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2016/1/7 6:54:46
Sketchup Roundup Well, my forays into Blender so far have been really tedious, and that is literally painful for me unfortunately. I don't have huge ambitions for modelling, I made this house in about 30 minutes tonight, I have a lot to learn about Sketchup and in Muvizu getting the shadows nice, but it is serviceable, I'm hoping most of the props I will need will be in the community and store already, and mostly I want to make stuff for fun, and want my son to learn Sketchup over the summer (his school also uses it). I just want to have fun at this point, and this setup doesn't force me to deal with anything too technical. Brain damage suuuuuuucks. But at the same time, many people drawn to the simplicity of Muvizu also would likely want something equally simple for modelling. My dream is for something like Spore's creature creator to become available. It seems within the realms of possibility for Muvizu and I do hope the developers have taken a look at it. My son loves it, it is genius. Anyhow these are the latest pics, this is just a test building so definitely not perfect, any tips are appreciated:

2016/1/7 2:59:12
Sketchup Roundup And I just figured out that 'use id textures' settings let me change the texture images, but changed the way the model handled lighting reflections. Anyhow, I have a lot to learn, but I do now have the basics for getting on with making some basic props and scene elements. I'll be sticking to 4 colors per texture that I create, which will make them adjustable if I use id textures. Anyhow, many thanks, I'm on the road with both feet at least now.

2016/1/7 1:51:59
Sketchup Roundup OK, so I was able to figure out the axis issues thanks for the help. And I was able to get textures exported by using the UT3 folder as well, that's great! BUt, when I try to edit the textures in Muvizu, it gives me color pickers, and if there are a lot of colors, say in wood textures, it will be a massive list. Using very basic textures though does get interesting results. (see screenshot).

How do I get it to allow me to replace textures, not let me choose the texture's color map?

2016/1/7 0:06:55
Sketchup Roundup OK, here is where I'm at. This looks just like it does in Sketchup, so that's good, I think I am set to get started, I'll watch the videos some more. My big issue right now is actually general about SU exports: how do you control orientation of objects. For one model I created just a cylinder and it stayed on the ground properly, then I added a tower and it tilter over, once I unchecke Keep Upright it fell over. :

2016/1/6 23:28:33
Sketchup Roundup Well, so far I can create simple objects like cylinders and import to Muvizu. I have two Muvizu exporters installed in Muvizu+, the HardPCM's Ziggymesh and the Muvizu ASE Exporter based on HardPCM. I'll watch the videos on SketchUV really soon and let you know if I'm still having issues. One thing: the Ziggymesh export doesn't allow me to change the texture after import, and the Muvizu ASE Exporter I guess needs me to export the images used to a folder, does SketchUV provide this?

Thanks for all your help!
2016/1/6 20:22:52
Sketchup Roundup I'm kinda confused. Could someone consolidate the current Sketchup tips into one concise thread, listing the plugins and extensions needed and how they work together? I officially have brain damage, so going through long threads for the nuggets gets way too tedious for me, my apologies, but I imagine while extreme, my situation isn't unique. The more accessible modeling in Muvizu becomes, the more popular it likely will be, so that's my goal. Thanks to whoever can clarify this to the lesser among us Big Grin
2016/1/6 7:41:57
Sketchup to Muvizu ukBerty wrote:
braj wrote:
I get a message 'file not found' am I missing something from the setup?

Sounds like toto.bmp to me.

Create a 256x256 pixel bmp file and name it c:\ut3\toto.bmp and this may fix it.
edited by ukBerty on 06/01/2016

Ah, thanks, that fixed it, for the most part. What does that file do, and what color should it be? Does it matter? It works when I create simple objects, but any models from the 3d warehouse still give me grief. But it definitely is progress!

One thing I don't know how to do is get textures mapped to the objects, trying to apply them in Sketchup results in a missing file error when importing in Muvizu. Applying anything in Muvizu results in a tiny repeating pattern.

