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2012/10/24 17:32:29
UE3shadercompileworker No virus scanner installed. Installed all three components without problem.Do not have 64 bit computer. I tried to run the program out of the folder not from the command prompt. When I try to load a scene when the program first starts. I go to (online). Than choose animals. The farm scene is double clicked. The scene downloads. Than at 57% install it always stops and gives me the screen shot that i sent you. And then you are done. The same thing happens with objects that I am trying to import. And it also happens with sketch up. thanks again
2012/10/24 16:21:47
UE3shadercompileworker yes. And it is in the folder. When I try to start it, just for fun, it says that it is not configured properly and a reinstall might help. It does not. Thanks and double thanks for your help.

2012/10/24 14:39:48
UE3shadercompileworker Well I stayed up all night. Completely started fresh with a format of the harddrive. Even went back to xp sp2. Fresh down load on everything. Updated all drivers. Took forever. Still same thing happening. I think that it is finally time to give up. I have tried every thing.
Thanks for all of your help. I really appreciate your time and effort.
2012/10/23 16:46:58
UE3shadercompileworker It started with importing 3d models from sketch up. So I decided to see if i could import anything. That is when i discovered I could not import the farm. I was trying to get some animals for a scene. That is what started this whole mess. I will continue and will triumph eventually. thanks again for all of your help.
2012/10/23 16:10:17
UE3shadercompileworker I have been able to import two items. one being the low terrain and the other the m team set. but if i try the farm set it crashes.
2012/10/20 14:57:49
UE3shadercompileworker I keep getting an error message "couldn't launch..\Binaries32\UE3ShaderCompileWorker.exe! Make sure the exe is in your binaries folder.

I have watched tutorial over and over. Am i missing something? I have tried importing the ford mustang. Thanks in advance for any help.
2012/10/17 16:00:10
new user hello everyone. never have been on a forum before. New to the program but have been learning quickly. anyone have a horse as an object
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