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2013/10/3 6:05:19
IN CHINA CAN'T VIEW THE TRAINING VIDEOS I doubt there is anything they can do with the main site to make it get past the massive blocking policies, but maybe they can strip down a page and do something simple although I guess they wont be able to interact with the community. Perhaps on a domain or something with a seperate ip although I guess that you would still have to deal with youtube for tutorials because that is where the videos are hosted. I know another community I use has a special way of doing it they come up on the site as "resident of" instead of any info filtering through but they have managed with some tinkering to get to something usable although it looks rather lonely because we can't really exchange anything but they are using a version of it all be it a really naked version.
2013/10/2 20:55:34
Again, my latest Video didn't make it to Muvizu. you have to go to the owner of the tracks and ask their permission to unblock it. Youtube is a middle man. Likely they will ask big bucks to unblock it but look at the listing on your youtube account and search it up. This is mostly a syndication issue likely revolving around the artists wish to not spend money on certain types of licenses. The track is his after all and whether you are disputing it or not if you dont ask before borrowing these issues occur.

click the link in the copyrighted area and look for the info and then do a web search and email or write to the people. In this case though since its an issue with a third party site i am unsure what you can do. Because he is blocking muvizu not the video so it would seem to me that muvizu would have to ask which I dont think they should be in such a position because they are just hosting the video.

also check your syndication tab have you selected to syndicate it everywhere?

if it says everywhere its the artist contact him as he is the one to ask

i tried to reply to your email but your spamguard have my blacklisted as spam anyhow

here is an example again without actually seeing your account and seeing exactly who is claiming once no one can say for sure

this one Star Trek Stoned HD is the work of william shatner who is very much alive and managed by a big music company you need to research it specifically to find out why its blocked I would say this is a legitimate claim

this one Max Miller - Cheeky Chappie HD - I can't say for sure but it looks like max miller has a lot of work in the public domain is that particular track in the public domain? i dont kow I have not listened to a lot of his stuff and would have to research it if it is in the public domain this is not a valid claim even you can dispute it and get it unblocked.

really the only way your going to find out the reasons why is to research them all and research how copyrights are handled and how the youtube interface is working.

copyright law is not exactly cut and dry
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2013/9/29 22:16:42
Can I make a character play a musical instrument? mm umbrella brandish

anyhow probably not get too hopeful so as not to be disappointed its just well you know something is up when a bug fix is ready and awaiting a release it means like more then just some bug fixes ^^. The question is what prey tell are they up to now so quietly working away in their dark caves of planning and cones of silence!
2013/9/29 18:45:32
Can I make a character play a musical instrument? I can see from the little screenshot that possibly you discovered all instruments? if not there are a set of basic instruments to use in the character area for customizing your little character.

Also my spidey sense is tingling but I think that this next muvizu play release might contain something other then just bug fixes. I could be wrong and am trying not to get my hopes up but the delay in release is making me wonder about what else they are adding into the software. If it was just a bug fix it would have been patched by now
2013/9/28 19:42:48
shader model 3 I would assume that most of that is the cost of the card usually they dont charge much to slap a card into a pc although I would never pay anyone to add an upgrade to my pc cause i am a cheap so and so. Unfortunately i am one of those people who dont think its a good investment to upgrade a pc that is likely out of date to start with. Because businesses take advantage by charging the earth.

If this pc is as old as I think it is it might be cheaper to find a used pc with a functioning card in it and canabilise the pc. If you can find a friend who knows about pc's enough to do this you can probably upgrade your entire pc for like 20 bucks and save the rest of your money to buy something better in a few months
2013/9/28 2:07:25
My Latest. A Star Trek Spoof. Not in The Gallery ? They may not allow it to play on third party sites there are so many combinations and permutations. The reason why companies allow their stuff to be used on youtube is because its a commercial platform but often they dont allow the stuff to play on third party sites so there is a way to type in domain names you dont want it to play on. The owner might not want it on muvizu or any third party platform. Maybe the owner hates muvizu lol it can be a myriad of reasons.

