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2016/2/18 1:39:22
More clothing for the old characters Well, I do hope they are reading this I'm waiting with my wallet in hand, I'm buying every pack they release.
2016/2/17 23:13:42
More clothing for the old characters I'd really love to see that ball moving faster. I wish Muvizu engaged more with the community in the production of assets. Is there anyone from the company that is active in the forum?
2016/2/17 20:55:09
More clothing for the old characters I really love the clothes that come in the Chinese History pack, I am finding them useful for medieval attire, but it makes me want so much more of this kind of stuff. This is the stuff we end users can't add, so we are relying on Muvizu. The old stock characters are still the most flexible and give more continuity in style to productions, more things like a proper 3d dress suit, monster costumes to make werewolves and such, just lots of stuff seems possible with these. A good suit of armor! All Muvizu users should get that Chinese History pack, it really is special and more of that sort of thing would be really great.
2016/2/16 5:24:18
Head attachment/ face mask Actions/Dialogue ??? I think I can get color to pretty much match except for how light reflects, this is just about the same no matter the lighting, it is just as much off. I guess the big issue then is creating a character where either you don't see it enough to matter, or you do the modelling well like the Yoda character where it just matches well. Newer characters are much harder, like Beefy because you can't adjust the eyes enough.

This was my attempt to turn Beefy into a werewolf today, but I think it looks like a dude with something stuck to his face. We also can't get rid of his ears so that forces more compromises. Where the attachment meets the character is also very obvious. I think I'm going to have to plan this out a lot better if I want good results. But this is at least good in quick passing and dim silhouette.

2016/2/15 19:24:25
Head attachment/ face mask Actions/Dialogue ??? My issue is how to get the materials between a character and the attachment looking proper. Does anyone have any tips?
2016/2/12 18:51:08
New Asian character pack available now! I did hear back from Digimania, and in its current version, the end user can't access soft cloth and the animated texture effect, these need to be built into Muvizu using Unreal tools I guess, anyhow, tech details aside, there isn't a way so I better get over it I totally agree that a robust modder base would be very good for Muvizu, I just wish there were more control with the included new characters, we can't implement that. I did see that you can change hair textures, so I was able to resolve the issue with the black hair quickly. They just really need more attachment points.
2016/2/12 4:06:02
New Asian character pack available now! The new characters also can't just get a whole texture makeover, only their faces are available, which is great, because the included textures are pretty darn bad, they look like they have skin diseases actually. The male character's hair has bad black areas if you try and change the color from default. I hope they make UV maps available for these. I'm guessing the characters themselves are done and won't be updated. I'm super happy to have them, but I really need some more characters if the new ones only have two looks available with no attachments. I was stoked to finally have some kids, but I can't dress them up for halloween or use other props. Instruments is kinda funny that it is even there. One of the boy's costumes has bright pink buttons so I don't think I can even use it in anything, they look like no material was applied to them, there seems to be more of this sort of unfinished stuff the more I look. Again, I'm super happy to have them, but I'd be happier if we were more empowered to create new characters ourselves, even if it is a paid feature, I would be happy to get a power user developer's version to be able to fix some of these things.
2016/2/12 1:33:39
New Asian character pack available now! Well, I have made at least a tiny bit of progress: I wasn't able to get cloth to work yet, but physics can be embedded in a FBX and read by Muvizu definitely, I set a block with basic collision and now it moves a bit after touching it, and you can fling it with the mouse and it continues to travel for a short time.

What I REALLY want and I think would be a huge benefit to the Muvizu platform is to have all this information regarding materials documented and available. It is just nuts that it isn't.

(Edit: well, I just realized that MZ objects can be flung too, but definitely something about how the test block I made reacts to physics is different).
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2016/2/11 23:33:45
Digimania News I'm curious I this product can be used to produce content for Muvizu, or if it can be used somehow alongside. I'm guessing the licensing is steep though.
2016/2/11 21:35:20
Hire MZU modeler to make longer skirts? I just sent Digimania an email asking about soft cloth. I really wish they published more info on skinning, even what we have was figured out by users.
2016/2/11 20:36:08
New Asian character pack available now! And that fixed it. So, I am wondering about creating clothing, they have very minimal attire, even very specific like scarves you can't remove. I with there were a 3d mannequin OBJ for all the characters that we could use to create clothing.
2016/2/11 20:26:06
New Asian character pack available now! I get an error when trying to load the characters. And even clicking other characters like the stick figure give an error. I'm going to download the newest Muvizu and see if that fixes it. I think things just blew up on me.
2016/2/7 19:58:44
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? MrDrWho13 wrote:
Rebel made a pirate ship set with moving backdrops which you might want to look at:
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I'm just about to test that out, thanks!

Here's my little cafe I'm building out of blocks in Muvizu with transparent windows I WISH we could save these as favorites. If you do it right you can make some really cool sets using mostly Muvizu blocks and decent textures, all without knowing modelling skills. Plus collision issues are not a problem, no ghost blocks necessary. If they improved the snapping and allowed saving as favorites, those two things would make it much better as being a set design kit. But I love it just the way it is, they key thing is you know how everything looks immediately, no exporting and hoping you got it right. It isn't as fancy, but there are lots of possibilities, this is just a box. But I think it shows how useful transparent blocks would be for all users, making it easy especially on those not wanting to mess about in other apps.

2016/2/7 18:34:58
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? The animated texture on the stream so I can make a big floor tile for a lake or ocean scene. I can create it in Blender ok, but my method and fbx don't show up as animated. I will try a different version of FBX later today, I probably used 7.4, but I should try 6.1 just in case, transparency works with that but not 7.4.

