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2013/10/15 15:05:29
Play+ How can I purchase the licence? hi ukBerti
yes that's true - I do not want to blame the Muvizu give - but all of these formats - axes and different handlings etc. pity that there are no standards.
I try my best to read everything with and learn. but it is really very difficult. I'm starting to just like you :-)
2013/10/15 12:41:11
Play+ How can I purchase the licence? You really work alot on it and put in a lot of effort. I think its dissapointing that there is so much work to do with the fbx import and export as well as with modelling the objects. It is really hard and there is a lot to learn to actually be able to do all thetse things.

Many thanks for all your efforts and i hope that muvizu will find a way to save us all this extra work. Its very easy at the moment to loose the will to work with muvizu - now that i bought it..sigh.

I am glad you share all ur work with us and help us so much. I hope you can succeed with your further work.
2013/10/14 12:49:46
Coming Soon... Mike_Num_5 wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
I just downloaded washing up sponges to put in the hands of a robot. This is what Play+ makes you do

Haha Big Grin

i agree entirely
2013/10/14 12:25:18
play+ fbx no collision? Many thanks for all your efforts, your reply and your video.

At the moment though i am more confused than i was before and i still do not know how i can make a non collision for an FBX model.

I use Carrara8 and Hexagon as well as some parts of SKETCHUP to create objects. I was able to use the ASE converter to create non-collision objects with help of the tutorial about non-collision in SKETCHUP. But now im stuck to create non-collision objects with FBX. Its easy for me now to import non-collions objects with the ASE converter but i do not know how to create these non-collisions with FBX.
Unfortunately in Wiki there is only a tutorial on how to create a normal collision object but not on how to create a non-collision object. Or did i get that wrong?

But many thanks to you. I like your work and i always learn alot from you through this forum.
Hopefully i can make and share a movie of mine soon aswell, when i know how those non-collision FBX is created.
2013/10/13 17:07:46
play+ fbx no collision? hi all;-)

anyone know how I can remove from a fbx file the collision - I would be very grateful for help
thank you :-)
2013/10/9 12:01:44
how can i make that the charakter holds an objekt? Hello to all, I can give my character in Muvizu something in hand? and if so how? I would like to invite ase file as an object and then let this be object of my figure in hand.
Thank you already for your help
2013/10/8 8:28:21
sketchup ase file - collision do not work right... many thanks for the tips - I found the error - it is important that the objects on both axes are set correctly. only then it works one that does not - you can only go through the object.
So it pays to always perform all the steps in the video closely.
So very dear thanks again for the help with the tips
2013/10/7 18:46:48
sketchup ase file - collision do not work right... yes the button is enabled
I've tried 3 times - new in sketchup followed the instructions and it is always so that the figure is not it. the figure sinks in the object
edited by snoopylino on 07/10/2013
2013/10/7 18:10:19
sketchup ase file - collision do not work right... yes this too - but i mean this video

the no collison works
but the yes collison do not work
Muvizu character go through - but my character can not stand it.
edited by snoopylino on 07/10/2013
2013/10/7 15:46:20
sketchup ase file - collision do not work right... a question - why does my yes-collision model is not working properly
if I can export it to the Muvizu character go through - but my character can not stand it.
what am I doing wrong?
I've done everything according to the instructions in sketchup video.
sorry - for my english - i am come from switzerland. ;-)
2013/4/18 16:08:25
figure-body transparent Hi lev,
I thank you very much for your effort - that's what you said really great - yes including normal cartoon characters I've tried that - because it was just not - but then I try to use the new content figures - thank you thank you

I tried it with transparent textures including the cartoon characters - but unfortunately is not.

sorry my bad english - I'm from Switzerland - I hope you could understand what I write it here
2013/4/18 9:43:46
figure-body transparent I need your help;-)
how can I make the body of a figure-transparent so that only the head is visible?
thanks for the help
2013/4/10 19:50:49
Voice Changer MrDrWho13 wrote:
simonheffer wrote:
Or you can use Audacity - it's a bit more technical but it's free and there are tutorials on YouTube and a forum.
edited by simonheffer on 10/04/2013

I agree, I also use audacity

'll then both programs - audacity and use MorphVOX - thanks for your help
2013/4/10 18:19:01
Voice Changer hello toonarama,
jeeep - morphvox now works great - I have changed some settings and now it works well
Thanks for your help toonarama
and your tip was great
2013/4/10 16:32:04
Voice Changer thank you - but I have now installed - but I hear rustling nothing worked
2013/4/10 15:15:45
Voice Changer hello to all,
I need a voice changer with record function - so I can not give consent to the various figures - what can you recommend me? thanks in advance for your help
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