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2014/1/26 17:52:15
Wonderful world of Wabby octo-crab wrote:
octo-crab wrote:
Wow, that was cool.
Funny, I speak French. Didn't use the subtitles at all.

Who made that, and what program did they use?

Olivier Romme was the maker - not sure I should advertise a rival product but it was made in Ic***e
2014/1/26 17:04:32
Wonderful world of Wabby Not made in Muvizu but made by someone who has used it in the past I think this is deserving of a wider showcase

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2014/1/21 22:51:44
too controversial?? No just absolutely brilliant! Great script and perfect voice
2014/1/20 19:45:59
Hitfilm Express currently FREE Some of you may well be aware of post production software Hitfilm - just to let you know that they are currently giving the Express version away free!
2014/1/15 8:39:34
Coming Soon... Enticing trailer - looks very promising to me and something a little bit different (storyline wise) to what we have had before. Looking forward to it.
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2014/1/6 19:25:55
Christmas Competition winners announced! Congratulations Artpen and the new parents - look after them well or they may turn evil
2014/1/6 11:48:38
Useful article - 30 basis camera shots Here's a useful article on 30 standard camera shots used in films
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2013/12/24 17:32:16
Play+ - Hand Attachements I'm not sure if there is a wiki page but it is down at the moment so I can't check
but the basic principle is

a) load an old style "potato head" character
b) Right click>edit
c) choose body part want to attach to (most have option to attach) - if it has a small mesh box as one of the alternatives you can attach
d) click on import box and select a file (.ase or .fbx)
e) use location rotation and scale to adjust

there are also some ready made attachments for the left and right hands where you can also change the hand shape to adjust the grip
2013/12/22 11:19:40
Crash on shutdown Wizaerd

You may have tried this already but - just in case - whenever I have had similar problems a fix that sometimes works is to uninstall and then
reinstall selecting all the checkboxes (ie .net and directx. For some reason it occasionally causes problems if you don't.

It is possible that someone is monitoring the support emails therefore (if you haven't already) I would send one in.
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2013/12/21 21:30:17
Issue with Commercial License It might be worth trying Ziggys tip of copying the code into a text file first and then into the program
2013/12/21 21:11:45
Issue with Commercial License Wizaerd wrote:
I just tried activating my copy today, and get the same issue, Error Code: W0 (actually I don't know if it's a O or a 0)... Sent support request, and now I wait... and wait... and wait...

Unfortunately they have closed down for Xmas so unless someone is monitoring the forums you may need to be patient although others have had this issue so it may be worth a search through the forums
2013/12/18 8:41:12
2D Muvizu-Type Software? Crazytalk animator, Anime Studio and Toon Boom Studio are your main choices with the initial two coming in with different versions and at different prices. Be aware that crazytalkanimator has limited ready content - the company making all their money by selling add-on packs and plug-ins.

Toon boom is the most "professional" and has a sudent version if you are (or know) someone in full time education.

Both CTA and AS have trial versions you can download.
2013/12/17 11:06:26
Mistletoe and Muvizu - Competition Time! rbeck1993 wrote:
Mars Attacks, Muvizu style, featuring black and white style - can't see any way in which not to love this.

fazz68 wrote:

merry christmas

Couldn't agree more - Fazz makes the movies i should be making!
2013/12/10 12:27:20
Dreeko's extra bits admirably tacky
2013/12/10 12:26:14
Tips for animating new character Hello there Dylly

(Yes i know i haven't used that tent yet - but I will!)

How about using a small partially transparent video file (of a rotating wheel) as a texture on the wheel?

Alternatively if they were a separate prop you could rotate them separately - but that would mean the robot couldn't reaaly move I guess.

Reminded me of the solenoids!
2013/12/9 14:56:00
Live! from E.V.I.L. (Evil Villain Island Lair) Joeactor

That works really well - nicely performed.

The intro (and music) certainly gets the vibe going; thank you for providing the link to the music site.

Helps that you have proper voices too of course!
2013/12/6 10:03:52
Coming Soon... urbanlamb wrote:
I've been spending ages adapting Dannynw23's mini supermarket for my next animation - and i've got a horrible feeling that there's a much better shop about to open just along the High Street lol hit
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2013/12/4 15:38:04
Dreeko's extra bits chuckles wrote:
I have made an object in Sculptris, I have coloured it in Sculptris Paint. I have saved a texmap. I have converted the .obj to fbx.
I import into Muvizu - No Colour! What have I not done, or done wrong, please.
edited by chuckles on 04/12/2013

Chuckles - what did you use to convert from OBJ to FBX? it is possible that you need to ensure the material files are embedded in the FBX file (I know there is a checkbox on the autodesk converter for this) . Alternatively is the texture saved somewhere so that you can import it one the model is in Muvizu?
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2013/12/4 13:21:39
Muvizo: Pro - can you give us any details Hello

There are some indications of what Muvizu:Pro will bring on the Digimania site, but is there anything you can expand on at this time?

Will it still be priced at an enthusiast level?

Will it allow for motions to be imported as well as characters?

Is it months or years away?

Appreciate that it may not be possible to answer any of these questions but - as we say in these parts - "shy bairns get nowt"

Many thanks

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2013/12/3 21:49:29
I've been trying something new! That's a nice little character Urbanlamb - how about making cartoon characters for the unmentionable I%$£"!
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