed AVI with transparency but there are free video tools (such as virtualdub) which allow you to do this too.
However I think you will be facing an uphill task trying to have horses in Muvizu as you will need to be able to animate the horse to start with in some other software. I think you can animate in the free DAZ but I have not tried it and there is also Blender I guess. Another alternative would be to do everything in Iclone but, beware, this is an expensive route to take.
2014/4/12 11:13:08
Transparent AVI? sonofkong
Yes I have done it on a number of occasions (albeit with previous versions)
and as far as I remember you have to export it as an uncompressed avi or it
won't work. I used for the crowd in this video

2014/4/10 11:31:56
Asset Creation I agree too.
Reallusion also have a similar model (although they also charge for their products) with both a content store and content marketplace where assets from both individuals and companies are sold with Reallusion taking a cut of any sales.
2014/4/8 19:35:30
A star wars spoof, My first attempt using muvizu The video is showing as unavailable.

To embed it into post

1. go to youtube page and copy code from share> share this video
2. create Muvizu post and switch to HTML view
3. post the copied youtube code
2014/4/1 9:13:54
rendered video is a mess! bbq797 wrote:
but it's a song, can I still piece it together?

Absolutely - I've made a number of song videos this way. You could either

chop the song up into parts in audacity.

Record each part as a separate scene

Render out without the music (ie by reducing volume down)

Assemble video clips and add complete song in video editor and then line everything up.

OR ************************************************

do it all in one scene but then render out segments of it separately leaving a bit of overlap to help you reassemble later. Again I would silence the song before exporting from Muvizu and bring it back in in the editor
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2014/3/31 17:55:49
rendered video is a mess! I think your best bet is to try and render just a short bit - say 10 seconds and see if that works ok. I never output more than about 20 seconds at a time and then I edit it in a video editor to bring it all together. You can use windows movie maker if you have nothing else
2014/3/28 9:01:05
Digimania Show reel From the DIGIMANIA website

"Our exciting rapid realtime render engine is already delivering high quality renders in minutes rather than hours and we want you to be among the first to hear about the software and its general release in Summer 2014".

Looks like the community may be correct that this is a different beast to Muvizu:Pro
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2014/3/27 9:36:07
Digimania Show reel Don't underestimate the mystical powers of Muvizu - the scottish are very clever people, if surprisingly reticent to speak!
2014/3/26 17:44:04
Digimania Show reel Its a shame that Muvizu HQ is like the Kremlin these days, otherwise they might have let us nosey Parker's know
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2014/3/26 13:03:47
Asset Creation chuckles wrote:

I rarely get any feedback on my uploads, which is awful for me because the feedback is the whole reason I use Muvizu.
Most of my favourite Muvizuers seem to have stopped uploading altogether. Have they all gone Commercial ? If so, good luck to them, they deserve it, but it would be nice to know.
If The Community is still breathing then please let me know. I miss it.


I agree that the community is not what it was which is a shame and I think generally there are less comments on videos. Also many of the "old hands" are producing less. This could be because they are producing more time-consuming videos; I doubt if many have gone "commercial"

IMHO I think there are some inherent problems.

Muvizu is fantastically easy to use and you can produce decent output in next to no time. But once you have made a number of videos you start to become frustrated with the limitations - particularly the inability to use different characters/animations. I do not think this helps hold on to experienced Muvizuers.

This also causes the animations produced to start looking too similar and familiarity starts to breed contempt or at least apathy.

So as long as Muvizu remains closed off to the rest of the 3d world I think it will struggle to retain it's experienced users and that is why I am so desperately hoping that a version of Muvizu:Pro will have a reasonable pricing point.
Without this I think users will start to look at alternatives.

Having said all that my new Muvizu video will be out soon!
2014/3/26 9:27:18
Digimania Show reel Parent company DIGIMANIA's showreel.

Assume this was all done in the (soon to be released?) Muvizu:Pro. I do hope there is an enthusiast version of this software as I cannot see Muvizu:Play having it's capabilities extended much further.
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2014/3/21 13:04:18
Adjust Character Action Duration? Shanty

Unfortunately you cannot adjust the duration of an animation but you can

a) "hold" the end pose of some actions.
What you need to do for the "hold" option is to click the action and then click an "idle" action straightaway.
Then on the timeline move the idle action along to the right and the end pose of the first action will last until the moved idle pose.

b) interrupt an action by clicking on another action or the same action again before it is finished

The hold method does not work on all actions so it is trial and error I'm afraid

Sorry to keep giving you bad news!
2014/3/20 8:44:59
DKC Movie Hello there
I think you would struggle to get anything like those sort of characters in Muvizu at the moment; although scome pretty impressive customisation has been performed recently.
It is possible that Muvizu might one day allow the import of external characters but there has been nothing confirmed and you may well need a very expensive version of the program to do it.

You might be better off with Iclone but - be warned - this is an expensive route to take! If you want free/cheap make do with what you can in Muvizu!
2014/3/20 8:36:33
Education And Literature Great idea chuckles and I'm sure you can finish it - you're one of the fastet Muvizuers around.

One suggestion though - although your characters were great I think you need a "proper" voice for Alice. You could aways try the voice actors alliance (for a free actor) or "fiverr" (if you can pay).

Good luck!
2014/3/14 16:07:09
New characters and animations I wonder...

October 2009 saw the launch of Muvizu and the standard characters

July 2012 brought us the Heros and Villians

April 2013 brought us Rosie

Will 2014 bring any new characters/animations? Poor old standard character has not had any new moves for about 3 years!
2014/3/14 16:02:27
Coming Soon... Looking great Fazz - have the Evil Dead been put back to sleep???
2014/3/14 10:14:45

There are probably other better ways but:

If you have the texture files separate already you just need to edit the object in Muvizu and then reassign them.

If you do not have the texture files separate already you need to export them out of sketchup first by selecting the texture and saving the file.

It is possible that the tiling will not be correct when it loads up in Muvizu. You can solve this by changing the tiling in sketchup before you export or within the .ase file output.

It's all a bit fiddly and there may well be a better way.
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