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2012/9/19 16:35:12
muvizu logo out just my two useless cents but the characters to me looked distorted a bit which would lead me to believe that a pan & crop tool was used on it? in post process software?
2012/9/18 17:56:33
Christmas Assets oh those are cute. Every year I try to make something christmassy. I had an idea for a little movie that I wanted to try last year but it was rather well technically complex and I ran out of time but I might try it this year since I will have more time. I will see if i can get muvizu to do what I need it to do for the little video.
2012/9/16 23:27:23
Problem with uploading I have one uploaded as well I will assume its the moderation they use. I understand the need to keep things under control but I am starting to feel a little too moderated lol.
2012/9/16 18:28:27
Transformers or Sketchup oh sorry i replied and i guess your answer wasn't there yet. I was not saying your wrong so apologies. If you make the model yourself you can import it, but with the way the question is worded it seems to me he wants to import copyrighted game assets. However there is nothing to stop him from making a transformer on his own and importing that there might even be a few in the google 3d warehouse however my experience from using models from that warehouse have always been not good because they are usually a mess and I spend more time cleaning them up then if I had made my own hehe.
2012/9/16 18:14:54
Transformers or Sketchup I imagine there would be a way but i dont think importing models from a game with copyright is even legal. So I would assume that the correct answer is NO. Since about the only way I can think of doing it would invovle hacking a game engine with a closed back end (course I could be wrong I am often wrong because I dont play many pc games anymore)
2012/9/15 19:31:52
Man Jokes on Mars rofl thanks I snuck in a little "commercial" for the next superman seeing as it wont be ready in september as I had hoped. Just way to much new stuff to make and I dont like to rush things
2012/9/15 16:53:24
Man Jokes on Mars I make this wierd series where I tell a one liner joke in a different setting each video. I also try to use a different engine each time so they are different in feel/look if you play them in a playlist.

Anyhow here is manjokes on mars

I used the upload option on the site but its not showing yet not sure why
2012/9/14 16:13:08
Sardine (Adult Humor) hehe this was cute I liked some of the camera work you did at the beginning was good!
2012/9/13 16:31:22
Feedback Thread - v0.22b release (September2012) WozToons wrote:
ukBerty wrote:
I have used 22b for a couple of hours and created a couple of of shots. So far....

  • No Crashes
  • All sets seem to work
  • Focus in camera window issue resolved
  • It's generally faster than 20b

Excellent works chaps.

See above. Although I have noticed that Sinister cannot fly.....
and can we have Beefy's "Scratch arm" action for all heroes as this is perfect for fiddling with the wrist gadgets?

I will quote these two posts as well. I was hoping they would fix the camera things that were in the last release before I got to the animating/lighting phase of my next video and they have so I can now use the depth of field button without crashing everything hehe.
2012/9/11 20:11:55
somebody kill me plz - song + funny haha okay I dont know that type of music well so I wouldn't know hehe and its been awhile since i watched those movies haha.
2012/9/11 15:27:56
somebody kill me plz - song + funny lol is that your voice? Nice first attempt
2012/9/11 15:17:59
Where the #@$% have we been? rolf gave me a giggle that did I liked your #1 fan.
2012/9/11 3:32:51
Not sure where to post this i will plonk it here haha okay thanks probably will do sets and then backtrack and upload some models
2012/9/10 1:39:59
Not sure where to post this i will plonk it here lol okay since no one has any input since I am finding the upload/moderate thing a bit hard to deal with if i make a mistake I can't just "take it back" and reupload at my leisure etc so I will I guess upload sets to cut down on uploads ..
2012/9/8 21:14:18
Pie in the sky suggestion #1

okay this may be over the top as a suggestion but I will post it anyhow

The ability to link set objects and have them move using the animation/move interface here is an example. In order to get this to work in muvizu I had to make this one huge mesh object and then I wanted to use parts seperately as well so i had to create well the seperate parts. I would have liked to just have been able to string these parts together on a whim and have them move as a unit ..

here is my pie in the sky photo (please ignore the parts not touching the ground it was a test to see if such a long massive import was even possible sizewise)

2012/9/7 23:26:50
Not sure where to post this i will plonk it here re: assets

I am wondering if its more useful to create sets for people to use then upload the individual objects. For myself I thought objects but I am thinking possibly sets are more useful?

Anyone have any info on which is more useful for users? or are they um "equally as useful". Since I insist on making my own sets objects seem more useful to me... but I tend to always be contrary to what the largest amount of users do...

anyhow thanks for input

*goes back to building things now*
2012/9/6 0:23:47
Excruciatingly slow when editing. Muvizu and all these movie making engines are all real time deals so it holds all the info in memory. I personally would have not even thought that the software would even load let alone allow you to use it a little. I dont know the age of the games your running but i would assume any games that are more modern like say skyrim would give that pc a meltdown.

I'm sure there are people out there doing it but I would not run anything like muvizu without at least 4 gig of ram and a newer card that can process things quickly.
2012/9/5 20:11:47
Instrumentals for your videos hopefully it will be of some use. Mr Stuff as I call him is himself an animator the "live action" kind but he also loves to make music. Anyhow say hello to him and take a peak at his main channel puppet shows you will probably enjoy them. They have a definate muppet influence lol

adding his soundcloud channel the creative commons license is more clear there

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2012/9/5 14:42:32
Instrumentals for your videos Hi just posting this. This is a friend of mine he likes to um rap and does instrumentals etc. Anyhow I thought I would post his link to royalty free music.

I have seen a few people do lyrics to his music and others use it just as is lol


Alas most of his stuff never fits my needs but one day it might.
2012/9/3 15:03:17
The IDea Dylly wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
The iDea has now taken over 4000 views in a week!
Thanks folks!

I hope you realise that we are all waiting with baited breath for when you report that you earned something from the advertising on youtube!

Okay that made me laugh.
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