But basically, I would love for more info on creating the techs Muvizu is capable so I can implement them in my props. Draping cloth info would also be great, like the capes. Obviously someone knows
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2016/2/7 18:23:55
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Yeah, Moviestorm has no layers export, that is the deal breaker for me. iclone is a possibility, but anyhow, I figure I will work with what I have for a year, make cartoons movies for now, and see what more sophisticated tools exist when I'm ready for them. Also, I was an aspiring 2d animator, head and body turns just frustrated me though, I like 3d for that alone. I may even do sell shaded stuff to make it more flat for something, just the perspective stuff had me frustrated and 3d just doesn't have the same issues. But Blender manual animation is familiar, rigging is all similar even.
2016/2/7 18:06:08
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Did anyone mention Moviestorm? I was considering getting their Sci fi package, but maybe it is a distraction and iclone6 is just $20 more but not the pro version. But I think I'm set with Blender and Muvizu, and again I do have Poser, that will get more use. But most of the tech things are settled, I need to write a script.
2016/2/7 17:50:15
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Actually, I own Poser 9, I use it with Anime Studio for 3d elements, I am not crazy about how it handles animation, so I didn't get much from it. But I have been using it with exported OBJs from Blender to render scenes, I am getting my head around Blender lighting but Poser is way faster for that sort of thing.

Anyhow, I am not totally new to 3D and animation, kinda why I know what is lacking, and these aren't pro things, saying I should augment Muvizu with something else doesn't resolve difficult view controls, or not being able to save grouped objects (That would be HUGE because nearly anyone could build stuff out of primitives and save them off as props for later.)

I'm just saying I understand if the Muvizu development staff is minimal, budgets are thin, that's all understood and I'm not beating up on the product, especially for its price is is ridiculously cool. Just I wish keyframing were more comprehensive, it is there now but in its infancy, but I like how it works, just I'd love to be able to use it for everything. And some little cyclic setting for objects would be great, just have them spin on an axis. I don't think this is all beyond the engine, these are relatively simple things, so why not ask? Saying Muvizu is limited itself limits it, I don't understand that attitude, and I'm not looking for it to be Maya. I'm not getting grumpy because my feature requests aren't fulfilled either, in the end it is not my product and I'm not emotional about it. In the meantime I am learning Blender. I highly recommend Blender Sensei mod, it makes the whole app come alive, it is much more intuitive. I got the paid version last night which allows you to paint bump maps, so you can easily go through and see immediately the results. Also something to check out is Valve's Source Filmmaker, which is very similar to Muvizu in design philosophy, using their video game engine with really impressive results. I don't even want to mess with it right now because it may just spoil me, but it is also beyond what I want to do. Blender is perfect with Muvizu, and there are lots of creative ideas floating around in my head involving transparent objects with moving images via the camera screen trick, layers maybe on some things, I know enough Blender now to do all the basics with modelling that I need, Muvizu's low-poly needs also make it easy not to be too ambitious. MUvizu especially with TARGA export now really can get impressive results, and I'll definitely try and incorporate Blender, if anyone has any tips for lighting and materials within Blender to get the Muvizu look, please let me know. The same settings on a model render a lot differently with the different rendering and light systems, so I could use some tips there. I can make fully rigged Spore creatures that have a very Muvizu look and animate at least basic things in Blender for them, they would be monsters traipsing through towns so they don't have to stand right next to a Muvizu character. I'm also going to try making body extensions to move creatures and create new characters. I feel like I can draw in 3D now which is wonderful, I'm so glad I gave up on ASEs and Sketchup, that was a black hole for my energy, trial and error and not much fun. Blender+Muvizu is really fun.

BTW, I think Muvizu REALLY needs a transparent block, so I made one. You can adjust the color and transparency, and of course the size, and used with the abstracts it is pretty helpful building interesting sets IMO. I know this is super basic, but here it is. It is just one of those things I would throw in the library. It can use animated screens too for some cool effects.
2016/2/6 3:30:21
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Part of what I'm asking for is what makes Muvizu hard, it doesn't complicate it. It makes it much easier.
2016/2/6 3:29:07
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Haha, you guys make it sound like I am asking for too much. What I am asking for are the very basic move and view tools that really should be there, and access to what tech is possible le to the power level user that is willing to use other tools to create and rig new characters, it is in their interest IMO to give some sdk for developing content. You guys have low expectations. I know hey can do it if they have the will and budget, if either is lacking then maybe not.
2016/2/5 21:44:11
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? After working in Blender and the render speeds of even modest content, I really appreciate Muvizu's engine performance. I really think there are tons of people that could get a use out of Muvizu with some more development in some key areas, like object manipulation tools and documentation of all available tech for modeling. Let us keyframe more things, like character actions, let us save grouped items as favorites (easy way for anyone to model using included abstracts), improve snapping to handle rotation and elevation, and dock the timeline permanently to the bottom whole edge of the screen, put all those menus in docks with widgets to open each new item, with the cameras docked, it would be so easy to click one to bring up any camera anywhere at any time. Right now, as powerful as Muvizu is, I get assaulted with open dialog boxes after just a couple minutes working. And let us create custom poses and actions Somehow this is done with development tools, at least open that up to more development users so we can create more characters. And the character wizard, it would be really cool to be able to click a body element and resize it, there would be so many more possible characters if even a few more options were added to each character. Beefy with a beer belly, for example. Resize the heads, or even swap heads between characters. I dunno, I deeply wish we could import Collada Spore-exported creatures with all the rigging and animations, that would be an awesome combination. OK, sorry, I am getting carried away, I love Muvizu, I'm spending hours in it each day, so part of the excitement is imagining how it can be improved. I'm just weird.
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