I would really love some tips on using this, though at least I can now create some more diverse landscapes and stuff, I really appreciate that.
2016/1/6 1:03:37
Sketchup to Muvizu I can't get this to work. I am using Sketchup 8.0.16x The muvizuaseexporter.rb plugin is installed correctly and I can export, but when trying to import I get a message 'file not found' am I missing something from the setup?
2015/12/12 10:36:30
Unreal Development Kit?

Is this of any use in creating content for Muvizu? I did successfully export .fbx files from it and into Muvizu but they were missing their textures. I'm just wondering if it is of any use for Muvizu purposes.
2015/12/12 8:57:58
Audio files location? There are just two problems with that, 1: it is a lot of (probably unnecessary) work. and 2: the fidelity won't be as good. I would be happy if Muvizu could offer this as an add-on, if there are licensing issues with the sounds that could cover them I think. It just would make the package more flexible when polishing up your creations.
2015/12/12 2:40:50
Audio files location? Are the audio files that are available within Muvizu available as files browsable in Windows Explorer, or are they otherwise available elsewhere? I want to use a pro audio app to do the audio for my films but would like to use as much of the audio from within Muvizu as possible, since it is what I will initially place in the video before finishing in my DAW, adding reverb, eq, etc.
2015/12/10 6:48:23
how do I make an object or character disappear? To fade out you really want to render to image files and put the item/character you want to fade in/out on its own layer, then in your video editor, make that layer fade in and out there. You can get lots of other effects to help your shot in your editor, depending on what you are after.
2015/12/1 11:09:25
Please allow keyframing for Depth of Field Please allow keyframing for camera's Depth of Field, it would act just like a zoom/wide angle lens, making many shots easier/possible.
2015/11/19 2:35:40
Grouping cameras with characters? It doesn't seem currently possible, but I'd really love to have this sort of feature, then you could have characters walk and talk and track them easily through a scene.
2015/8/27 4:03:28
20/08/15 reelase feedback Cool, thanks!
2015/8/27 3:02:03
New characters and animations Yeah I use Anime Studio Pro myself. You can use it for set design, IMO it is a great, easy to use vector drawing tool, even if you don't animate in it, if you need some props, you can easily draw them. Getting shadows to match acceptably is the one thing where you probably need to be very careful. Alternately, you can render out Muvizu to targa and use MZ as a way to get 3d content into Anime Studio, you could work out shots in ed before you rebuild them in 2d. I do think these two tools make a great combination, but I would love to see some more 3d content creation tools in MZ. I wish there were more head shapes, body types, and maybe some ability to scale the whole character in all directions, allowing more variety with the available characters. "Muscle" or body fat shapes for use in the arms that take the color of the top would be cool, so you can make pregnant ladies, or just change the overall shape of the character somehow.

I am ready to buy add on character packs once they are available too. I want to give you guys money.
2015/8/27 1:24:44
20/08/15 reelase feedback What was changed with the release?
2015/8/11 6:21:05
Create fog? And switching the chooser display from the icons to icons with text really helps a lot, I was not really seeing all the effects before, somehow it just broke my brain. There is a 'low fog' I am thinking a combination of the two will be helpful for creating the mood. Thanks again!
2015/8/11 6:13:44
Create fog? Aha, cool! And i changed the texture to just something random, I'm guessing I could throw a ghost into that to make some spooky effects. Thanks!
2015/8/10 22:29:56
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail Thanks for the help, I'm giving up for the day I feel more comfortable with Sketchup for drawing and at least I can create some more simple, square stuff and get it into Muvizu. I'll need to learn Blender to really do something interesting though, but that will have to wait. I should worry about stories to tell more than the technical stuff anyhow. My brain is just a bit boggled with the Blender shading stuff right now. Too bad Sketchup doesn't have a more friendly output to Muvizu (is native Collada support in Muvizu a possibility ever?)
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