I could be wrong but if muvizu is saying its blocked that means that is the message they are getting when it plays when they hit play when they try to watch it to moderate it they get a blocked message etc.

It also goes by server maybe the region that the muvizu server in is a place where the license holder has not licensed his music so he has blocked the region. Are you watching the video in the same country as the muvizu server? if so then he is blocking muvizu for some reason be it a general block on third party sites or muvizu in particular.

I had a video that kept disappearing off the muvizu site it was being blocked in the uk (course it was also a false copyright claim but we wont go there) eventually I just took the video down but the video played fine on youtube for me

here maybe this helps? basically they are being nice enough to let you use their stuff without completely removing it but they have decided they dont want you to use it in certain places.


3. yt:state

It’s also important to check the yt:state of the video in the API response. Even if yt:accessControl indicates that syndication is allowed, yt:state might override it. For example, a video that has limited syndication would have the following:<app:control>
<yt:state name='restricted' reasoncode='limitedSyndication'>
Syndication of this video was restricted by its owner.
You might also see the message “Syndication of this video was restricted by the content owner.” Hence, even if the uploader allows syndication, the content owner could override that and disallow syndication. For example, this could happen if someone uploads a video that contains a soundtrack that is owned by another content owner.

Also this wont help you but myself for false content matches (i dont use copyrighted anything unless i have express permission and am whitelisted by the owner) but any problem videos i come across that are getting repeatedly dinged I tend to just completely remove off of youtube and use dailymotion.

P.S. God i am such a geek! hehe
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2013/9/27 22:16:07
shader model 3 Yes shader model 3 is a hardware specification so if your card does not support it that means you need to install a card with this ability.
2013/9/27 17:14:18
My Latest. A Star Trek Spoof. Not in The Gallery ? hi.. youtube geek here

what has happened is that the tracks are copyrighted and the video flagged in the system. Then the holder of the copyright has gotten a notice and has chosen to block the video. This is not a youtube issue this is the copyright holder using the content id system and noticing the flag and hitting block.

when you use copyrighted material your basicaly spinning a roulette wheel and sometimes you get by without being noticed and sometimes you dont. If the flag is appropriate and its not mislabelled then this time the copyright holder noticed

err just adding this later. If you think this is a mistake then you can disput the content id match and block but beware make very sure your dispute is legitimate you can search youtube on how to dispute a content id match.
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2013/9/25 16:41:08
Charakter in a car Dreeko wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
the videos were outdated as the ui has changed I suspect he set them on private because they need to be replaced with up-to-date versions.

PS: There will be more videos coming from myself after the next Muvizu update but they will not be tutorials I'm afraid.

That's fine

make some fun animations me too I am moving towards another superman not so blockbuster of cheese.

As someone who has made a mountain of tutorials I can say they are borring as all getout to make and I have lost my flair recently for making really good ones because my eyes glaze over while redoing the same steps over and over until its smooth and fast enough on video to be easily understood. Its someone elses turn
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2013/9/25 16:37:51
Charakter in a car fazz68 wrote:
i dunno about anyone else but part of the fun i have with muvizu is actually working these things out for myself. working out the little tricks and finding different ways to do things. i think you are forever learning how to use muvizu to its fullest. but each to their own.

me too i enjoy finding my own way. In this instant world we live in far to many people are conditioned to being handed everything lock stock and barrel. I am just an old bag who has some artistic skill who has taken the time over the years to slowly learn things as I have time. My formal training is geekery revolving around scientific research and whatnot. I am also "old" which means technically it should be harder for me to pick things up and keep it in my brain. However the entire 3d world has fascinated me for gosh a decade or more now and no one pointed me in any direction on how to learn things. The information is there if people take time to look. I dont think dreeko should have to redo all those tutorials not to mention there is a tutorial on how to sit just done blog form plus i have answered the question on how to sit in a car about 2 dozen times on these forums.

