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2014/1/14 21:48:41
Hiding bottom mouse tooltips. I'm trying to make a comic with Muvizu, as it is a very easy way to make one.
I've found out about the F11 screenshot function, but, those little tips about the mouse at the bottom persist, and I don't want to have to crop them out for every single photo.
Is there a way to hide them?
2012/11/18 23:49:05
Falling objects I tried that already, and the object is not responding to any input from me.
2012/11/18 17:45:41
Falling objects I tried the gravity method, but it doesn't appear to be falling. Can someone help? I just turned the gravity to 100 and clicked record. It doesn't appear to be moving at all, actually, manually or otherwise.
Also, my project is basically an anti-littering pollution kind of film, and I'm trying to have the bottle prop fall into a ground plane with the water texture.
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2012/11/18 1:24:23
Comic book captions I am thinking of doing an animated comic book with Muvizu, and would like to know if there is a caption function, or some way of making captions.
2012/11/17 17:55:32
Falling objects I'm making a movie for a school project, and would like to know if there would be a way to selectively disable/enable gravity for an object to make it fall, as I would like to have it fall in front of a camera. Help would be appreciated, as the project is due on the 19th.
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