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2012/8/7 12:21:46
Dreeko's Tutorials thanks for the video...
2012/8/7 10:37:06
Guns and Performance freaking awesome, thanks for the reply..
for now most of my army type videos will be garrison(on post) related,
with events that don't require the use of weapons.

But once holding guns and pointing them happens, it opens up
for all kinds of stories.

most content will be humor.
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2012/8/7 10:32:30
You Tube Monetization some guidance please? I am invited to youtube partner program also, a long time ago.
Can also monetize videos. Have not done that yet.

Does it still stand to contact with regard to licensing?

Some of the content I will be creating will be a mixture of Muvizu animation
and real video.

Not anytime soon, just wondering if things have changed.

To the original poster, not trying to steal your
Just thought I would put that question in here, since your thread is about

2012/8/7 9:22:26
Guns and Performance So, did some searching around forums. Did not see much about it.

Any plans in the future of being able to hold and point guns?
I am in the Army, and some of my stories will be military related.
Being able to hold a gun, and point it would be awesome.
A rifle and pistol.
The pointing could be part of one of the character actions.

As far as performance.
I have the stock HD3000 intel graphics on the laptop.
My resource monitor shows like 40% use constantly while running Muvizu with
a small scene. Lowest resolution, which did not seem to change anything.
My laptop is tweaked for max performance.
Using some registry and program techniques.
Also have all cores set to be Unparked(even though Muvizu only uses one I read)

I have a better computer at home, with a better graphics card, so hardware
acceleration will be on there, so this probably wont be an issue.

Maybe some sort of way to really lower quality while producing.
That can be switched on and off with an F6 or something.

Example: In Premiere and some other editing software, you can change the
percentage of quality in the video windows. This speeds up RAM previews.

For some reason, F2 and F3 do not seem to be turning lights on and off.
Read about that in a post here.
I am on the 64bit version of Muvizu in Windows 7.

Version: MZASS-v0.21b - build: 2012.07.16.01R (64-bit) DX9
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2012/8/7 5:28:35
New scene button Yes, new scene would be awesome...
But what do you mean Blutack?
The sticky stuff..

I am talking about creating abstract cubes from "Object" menu.
Scaling down those cubes, and placing on the ground, at the feet of characters
to indicate position, or other object props if they were moved.
Save that project as a new name. Part 2 or whatever.
Then open part 2.
Erase animation, which will of course put characters
back into their original location from start of Part 1 animation.

This way, after erasing animation.(nothing from the scene)
just move the characters feet onto the abstract cubed objects in the scene.
That location(feet on the cubes) will be where the characters were in part 1 of course.
Then start new animation with 4 new cameras.

Its just a work around.

Would require you to make separate movies movies for each part.
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2012/8/6 15:03:22
Voice actors? We need em. Posted this else where on here...

I have Throat Evo physical modeling vocal designer.
But its a VST plugin used in my audio program.
By Antares Audio Technologies
Antares Evo Vocal Kit

Most good stuff, .vst plugins, must be used in audio production software.
There are others...
2012/8/6 14:39:16
Cannot find it in the videos now...So how do I... Animating characters rising
A Dreeko tutorial: At time 7:30 he changes ground plane image to "None", making the
planks transparent.

Here is a tutorial showing resizing of ground plane(older video)
so you get an idea of resizing.
However, ignore the importing of the transparent texture(blank.png)
cause as shown above, you just set it to none.

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2012/8/6 14:31:42
change the voice of a character I have Throat Evo physical modeling vocal designer.
But its a VST plugin used in my audio program.
By Antares Audio Technologies
Antares Evo Vocal Kit

Most good stuff, .vst plugins, must be used in audio production software.

Some use MorphVOX Pro
I have never used it..
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2012/8/6 11:44:02
New scene button What if you:
Get as far as you can with 4 cameras

To create marker points in set for character locations:
create square blocks from objects, and scale down.
You can use super small ones, one for each foot for each character, with a smaller block
on one side of the pair to indicate facing in correct direction.
And color code them to a list of characters.
"Save As" to same folder with "part 2" or whatever.
Rewind to beginning, delete all animation blocks in timeline.
Place characters on corresponding blocks.
Start directing new animation.
Though, a new scene thing would save alot of time, depending on how many
characters you have..
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2012/8/6 11:27:56
Kevin McLeod Music That is where I get alot of my sounds also. Kevin McLeod.
They got great spooky and silent movie themes.


Use search function..
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2012/8/6 11:24:42
New here! Audio/Video Engineer. Watched all tutorials, started directing.
Coming up with some ideas.
Practicing camera movements, pans, rotations.
So far so good.

Going to start out with all stock Muvizu stuff.
Except for textures, which I will create in Photoshop...
or download...