The answer to this question is here in written form already for anyone with a will to look and use a search function.
2013/9/23 21:07:16
Students use You can use it for free without removing the watermark as per the site if you want to use your university logo its fine but you cant obscure the muvizu logo so place the university logo on the other corner. This wont infringe on the conditions as long as the muvizu watermark remains intact and is not covered or something by another logo or something.

That is what it was intended for in order for people to still make videos for free as long as they aren't making money off of it all they ask is just leave the logo intact. As you can see from our gallery there are tons of videos on youtube
2013/9/23 19:55:19
A question of scale? erm i think i read ukberty saying that this message 'the object is too small' is now gone. I dont remember where I read it just in a thread on the last release somewhere maybe even in the beta forum not sure
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2013/9/23 19:53:51
Students use Mkope wrote:
I made a video and I want to put my university's logo on it, but nothing comercial e without taking off the watermark, and then publish it on youtube, can I do that?

you can't remove the watermark without paying for its removal its part of the terms of the "free" we get to use it free but we advertise for them in return. Although if your a teacher or something I think there is a special provision but you need to contact them for permission. This was in a previous incarnation of muvizu not sure the present incarnation but its against tos to remove or obscure the watermark without paying for its removal that is what the present TOS says


put your watermark on the other corner that is what most of us do
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2013/9/23 16:56:16
A question of scale? MrDrWho13 wrote:
I may be wrong here, but I think that, for some reason, everything imports that size, regardless of how big it was anywhere else.
If you want to import, say, a spoon, it imports the same size as, say, a dinosaur.

I'm not sure if this is correct, but I think Muvizu need to do something about it.

you can alter scale MR Dr its just there is a limit as to how large you can scale things up muvizu wont allow objects to go beyond a certain size. Its also not practical to make objects too small as if you drop them they can bounce wildly as muvizu likes fat things. I have made a few tiny things for ziggy but I would never place it in the gallery because they can have some interesting side effects.
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2013/9/23 16:35:16
A question of scale? I am using blender so I dont think my sizes would work well. As I actually need to scale my things up but buldings i do x8 which probably means nothing to you as blender builds in cm and not meters I dont know what sketchup uses if this is sketchup. What I do is take one piece of whatever it is i am building and build in the default size in blender which is actually teeny tiny.

Import it and write down the size i scaled it up and then scale each other item in the set by the same dimensions and break stuff up and put each piece in different layers to do this. I am unsure of how that would translate for you but I do a test building with a copy of the item and write down the numbers I scaled by and then apply that to all my buildings for me its usually x5 or x8, but sometimes I make stuff for iclone and then decide to use in muvizu then I have to scale down by like 20 times or more depending on what it is...

so that is my best answer make a seperate copy of the set cut out the one building you wanted and import that until your happy with the size. Then write it down and apply it to the entire layout.

2013/9/21 11:03:24
A question of scale? yes scale is different when I converted my sets my characters were way huger then when they were in 23b when in the sets. Things were out of whack the conversion is not 1:1
2013/9/20 19:48:37
How to make a crowd If you mean hack i think your on your own with this one.

The ability to copy a sequence of animations is something that has been asked. This is not easy though one has to remember that there are different types of characters etc etc so it becomes a problem. If I had my drothers myself i would prefer they finish work and release hand held props before coding something which we can already do manually if we so choose.

And yes you can call me urban this seems to be a common nick name for me hehe Big Grin
2013/9/20 17:55:37
How to make a crowd nope its something we have asked for/suggested but as of yet you can't copy piles of animations or characters with animations. However you can now use the new timeline filter and place all the characters on the timeline to try to synch it all
2013/9/20 17:14:12
SuperNatural Inc Episode 1 - Izzakel is FREE!!!! hehe i like this little series always such great voices
2013/9/19 20:52:06
Is there any way to use 3D assets from Xtranormal? OMG I must have esp I was just as I saw this nuked thread was thinking I had not seen you in awhile. Big Grin
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