Start scouring google sketchup for objects and such...
2012/8/2 15:53:01
New here! Audio/Video Engineer. My Computer: Laptop for deployment (My computer at home in the studio is a desktop.)
K, so, installed Muvizu.
I am in the File> Options section.
I am setting video to 1280x720 (HD 720)
Codec options right now are:

Microsoft Video 1
2) Intel IYUV options(same name)

I remember reading something about using the K-Lite product tweak tool.
Also while installing, I did not select any hardware acceleration for H.264 and
the other one either. Just a heads up.
I have the Intel HD3000 Card in this laptop.

The reason I am telling you this, is because, as I have said, I will be
be doing various things in Premiere Pro and After Effects.
I want to ensure highest quality options, and smoothest workflow.
Basically want to create in Muvizu, Export, then do some post production work, titles, effects
other in Premiere Pro dynamic link to After Effects.
Export final product.
So I want to ensure everything is on the Up and Up..before working.

Audio dialog will be recorded in Cubase 5 or Audition
I watched the audio tutorials.

I am not seeing a manual for Muvizu, I love reading manuals.
But its cool if there isn't one.

Copy paste from Muvizu About>System Info

System information:

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.110622-1506)
DirectX: v10.0

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz

Physical memory: 7.9491 GB (939.9023 MB used)
Virtual memory: 19.8714 GB (490.8320 MB used)
Largest free block: 8181.4316 GB
Page file: 15.8964 GB
Display device #1: \\.\DISPLAY1
Description: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Chip: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
Memory: 1696 MB
Mode: 1600 x 900 (32 bit) (60Hz)
Driver: 8.15.0010.2372

Drive #1: C:
Model: Hitachi HTS547575A9E384
Capacity: 731719397376
Free: 175098007552

Drive #2: D:
Model: Hitachi HTS547575A9E384
Capacity: 18118340608
Free: 1985220608

Drive #3: E:
Model: hp DVDRAM GT31N

Using DirectX 9 renderer
Version: MZASS-v0.21b - build: 2012.07.16.01R (64-bit) DX9

No. objects: 0
No. lights: 0
No. cameras: 1
No. effects: 0
No. characters: 0
Undo: 0 undo, 0 redo

Object resources: 77822 objects
Textures: 13.7607 MB
Animation: 378.1172 KB
Other: 20.2749 MB
Total: 34.4041 MB

Running for: 48 minutes, 15 seconds
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2012/8/2 9:56:17
New here! Audio/Video Engineer. Cool, I was able to download the 64bit Muvizu
Also all needed codec packages recommended.
Also have VirtualDub, just in case..
Flight leaves in 1 hour.
However, its a 10 minute flight to a halfway point.
Then there are others.
Then there is customs.

Anyway...will be installing later today.
2012/8/1 21:50:28
New here! Audio/Video Engineer. Thanks for the welcome. Been reading around the forum.
Hopefully able to finish this download. Internet slow over here
in Afghanistan. ahhhh.
Actually, my travel to the states begins tomorrow. Yipee...

I know I will be doing stuff in AfterEffects and Premiere Pro.
I am reading that most of you are exporting the video from Muvizu
as lossless jpeg/Motion Jpeg/ffdshow(change color space to YV12)
And then huffyuv, which I believe I read Jamie and Matt use
when going to After Effects.

I use Premiere Pro CS5 with Dynamic Link to After Effects CS5 by the way.
I also create some things in Photoshop CS5

Videos will be going to youtube.(other)

currently scouring the forums...watching the tutorials.
2012/8/1 10:41:34
New here! Audio/Video Engineer. Hello, everyone. New here. Came across the idea of animating to tell stories.
I have done things in the past, but never knew this type of software existed.
Hopefully it remains free long enough until I get home.LOL

I have my own Audio Recording Mixing and Mastering studio in my home.
I also do video production, Premiere Pro and After Effects
Have a music video on my youtube.
I am also a vocal artist myself.
Also create video tutorials for free.

I am currently in Afghanistan
US Army Infantry. Will be home soon, and will be getting started.
Currently watching all the free tutorials to get a head start.

I excel at stuff like this, so I will learn it in no time.
Excited to get started, but have to wait till I get home around
Aug. 16 this year.

I plan on creating various types of stories. Some funny stories for everyone of all ages.
My daughter, whom is 12 will be helping with those.
We are going to be a team and come up with ideas.

On my own, I will be creating some crude humor, with explicit
content, for adult humor.

Look forward to working with all of you.
I would like to thank those at Muvizu for providing the software for free.
I will be able to give back to the community.
Once I become proficient at the program.
I will create free video tutorials on how I created the work.
They will be on youtube.
My facebook
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